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    New egg = GET!!!! EEP! I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's all grown up X3 So far, my first V-Day on DC has been awesome!!! Can't wait for Halloween~
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    I survive by building a 1X1 tower beneath myself at night...
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    Long story short.....

    Me: Yays! I just finished building a giant staircase up to my floating base :biggrin.gif: time to celebrate!
    *Turns on easy*
    Me: Maybe I'll get to see an enderman....
    *Enderman spawns*
    Me: OMG ENDERMAN!!!!!
    *Looks strait at enderman, and enderman teleports away*
    Me: Awwwww.......
    *Enderman teleports onto base*
    Me: D:
    *Jumps off base in a panic*

    Game over!

    XD yeah....
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    :biggrin.gif: I really like it! It's really unique :smile.gif:
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    Endless black
    Covers the sky.
    Ender dragons
    How majestically, they fly!
    Obsidian spikes
    shoot up from the ground.
    Thousands of endermen
    wander around.
    The end?
    For you, maybe.
    But not for us!
    It is our beginning......

    XD I was really bored....... :iapprove: <-- ( There would have been an enderman there, but there is no enderman emoticon :ohmy.gif: )
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    Quote from leon11r

    chicken kids only come in 1.9 XD

    Well, I never specified what update this was taking place in, only that it was after the adventure update :wink.gif:
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    My wife...
    My kids...
    All dead....
    Thanks to that stupid adventure update!
    We used to drop only feathers....
    But zombies dropped them to!
    Humans had less reason to kill us!
    But now...
    WE are the only ones who drop feathers...
    They need us....

    X3 I was bored.....
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    She was here
    and then she wasn't
    She roamed the lands, hunting and gathering
    She showed no mercy
    We wanted nothing to do with her
    We were afraid
    Yet there was something about her
    Something that drew us in
    only to be spit back out by her blade.....

    Chapter One-

    "Gah!" Her scream echoed throughout the ravine as the skeletons arrow pierced her arm. She jerked back, flinging her sword a few blocks behind her. She cursed under her breath as she sprinted to retrieve it. She picked it up and held it out in front of her, ready to block anymore incoming arrows.
    "Will they ever learn?" I turned to Collin who was standing beside me. He was tall, green, and his face was frozen in a permanent frown. He was what she called a creeper. I however, was nothing more than an arrangement of bones. Basically, I was a living skeleton, as she called me. There were others, too. Like the enderman, the spiders, and the zombies. There are rumors, however, about other others, with names like 'silverfish' and 'ghast', but I had never actually seen any, so I don't believe them.
    "Nah, she does this every night, I think that if they were going to learn, I think that they would have learnt by now." Collin replied. I gave a small nod of agreement, he was right after all.
    Suddenly, there was a loud boom. I peered around the large stone wall that I was hiding behind quick enough to see her get blown back against the wall.
    "I think that might have been Uncle Teddy."

    ~Yay! First chapter!~

    Chapter 2-

    After the fight in the ravine had ended and the sun had come up, I went back in to the caves, and didn't come back up.I don't know why I decided to stay down. I guess I just needed some thinking time.
    Well, anyways, in my time down there, I thought about a lot of things, but I mostly thought about her. What was it that made us so...... attracted to her? What made it so that we would go out at night just to be killed? I thought and thought, and I finally came up with my answer; We were afraid. Not of what would happen if we ran after her, however, but of what would happen if we didn't.


    Chapter 3-

    Today I decided to leave the caves. It would be a long journey back up, as the caves were large, but it's not like I was in a hurry.
    As I was leaving, something bright caught my eye.....socket. I began walking towards it, and as I got closer, I could see that the brightness was coming from a torch, something that she made. When I reached it, I discovered that the torch wasn't just a single torch, but the beginning of a long path of torches. I stood there for a second, wondering if I should follow the path. I did.
    The path was long, and eventually led me to a 3X3 square in the stone. What was in that 3X3 square surprised me. It was a shrine... to her. There was a small painting of her in the center or the wall, and a crafting bench on ether side of it. Paintings and crafting benches were something that she made, as well. The shrine itself creeped me out. Why would she make a shrine of herself? And if it wasn't her who made it, then who was it? None of the monsters I knew about, aside from the endermen, could pick up things that she made. But why would the endermen want to build a shrine for her?
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    Rep plz??

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