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    It could be done the moment the game was released on the xbox. It's on the last tab.
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    Well I'm out of town right now, so it'll be a week or so before I even touch it again.

    But, when I do, at that point I can bring you and Dew in, if you're still interested. The rest of the build will be a piece of cake compared to designing an ALU. Next will be adding general purpose registers, which most people just call RAM, but that's not completely accurate. RAM is any memory cell or register that can be written to and read from, as opposed to ROM which can only be read from. Technically my program memory will consist of RAM, this just isn't the same kind of memory most people think of when they hear RAM. Generally, they are thinking of the memory stick you plug into your mother board, which is actually full of general purpose registers.

    I want to have 16 locations, altogether containing 32 bytes of data RAM. In terms of construction, this means building 256 D flip flops, plus another 16 for a special purpose register which will act as a shortcut between the ALU's output and input. 90% of the time, whatever comes out of the ALU, you'll want to send right back in. This specific register increases the speed dramatically, allowing you to cut a whole line out of the program which would be used to store a value, that you didn't even need in the long run, in one of your primary RAM locations.

    Also, I'm also going to have a toggleable clock for the program counter this time. It will actually be able to over-clock itself whenever instructed to, just like in a real CPU. :) It's pretty much a necessity at this point with how slow the comparator is. For A > B detection, it takes the comparator 36 agonizing ticks to negate all of the less significant digits in input B. Not counting the comparator, the most intensive operation in this ALU is a full ripple carry, which only takes 13 ticks. And that's from the initial input, in front of the inverters, all the way to the ultimate output, behind the bitwise shifters.

    Even if it was restricted to 36 ticks, that's still faster than the average 16-bit computer, which usually has less functionality than mine does. But, with this toggleable clock, I'm pretty sure it could average around 20 ticks. Which, as far as I know, is unheard of for a computer that's as large and powerful as mine.
    I am still interested in helping out and getting to learn a thing or seven myself.
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    For the past few days I've been working on my very first minecart station, using the knowledge I had gained about redstone and WITHOUT the use of a tutorial. There are some "issues" that I still have with the station, however, it is fully functional at this moment.

    It is very much in "raw state" with a lot of the wiring and such being out in the open. The reason for this is the fact that the world I've created it on will be somewhat of a museum of my creations. The world is not currently open for people to join and look around, however. That will come at a later, currently undecided date. When "open", everyone who is interested in learning some new things about redstone, or just like looking at redstone projects will be welcome to join.

    I do warn you, I am not very creative when it comes to buildings. I am, however, proud of how the station looks... Take that as you will.

    Without further delay, here are the pictures:

    The stairs up to the station, the area is directly next to the spawn and is VERY hard to miss.

    Looking into the station. The track selector in the back, completely controlled by pressure plates. The door on the left: Arrivals. Door on the right: Departures.



    VERY simple cart storage.

    Possibly the simplest form of track selection.

    The brains of the outfit, so-to-speak. Using the RS NOR Latch in this design allows me to use pressure plates for track selection. The repeater in the middle sends the signal back up to the repeater on the left, where it both lights the torch to indicate selection and switches the corresponding track.

    Last, but certainly not least, my attempt at a solar oven.

    Questions, comments, critiques?
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    Yeah, I've a suggestion... Make it play pong! Haha, kidding.

    Looking good so far.
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    Quote from Halo3Hunter113

    How can it get banned?

    Don’t use your account for commercial purposes (including, without limitation, trading services or in-game content for currency or Microsoft Points).

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    Considering that the spell check is tied to your browser and not the website you're on, no I don't find it "ironic".

    If you create a new account you will not be able to play your old worlds on that account. As for buying the game again, I think you can play it no problems as long as it is on the same xbox.
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    Congratulations. Now hook it up to a piston and make yourself a cobblestone generator.
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    Quote from awesomlyawesome

    *Double facepalm*

    Unless you mean on the x-box. If that's what you mean than I don't know.
    Hi! Welcome to the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition subsection of the forums. :P

    Also, what the people above me said. 1.8.
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    Hmm, odd, what's with this option here? The one that says "Invite only"? What could that do?
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    I just can't get enough of that "Oh, you're against our way of playing? Oh, then you must have no creativity." mentality. Always good for a laugh.
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