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    People should join this! Its a great server!
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    Quote from cormag778

    Guys, if you really want to bump the server without making it sooo obvious, make applications be posted on both sites. Just saying.BTW when will whitelist be annoucned.

    The whitelist is posted on our site because we prefer you to apply on the site. That way we know that you not only know where you can find us for the quickest updates, but that you have registered and will be a part of our community. So please, go check there!
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): CrimsonOrigin
    Where are you from?: Kansas!
    Your age? (if your under 13 do your parents agree to you playing here?): 18
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? Yes I did!
    Did you vote for us? Just about!
    Extra notes?: Just very kind and love the community!
    How did you hear of Super-Earth?: Forums! Of course!
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    Quote from Dragons5439

    It will be better than the previous ones. Especially the lessons we learned from Road to Ages, where there were more than a few errors. Not just in the management of the server, but economy, lore, events, etc.

    And in following with the great traditions of the minecraft forums...


    The most beautiful thing about Road To Age was that it was a such a great test server. We got so much out of the short time the server was up. In fact, I feel like it was really important that the Rp server happened. Without it, Project Horror would not be what it is like today. Now that we have people from LotL, RoA, and WDF...We will all be joined together once more this this fantastic experience. :)
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    Your In Game Name (IGN): Crimsonorigin
    Your Time Zone (GMT): USA Central
    Your Character’s Name: Gale Ryder
    Your Character’s Class: Soldier
    Your Character's Nationality: American
    Your Character’s Age: 26
    Your Character’s Profession: Mercenary/Explorer
    Your Character's Goals: Navigate the world, Become an individual, Be young forever (at least in the heart), Fame and glory, Become an intellectual, Uncover the mysteries in the world and mankind, Live an thrilling life.
    Your Character's Fears: Becoming old, Being forgotten, Conspiracies, Death itself and anything that may cause death.

    Your Character’s Biography:

    The Ryder family is recognized in North America as a legacy filled with war heroes. With Timothy Ryder’s self-sacrifice for a squadron in battle and his son’s, Jefferson Ryder, impressive and well known medical expertise in the military, Gale Ryder had to continue the legacy his grandfather and father had left behind. So when Gale was born in 1834, his father immediately began taking his newly born to local military forts along the east coast of North America. The young Gale grew up in an environment surrounded by ocean, weapons, and casualties while being constantly ordered to expand his experience in military and naval strategies by his father. Many spoke of Jefferson’s poor parenting skills as he allowed his son to grow up in such a harsh atmosphere but time and time again, he would reply boasting about the future results. Jefferson knew that his son was not an ordinary child. The young Gale slept soundly through the gunshots and wandering smoke the practicing soldiers would perform, often enjoying running around camps and the coastline ignorant of the constant dangers, and would always place himself with the adult soldiers while observing their drunkard ways and horrible slander. The life of the military never phased Gale, in fact, it did not change him the way his very own father had wanted.

    By 1851, his father retired and passed the torch to Gale unknown of the future for his own son. At this time, Gale Ryder was seventeen and as immature as a teen could get. He would constantly flirt, sneak out, and join local brawls for entertainment. It was this reason why Jefferson, while starting his retirement, sent Gale into the Naval academy in hopes to create the perfect military captain. Gale performed incredibly well, with little surprise from those who knew his past. Regardless, the young man was kicked out of the program two years later for his mischievous and carefree mind. Instead, Gale traversed along the coast expanding his knowledge of the worlds across the sea and secrets it held, something that was always an interest. At year 20, Jefferson was declared deceased and left the family earnings to his only son, Gale Ryder. This sudden death had an ever changing effect on the young man. He became determined to continue the family legacy of glory and fame.

    While Gale attempted to re-join the naval academy, he was turned down because of his past failures three years ago. His burning desire to claim any form of glory overwhelmed him to the point of signing up with rogue mercenaries named the “Crimsons.” The band of rouges were infamous in North America for their activities that highly resembled pirates along with their influence in the Atlantic seas. With Gale’s natural military talent, mischievousness, and expanding book knowledge, he became highly regarded in the “Crimsons.” But, while he was respected in the mercenary group, he did not find the fame and fortune he felt obligated to achieve. To satisfy the Ryder legacy, he waited six years before leaving his mercenary group and set sail one more time on the longest adventure he has yet overcome; to England.

    - Often acts much younger than he should.
    - Intrigued by exploration.
    - Always curious.
    - Often mischievous.
    - Has high respect for those “higher ranked" than him.
    - Almost always tries to be kind.
    - Continuously carefree.
    - Often acts on emotion.
    - Can be selfish in some areas.
    - Demands to expand his personal knowledge.
    - Often open minded on a plethora of situations.
    - Will do anything to accomplish his goals.

    Character Concept:

    Purpose: Encourage Exploration, Curiosity, and mischievousness. Shows the imperfection in humans, the consequences of emotion, the ability to be youthful, the actions of kindness, the mistakes of trust, and represent the brilliant and dark secrets within the mind.

    I want this character to mainly be a foil toward the many overly mature characters people tend to make. This character is the definition of being an adult yet, still holding on to young qualities. He is also suppose to represent imperfection, often diving into his younger characteristics. For example, he may be witty, but his arrogance can get him into trouble or that he is an caring person yet can act solely on emotions (including jealousy, anger, the whole jar).
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    Grasps you from the start. Great community and always streaming so you play LIVE with other players while many watch on the famous twitch.tv!
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    Worthwhile server. The community is always active, with around 10 people at a time. To include on this, you play live on a real Livestream hosted by the famous Twitch.tv, the gaming side of Justin.tv. I suggest to anyone!
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    posted a message on [24/7] [1.3.1] Craig's Creative Server [CLOSED] [RELEASING DONATOR WORLDS-READ MY LAST POST 6/19/13]
    Minecraft Username: CrimsonOrigin
    Age (optional): 18
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    More people need to apply! This server is starting to get 10 people every day constantly. Imagine the RP possibilities :iapprove:
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    Bump once more! Perfect server for a good challange! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on INACTIVE
    Very nice server!

    IGN: CrimsonOrigin
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    Minecraft Username / IGN: CrimsonOrigin
    How experienced are you with skyblock: Decently!
    Why do you want to join this server?: I love Skyblock when I can play it!
    Have you read the rules and realize that any griefing or stealing AT ALL is logged with the logblock plugin and you will be banned if it is reported?: Understood clearly :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Road to Ages. [Updated to Survival Server][Closed read Thread]
    Quote from Prongs12

    Just a note: I do this in my free time. I am a college student and have a life outside minecraft. So I tend to be busy alot. But the whitelist is posted every night when I go to bed for the next day. ((I Dont mean this to sound rude, just dont want people waiting on me all day :smile.gif: ))

    Todays Whitelist:
    Comments were deleted by forum bug.

    GodlyIchigo (Cmok/Mage)
    jjxtreme22 (Cmok/Warrior)
    Barbatron (Bjardsoen/Woodsman)
    PheonixFirewing (Cmok/Archer)
    fakado (Bjardsoen/Warrior)
    LuvableRawrRawr (Cmok/Warrior)
    Shark_Guy77 (Cmok/Woodsman)


    xarler - Grammar and spelling need to be checked.

    Accepted Character Changes
    stuarto991 (Cmok/Farmer)

    3 new guard members! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Road to Ages. [Updated to Survival Server][Closed read Thread]

    More people should apply! This server is worth it!
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