About Me

I am the Arch-Nemisis(Yes, spelled "Nemisis") of Creepers! I harness the base... constituent of Creepers, Gunpowder, increase it's power by 125%(TNT), and erect large... structures to destroy cities! Er... Today cities, tomorrow, the Universe! Ahem. Anyway, I build TNT cannons for everything and anything. Name it, I can destroy it from at least 1000 blocks away, usually. Or bombard it with arrows, sand, people... Redstone is awesome. Awesome can suck sometimes, but so what? Also I'm a nobody. Nobody is perfect... so I am perfect, or I just have a perfectly huge ego, which would suck, making me awesome! I just violated all 1236821346 rules of logic. And you just wasted 5 seconds of you life reading this.


Death may be Fatal.

Fatality may Kill.

Killing may cause Death.
Making huge wicked TNT cannons that demolish whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want, 24-7. Redstone... mostly in TNT cannons.
Personal TNT Records:
Fastest Cannon: 300 RPM
Most Powerful Cannon: 2000m range
Biggest Cannon: >30000m cubed
Lamest Cannon: Blew a 300m radius crater when it failed