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    posted a message on StarCraft SMP! Looking for new Members and Youtubers!

    IGN: CreeperPlysMC

    Skype: thathypedkidd

    Strengths & Weaknesses: I'm good at Building, I'm ok at PvP, I'm good at redstone builds.

    Other info:

    I'm Male

    I'm 17,

    I'm Mature and fun and in high school learning graphic design and computers.

    I'm specialized in Building, Skywars, somewhat building, and restone builds

    I Want to join Because I'm really want to connect and interact with other fellow YouTuber's and make friends along the way and hopefully gain exposure among you guys.

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    posted a message on SquareDevils SMP - Survival - Amplified (currently) - Teamspeak [APPLICATIONS OPEN 16+]
    1. IGN:CreeperPlysMC
    2. Age:17
    3. Skype**:thathypedkidd
    4. What version of Minecraft did you start in?1.25
    5. Approximately how often do you play Minecraft (hrs/week)?Somewhat everyday but, once awhile i forget to play or get to busy.
    6. What would you say are your strengths or skill set within Minecraft? Pvping & Somewhat building
    7. If you follow any specific Minecrafters or specific servers (Hermitcraft, Mindcrack, etc.) or series, what are they? The Cube SMP, HermitCraft, and Mianite Series.
    8. Where are you from?California
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    posted a message on .

    My IGN: CreeperPlysMC

    Im good at building and somewhat at redstone builds and contraptions

    My Skype: thathypedkidd

    I also have a youtube channel check me out: https://www.youtube.com/user/CreeperPly5Minecraft

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    posted a message on 1.7.10 Adventure Time Map ~ Huge Update!!

    Where's Download Link?

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