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    posted a message on Imperial SMP whitelist applications!

    IGN: CreeperSting
    Age: 14
    What could you bring to this community?: I could help out with community projects, do intermediate redstone, and maybe build.
    Why should we pick you over someone else?: I have plenty of experience with Minecraft. I've been playing for 3+ years now.

    What are three interesting/random things about you?

    *I love tech

    *I like to play games

    *I occasionally enjoy programming. (I'm learning C++ right now)

    Do you have Discord?: Yes (KSting#4414)

    Is optifine allowed? My laptop struggles with this game at times.

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    posted a message on 1.11.2 Anvil Changes...

    I have been experiencing as well, and i think it's a bug (at least i hope so). Its really annoying because it takes so much xp to rename a stack, and if you try and rename more than one at a time, it wastes xp without giving you the item. I'm glad somebody reported this, because i tried to make a named stack of end crystals, but it didn't work out well.

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    posted a message on Ghost village?????

    Sounds like a zombie village. Those dont have doors or villagers, but instead zombie villagers. Maybe there is a bug which causes them to despawn?

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    posted a message on cheats v1.11.2 win 10

    did you try removing the space, so instead of / gamemode, it says /gamemode? If you are already doing that, it may be a bug. Also try /gamemode s (or /gamemode c) and /gamemode survival (or /gamemode creative)

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    posted a message on Portals going through and how to get back ????? Help !!

    what kind of portal? An end portal or a nether portal? (If you dont know, what does this new land look like?)

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    posted a message on cheats v1.11.2 win 10

    Well, what are you typing?

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    posted a message on How do you organize items on your hotbar?

    1. Sword

    2. Pickaxe

    3. Food

    4. Axe (if needed)

    5. Shovel (If needed)

    6. Torches

    I also keep an enderchest and silk touch pick in the top right, if i can

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    posted a message on Set world size

    On Minecraft, you only have one option for what the size your world is; infinite (Unless you're playing on Pocket Edition or newer gen consoles.)

    My suggestion is that we are able to set the size for our world upon creation (Most likely would be in chunks). This option could be located in the 'more options' menu on world creation, or it could be in the menu for a customized world. I can see this option being useful for mapmaking, older computers which cannot handle big worlds, or if you just need a decent sized world in general.

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    posted a message on I need help?

    Are you sure 'Biome specific structures' is on?

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    posted a message on Frost walker boots?


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    posted a message on Universal Minecraft?
    Quote from Becca300»

    not many people play mcpe.

    Sales for the pocket edition have actually surpassed the normal pc version.

    While universal minecraft would be great, it most likely wont happen anytime soon because of version differences and exclusives. Also, the normal pc version is written in java, while mcpe is written in C++. I dont think that would work out very well...
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    posted a message on I NEED HELP

    The only way i can think of to help is to open the world in an external editor, such as mcedit, and delete the command block or clock.

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    posted a message on Help No End Portal!!!!
    Quote from SkyblockAlly»

    I would consider looking everywhere and just mining in any direction that you hear mobs in, which may signify an area you haven't located. Also try listening for lava, which is found in End Portal rooms. This is a last resort, but you may want to go into Spectator mode or use an X-Ray glitch to find it if you are willing to go this far.

    There is no spectator mode on Xbox One.

    If you are looking really hard for a stronghold, maybe create a world with the same seed in creative and search in that world? Unless, of course, your world was made before new biomes. You could also try digging through walls or something.

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    posted a message on The Amphibious Update

    So, what is the point of putting trapped chests and enchanting tables in a boat?

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    posted a message on What even.

    it might be a tinkers thing.

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