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    Quote from ChaChing!

    You do realise that has already been made?

    Oh Thanks LOL
    I FAIL!
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    Need Help!
    Need Texture Pack Helpers!
    Noobs And Pros Welcome!

    To Do:


    A Nice Texture Pack
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    posted a message on FH is looking for beta-testers.

    Ill test it and give you feedback about anything!

    (And I might buy it after!)

    This guy Says "YES!" :iapprove: <-Notch!
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    Go to this link to find out more

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    Quote from whutsurnaym

    This is a sandbox survival game, not an RPG.

    Well theres over 3,000,000 people that play minecraft some will want to make it RPG!
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    The Lost Tribe

    This mod is aimming to make the game a bit funner
    To find out how readd on!

    What dose this mod do?
    Its adds a new mode to Minecraft called "The Lost Tribe Mode" when Minecraft is opened it will have at the main menu the same as now, but when the player clicks Single player he/she gets taken to the normanl page that will look the same but when the player clicks "Create New World" the player will see the option "The Lost Tribe Mode" then the player can click on it and get taken to a new world (I will tell you about that later in the post) witch the player will spawn in water (all the time) and around the player there will be 6 NPC's. When the player gose to the land there will be 4 NPC's died and 7 NPC's alive. Then the player and the NPC's build a small town. After 20 MC days the player will notice 8 NPC's gone. 4 of the NPC's will have gone far away from the players town to form there own town. The other 4 will have done the same but not were the other 4 NPC's have gone. After anther 20 MC Days you will see the centre of the town blow up. Your NPC's in your town will fight off the other team, you will have to help to keep them alive (Lose a NPC and it will NOT respawn). You can make alies and enermys. There might be new NPC's that spawn for the other teams but you can trade with them to get them on your team...........
    I think thats all I can say for now........Cant think of much now

    Could you help me make this mod now or when modding API cames out!
    Comment and vote!
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    Seed Land

    If you have a really good(Or an ok)Seed then post it here

    Email me at: [email protected]
    In the E-mail you have to have the following:
    1.The seed
    2.A Description
    3.A picture (Needs to have one please)

    Hope too see the seeds!
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    posted a message on Creeprrnugget's Youtube Channel
    Ok I Have made my channel! :biggrin.gif:

    All now is makeing videos!

    Please help I need mods and texture packs to review!
    Thanks, Creeprrnugget

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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