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    posted a message on CRAZYASSPVP! NO WHITELIST!
    alright so ive been playing on this server for a while now and i just had to bump it! its not got a lot of players yet but im bumping it now so there will actually be some CRAZYASS PVP!
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    posted a message on |✖| THEBADPLACE.EU:25566 |✖|----◈◈◈----|✖| NO WHITELIST |✖|
    (that chicken statue is pretty sweet)
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    posted a message on Better farming Grapes,Oranges,Lemons,Peas,Potatoes and more
    With the release of 1.3, you can now farm crops such as wheat, sugarcane, pumpkins, melons, netherwarts, cactus, red and brown mushrooms, vines, trees, apples, and cocao beans (please reply if i missed any CROPS, not iron farms or xp farms, those arnt crops.) oranges and lemons would grow the same as apples, potatoes would grow the same as melons, but grapes...maybe put vines on iron bars and they will turn into grape vines, and you harvest them, you get a vine and 2-3 grapes. thier use, i do not yet know.
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    posted a message on Give Endermen "Crouch"
    i want enderman to be harder, i dont like how they cant pick up any blocks but grass and sand. Bring back missing wood and leaves!!! but ya im down for crouches minecraft ngetting harded with ravashing doorbreaking zombies and path-tracking creepers already.
    diamonds!!! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on berg-craft [need builders] [girls are online]
    IDK wat happened i hit a button and was banned for "sucked D**k" mt IGN was Stone234 can u please unban me?

    EDIT: ok i wanted to try and apeal my ban so i went on my friends acount and i was banned because "Frikin Griefers" but i was nly n for 2 minutes and the server crashed, then when i rejoined, i was banned immedealy plz unban i didnt grief
    IGN creepercreep124
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    posted a message on 24/7 no Whitelist podcraft
    You need flymod, TMI, and u have to be ranked up for instabreak dont join there r tons of REAL creative servers out there!!
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    posted a message on Kid's Mode
    Quote from Jellomob

    though I do like some of the ideas proposed in this thread, I don't think Minecraft needs a "kid friendly" mode. There are plenty of kids that play minecraft on easy and are fine with it.
    Part of the fun of minecraft is the danger involved, never knowing when you might take a wrong turn and fall in lava, or find a mineshaft just waiting to be explored. Eventually, after a while (and a lot of dieing) you learn from your mistakes, find ways around obstacles, invent more efficient ways to do things.

    If they find it too difficult, then they need to man up and face the challenge head on, instead of wussing out and putting it on peaceful

    uh oh arnt u the one tha started the "all dem dimensions" thread?
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    posted a message on [1.1] [UP] Brand NEW Redstone Only Server
    Thinks its tippy lichenstien but not sure...

    EDIT: lol i dont care wat tippy it is im jioning for redstone
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    posted a message on How Villagers should act!
    Quote from gypsyblackmagic

    Personally I am against any form of NPC dialogue. For me, the end credits where enough, minecraft is a game about "Placing blocks to build anything you can imagine." Not, Endlessly grinding in branch mines to find diamonds to trade with village priest to get enchantments on diamond sword to kill boss monster.


    says the guy who likes "The Creep"
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    posted a message on ULTRA NETHER CHALLENGE
    lol no highscores exept for 0
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    posted a message on Do We Dislike Torches That Expire?
    Quote from Lumireaver

    Are you guys those people? What's the biggest problem with the idea?

    There would be permanent light sources, you know? :Skeleton:

    lol this is a suggestion forum you should be up to a little critisizem
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    posted a message on Superflat World Generation
    the only problem i have with superflat is the 4 layers of block.
    1) the goddanm slime wat if i want to make a supercool hostile mobgrinder but i need it on easy FOR hostile mobs, and then tons of slimes spawn
    2) i do redstone and i like to conceal most of it underground, but i cant
    so heres my suggestion: 3 worldtypes
    2)superflat (low) for almost max build hieght
    3) superflat (high) with like 10-15 levels of dirt underneth for redston and underground builds.
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    posted a message on ~GalaxyCraft~ [Needs admins/mods] [Bukkit] Need Help!
    Hello i saw ur post and hoped i was in time to applie so here i go:
    IGN: creepercreep124 - im pretty goop at redstone and ive been staff on a lot of servers i know im to late for admin so i could go for mod THANK YOU!
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    posted a message on All dem Dimensions! Updated with another anouncement!
    before we plan for like 3 new dimesions lets allwork with the ones we got.
    we just got a new dimension in the 1.0.0 update and now were goin crazy with dimensions!
    the nether has evolved into its on world with 4 uniqe mobs and 3 plants, one exclusive one! and it even has fortresses! we dont need a boss for the nether because its a genuine place, ive even made pemanant house in the nether in SMP!
    The end is a boss realm and should be nothing else except that.
    WE DONT NEED NEW DIMENSIONS! we already hev two and thets 2 more than we have irl so justkeep it at that. we could add more to the nether and the end but whats the hurry when they just did in 1.0.0!

    be patient
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    posted a message on The End v2 (PICTURES INCLUDED) [v1.4]
    Quote from Supermutant6112

    I don't like all the drops from the dragon. I'd also like more bosses. Such as:

    -Ender Samurai: Spawns in a castle. 1 castle per world. Drops the Blade of Damned. Basically an armored enderman with a sword. 20 hearts. Regenerates once reentering The End. Attacks by charging and retreating repeatedly.
    -Enderpus: Giant octopus that spawns in a lake in the End. Can't leave the water. Kill it and gain access to it's lair to get different rewards "Enderdiamonds, Gold, Bones, etc." Regenerates upon reentering. Attacks be smashing with it's tentacles
    -Griffender: A dark griffendor. Drops giant feathers that let you fly. Immediately regenerates upon death unless spawner's destroyed. Attacks by swooping and slashing.

    Just some suggestions :biggrin.gif:

    lol enderpus in a lake?!?! just saying but enderman cant touch water or teyll get hurt, maybe a different liquid or something, a new one?
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