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    So right now I am a head builder for a minecraft server named Matcha MC. The server is still under heavy development, but is a nice community. Right now were looking for builders with any knowledge of building and at least 1 year of playing minecraft. These are some of the requirements for the role:

    • A working knowledge of Minecraft,
    • Experience with building,
    • Your main language being english,
    • And you have a Discord account.

    All of those who apply must be committed towards working for the server. If you want to apply just add me on Discord as...

    EXP Creeper#2669

    If it does not show me as EXP Creeper then something went wrong.


    (If I don't respond in the next 48 hours then message me here)

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    Hello my name is Creeper2JJL and I bring you the Subster SMP join me and cool... people in well an SMP! just gotta play Java and you're in!

    The discord link is Right Here!

    so apply today!

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    Are you bored on playing on other peoples servers? Do you want to be in a SMP where there is no storyline and is with tons of cool players?

    If this is true then your in luck check it out at the discord server link Here and apply today!

    Some notes before joining:

    1. The server is on Java Edition of Minecraft

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    Hello my name is Creeper2JJL and I was looking for more members to participate in the SSS or the Subster Survival SMP. This is season one of the Subster SMP and it's mainly looking for ordinary minecraft players. The SSS team does encourage small youtube channels that are in the making. Some rules that will need to be followed if accounted as a member of the SSS:

    1. No Swearing

    2. No Mass griefing (unless approved by staff. Normal griefs are fine just no big ones)

    And not following these rules could mean a permanent ban on the Minecraft server and the Discord server.

    And remember you do not have to be a builder, PvP person or anything just a minecrafter with at least one year of experience.

    Get started here at the Member approval site.




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    hello ive got about 10 subscribers on my YT channel im 13 and my name is JASPER CALVIN but please just call me creeper and my discord is Creeper2JJL#2669

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