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Hello! My name is CreeperEatsTNT. I like some mods and maps shared here by other users.

The mods I like are TooManyItems (i liked 1.8 but then i installed 1.7.10)

and TooMuchTNT

I liked some maps like Diversity

its sequel, The Dropper and its sequel!!
I still didnt used any texture pack, and I'm a cracked user

My launcher is Shiginima Launcher 2.000

I can be found at or


I'm a gamer, so I like almost all videogames, MCPE its the best game I ever played, MC for PC is the second :)
I also like some movies and T.V. Shows. My favorite tv channel is actually Cartoon Network.

I'm some curious.

Location Hatillo 7

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Minecraft CreeperEatsTNT

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Website URL,,