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Hi. I've been around gaming forums for the better part of the past couple of decades and I often use the handle "Criswell", which is also the name of one of my music projects.
I have a lifelong love of video games, as an arcade rat drawn magnetically to accessible games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, and I avidly followed the evolution of home consoles and home computing.
My first home computer was a monochrome Trash-80 and I learned BASIC and PASCAL and fell in love with programming. I've had a couple better computers since then.

I am by profession a visual effects and video production artist, located in Los Angeles. I have also taught college classes in Maya, AfterEffects, Game Design with Flash, and Level Design using Valve's Hammer and other software. My hobbies are music, gaming and game design, and my hope is that eventually one or more of these projects will evolve into something that reaches a wide audience.

To this end, so far Criswelvania has proven amazingly popular, over 400 videos on YouTube from almost every continent in the world, excluding Antarctica (so far)! I am very grateful for the tremendous response to this and my other works, and will remain committed to supporting and developing these and other exciting ideas to create the finest gaming experiences I can deliver to Minecraft players.

Thank you for your support!

DTBourdages, AKA Criswell
Interests Most things.

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