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    posted a message on New SMP Server: Looking for new members, primarily smaller youtubers/streamers.

    Discord: ProfessorGlaceon#1860

    Minecraft IGN: ProfessorGlaceon

    Age and gender: 21, Trans Woman

    Twitch channel: https://www.twit ch.tv/professor_glaceon (Space included so it actually shows the link to my twitch and not linkout's)

    What's your experience in minecraft? Do you mostly play survival servers, creative servers, singleplayer, modded, etc: I've taken part in multiple servers of this style in the past (Hermitcraft like), as well as many modded servers as well. I mostly play survival vanilla when I do, and while have played single player in the past, much prefer multiplayer for the feeling of community.

    How long have you been playing the game: since beta 1.7.4

    What's your timezone and what country are you in: North Carolina, USA, Eastern Standard time.

    What would you say you're best at in minecraft? Building? PVP? Something else: I'd say I'm best at building, though still have some room to improve. Landscaping is definitely my strong suit of building, whereas exteriors on houses are my weak suit.

    How often do you think you could play: At least a few hours each day.

    Anything else you'd like to let us know: I can't think of anything at the moment. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me!

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    posted a message on [1.13] [EVENTS] [WHITELIST] [HERMITCRAFT STYLE] GGSMP | Looking for small group to start community!
    In-game Username: ProfessorGlaceon
    Name you prefer to be called: I don't have any real preference, but if you want it, my real name is Allen
    Discord name: ProfessorGlaceon#1860
    Age(16+)&Year of birth: 19, march 16, 1999
    Timezone/Country: Eastern Standard, United States of America
    - Application Key: Humpty Dumpty
    In-game Skills: I'm mainly a builder and know how to handle a mod outbreak, though I do like to tinker with redstone from time to time as well.
    Tell us a little about yourself: well, of all the things I find noteworthy, Id like to say that I also draw, and am currently taking on a 30 day drawing challenge. also, while I do have a youtube channel, I've pretty much gotten out of the want to upload videos to it, at least for now. and if you couldn't tell from my name, I do enjoy pokemon. and I guess the final thing that I'd like to say is that the reason why I want to join the server is that I want to get back into vanilla minecraft. I've been playing modded for a while now, but for some reason it keeps crashing when I try to load up the world. still, I want to build grand structures, and I always found it a blast to play with others on a server.
    Any questions you have about the server: Just if we're wanting more of the builds to be centered around spawn, or if each person can go off on their own and make a sprawling base wherever they wish.
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    posted a message on | Vanilla Group | Semi-Vanilla Server| Custom Plugins | Great Experience | {Whitelist}

    why is the server offline?

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    posted a message on | Vanilla Group | Semi-Vanilla Server| Custom Plugins | Great Experience | {Whitelist}

    #1: IGN: creeper_mania1

    #2: What is your age: 16

    #3: Have you ever been banned on a server before, if so, Why?: only one, and it's because I suggested a friend who was a little slap happy with tnt. I promise that I won't want him on this server

    #4: Have you ever played on whitelisted Vanilla servers before?: based on my previous answer, yes.

    #5: Do you understand the meaning of Semi-Vanilla?: yes, that it's mostly vanilla, with a few plugins to protect the server.

    #6: Why should you be allowed onto the server?: I like to help out those who need it. I try to be friendly to those around me, but will retaliate if I have been wronged, like if someone blew up my house.

    #7: What will you bring to the server (In terms of personality, ect...)?:I'm good with redstone, like to try my hand at building, though I;m more of an interior builder than an exterior

    #8: Tell us about yourself: I kind of covered most of it in the previous two questions, but I do have to admit that I am a bit of a brainiac, and I haven't played this game for a few months, but solely 'cause my friends don't like games of this stature. it's been a while, so I thought I might get back into the swing of things with a server of this stature.

    #9: How can you prove yourself trustworthy (With Words): well, to be honest, actions do speak louder than words, but I did show that I am ashamed by inviting that friend to the other server, and if I so much as suggest inviting another player to the server, you can perma ban me

    #10: Do you understand the rules and expectation of the server?: 100%

    #11: Why do you want to join a server like this one?: I always love playing on servers like this. friendly community, plenty of people to talk with, and a place where I can practice building. what more could I want?

    "Backround Checks" will be ran, Checking your MCBANS and other forum posts under your name

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    posted a message on Vanilla Minecraft Server! - Mature - Whitelisted!- 1.8. No Plugins! PURE SURVIVAL! Still NEW!

    Skype: creeper_mania

    country: United States of America

    age: 16

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    posted a message on TheBalloon: Whitelisted Survival Server (24/7, 1.8, Vanilla)


    Name: Allen

    *Age (Be honest): 16

    Minecraft Username: creeper_mania1

    Skype (You can PM me if you don't want to write it here) : creeper_mania


    *Are you agreeing with the rules? yes

    *How will you contribute to the server? I'd say I'm really good with redstone, and I can help someone out with anything, whether it be building or slaying the ender dragon.

    *How good is your English? I'd say it's superb, as it's the only language I know

    *How long have you been playing Minecraft? since 1.7 beta days

    *Do you have past experience with this kind of servers? yes

    *Have you ever been banned from such a server? If you were, why? I have not

    *Include photos of your best builds/projects in Minecraft(Can be redstone, houses, bases etc. This is the most important part and it will impact my choice the most). I never really take pictures of my builds, I just always let what I show you as I build be the words

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    posted a message on Pixel Factions [Needs Staff-Apply now!]
    ok, thanks! can I get an estimated date for when the server is restarting?
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    posted a message on Pixel Factions [Needs Staff-Apply now!]
    um, why was I banned? I was working on getting to my base, which was at the bottom of the sea, so sorry if I missed any important chat.
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    posted a message on {NEW} {VANNILA} {WHITELIST} {ZONE SMP} {ACCEPTING NOW}
    IGN: creeper_mania1
    AGE: 15
    WHAT IS YOUR SKILL: redstone, building, parkour, mining.
    WHY SHOULD WE PICK YOU: I love these types of servers. I love the fact that you can build with other people without the constant fear of being griefed. I also like helping people, though like everyone else, for a small fee. I also want a server to start recording videos of.
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    posted a message on new 1.8 server looking for mature players whitelist only (vanilla server)
    Real Name: Allen Webb
    In-game Name: creeper_mania1
    Where are you from? North Carolina, USA
    How much Minecraft experience do you have? I've been playing since 1.7.4 beta
    Do you agree to the rules? yeah

    I will also be applying for my friend

    Real Name: Michael
    In-game Name: comshat12
    Age: 15
    Where are you from? North Carolina, USA
    How much Minecraft experience do you have? alpha
    Do you agree to the rules? yesh
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    posted a message on delete this thread
    ♦ Age:15
    ♦ IGN: creeper_mania1
    ♦ Skype: creeper_mania
    ♦ YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/creepermaniafr
    ♦ Why do you want to join?: I want a server where I can play with other people and be part of a good community that I can also record for my YouTube channel.
    ♦ Tell us about you: I like to build, and try to make redstone contraptions. I also like to help out if there is anything that anyone needs help with, though it does come at a price.
    ♦ Time-zone: US east
    ♦ How active are you?: most of the time, I can play for a very long time. there are times that I won't be able to come on, though those are times that I usually have too much homework.

    I'm also going to put my friend's application here.

    ♦ Age:15
    ♦ IGN: comshat12
    Skype: michael.blackops2557
    YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/xXPWNrMonkeYX
    ♦ Why do you want to join?: I want to be part of a community with my friend where we can play together and record together.
    ♦ Tell us about you: I like to help my friend with projects, and even build my own stuff. if you steal/break something of mine, I will come after you like an assassin.

    ♦ Time-zone: US east
    ♦ How active are you?: sometimes, very, othertimes, not very. I will at least be on once a day.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Whitelisted server :: Looking for more members!
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    posted a message on closed
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    posted a message on [Madness Express][1.8] Vanilla Survival Server [Whitelisted][Friendly Community][Mindcrack-Style]
    only because nearly all the servers that I aply too go missing after a couple of days, and never respond, there is a reason why I emphisized the importance that you respond. I am rather tired of applying to servers and never hearing about it since!
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