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    posted a message on Enigma: a tool for deobfuscation of Java bytecode
    Quote from counter80»

    Workday of Searge:
    9.00 АМ - Compile and obfuscate minecraft (by boss's task)
    9.30 AM - Decompile and deobfuscate minecraft
    10.00 AM - Create mappings of minecraft
    18.00 PM - Go to Home.

    ^_^ what they're smoking?
    easier to just put the source code, what to do decompiling their own codes within their company.

    first off writing, this out at like 3 am, but I will try to put this simply:

    1. distributing Minecraft or the source code is illegal when not done through the proper official means. (Which is a bad idea, like leaving a welcome sign in front of your door, in a court of law things can be twisted weird ways if someone tries to use Minecraft's code for them self)

    2. in cases such as mcp and with forge, the game files are retrieve while on the user's computer, the Minecraft client files from mojang, therefore it has not been distributed by them.

    3. the Eula has specifically stated for a long time, that if you own the game, you can decompile and modify the game.

    4. so the user, now having obtained this copy of minecraft's client through legal means can then decompile it.

    5. Programs simply decompiled are a pain to read, barely any way to know what is what, this is where mcp and and similar comes into play making the lives of modders much easier by making things readable

    once again I apologize if things are badly worded, time to head to sleep and wake up and go what was I thinking.
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    I'm currently working on an upgraded version of Zeldo's crafting table III, alot of changes have been made but a few bugs need ironed out and I need to learn why crafting table III was removed from most modpacks back in version III so that if there is a glitch in some of the old handlers that it can be corrected

    Changes that are tested and confirmed to work:
    (1.)Ported to forge
    (2.)Added Ore Dictionary support
    (3.)Removed being able to craft any type of wood into any kind of plank(though done with good intent, this really didn't belong)

    Things yet to be tested, but have been worked on:
    (1.)Making the mod universal, working on both the client and server sided(not just in single player)

    Things still to be done:
    (1.)creating tooltips for the recipes, the old versions do not work properly

    (1.)Issues with some items requiring more inventory space than is actually needed to craft the item and other requiremed items
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    if you watched the videos from the forgecraft server (the alpha server for both forge and many of the big mods) you'd know that something like this was being done already, long before you made this mod
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    here is a fun idea for research, have an item, a thaumic notebook that stores research data

    then add a special kind of book shelf, each with a stored data type, and data number, but loses the data when broken

    the type is asigned as appropriate while the data number is random within a range depending on rarity (asign in structure generation)

    when a player is near the bookshelf if they do not have the data in their notebook it is then added to it

    then have it so that certain actions can have varied results based on the data that has been collected, such as having success rates of some items being dependant on the presence of specific data or the amount of data within a range

    the new book shelves being spawned in ancient libraries whos decay has been slowed by magic, while there also being rarer gaurded libraries, that are protected by unique and powerful monsters that are only beatable through use of varous thaumic creations(as the keepers of the past should know such things, it pairs well with the theme)
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    posted a message on ChickenBones Mods
    could someone upload mirrors to a different host for nei, core, and ender storage

    after the adfly I just get 404 errors from the current host
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    personally I'd love to see the item trait and t2's arcane seals combined, where one could make a arcane seal base, that would store essences of items like a chest, then have seals consume essances based on their type to function

    then perhaps have crystals as like in t2 but you grow them using essances of items, and have special crystal wiring of some kind that transfers that type of essense to the receiver
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