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    posted a message on 2D Craft : Reborn - Terraria Style World Generation - [WIP] v0.1

    If you wanted to go about the End the easy way, just have a crafting recipe that results in an End Portal Block. Just a suggestion. Great work either way!

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    posted a message on Need someone to make Warrior Cats mod

    I think if you wanted to go about this the easy way, just create a minecraft server with Forge, the Morph mod, a cat mod, Mo' Creatures, and custom mob drops, and two plugins, ranks and factions

    So when you start out by logging into the server, your name is (username)-kit. You start in a room with a bunch of cats in it, you can choose your appearance by killing one of the cats, after you choose your cat you could walk out of the room and random TP somewhere.

    That's the first part.

    You could join a Clan(represented by factions) or become a Rogue and fend for yourself. Individual players could create clans or you could have six main clans with no ability to make more.

    Im not sure where you would take it from there, but it's a start.

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    posted a message on Mo Players Mod 1.7.10 - Auto spawning players.

    I think your idea would be pretty interesting and add a twist to the game. I would love to work on it, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be overly challenging. I have a few questions though.

    Would you like them to spawn in the same general area as you?

    Should they respawn(Obviously not in hardcore)?

    I think adding some RPG elements like stealing would help your interactions with the NPC's, any other ideas?

    I think I would also like to add factions, or clans, so you can team up with the NPC's. Any objections?

    It's a really interesting idea for a mod, thanks for giving me something to work on over the summer!

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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Corn Mod

    The Corn Mod, my first official mod.

    The Corn Mod, as the name suggests adds Corn and other related stuff like Corn Dogs, Corn Bread, etc.
    It was modded under 1.7.2 Forge so it is compatible with 1.7.2
    Credits: CreeperLikeThat(a.k.a areeb2011): Programmer. Bosume:Co-Producer/Texturer
    Beta-Tester: FCG9
    Download Instructions


    1.)Download the Forge 1.7.2 Installer(Any version should work) from here: Forge

    2.)Download the Corn Mod from here: Corn Mod

    3.)Run the Forge Installer that you downloaded earlier

    4.)Launch the run program from the start menu and then type in %appdata%

    5.)Locate the .minecraft folder and open it

    6.) Locate the mods folder and drag the CornMod-(MCVersion)-(CornModVersion).jar into the mods folder.

    7.) Launch Minecraft and enjoy ;)


    I don't actually know how to so here is a video:



    Corn Bread(Shapeless)


    Golden Foil

    Corn Dog

    Corn on the Cob(Shapeless)

    Gilded Corn on the Cob(Shapeless)

    Corn on the Cob with Butter(Shapeless)


    Corn Helmet

    Corn Chestplate

    Corn Leggings

    Corn Boots

    Corn Sword

    Corn Pick

    Corn Axe

    Corn Spade

    Corn Hoe

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