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    This map is amazing! (especially since I made it ;3)

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    Heya y'all! If you are interested in applying just join this discord <3 https://discord.gg/wYjHBrh

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    Quote from WaltersDad»

    This mod seems a lot better than the other ones, and since it is on a more recent version of minecraft (1.12.2), and not a buggy, slow mess (1.7.10), it's quite refreshing. Good job!

    You might want to put this on CurseForge to get the most downloads. With my mods, all of them are on there. A helpful tip from me to you :)

    Thanks! Will do =)

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    From the creator of various crappy 1.7.10 lucky blocks that shall not be named... Here is...

    Lucky Block Chroma! For Minecraft Version 1.12.2

    Before you install this "AMAZING" lucky block, you will need these mods to make this work:


    Click me!


    v1.0.1 - Uploaded May 19th, 2019

    -Minor Bug Fixes

    -Super/Very Unlucky Blocks fixed

    -Armor fixed

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to DM me!


    This mod also has many "GREAT" drops, including:

    • Super high-tech falling loot chests that give you some great items!
    • Some great wells
    • The normal Lucky Block drops
    • Orepples!
    • The Chroma Armor sets (Over 20 sets!, and Flying Boots!)
    • Custom Potions!
    • Many, many traps...
    • Even the chickens get an upgrade, maybe you will be lucky!

    There are also some cool weapons and armor:

    These are the magic wands, they control the forces of the earth! They are the:

    Legendary Lightning Wand (Lightning)

    Poseidon's Staff of the Currents (Water)

    Hades's Staff of Hell (Lava)

    and The Staff of Energy (Explosions)

    These are all the weapons, they are the:

    Emerald Sword

    Pat Sword

    Chroma Slicer

    GamingWithJen Flowery Blade

    Sapphire Sword

    Ruby Sword

    Amethyst Sword

    CreatorCraft Blade

    DestroyerCraft Blade

    Blue Lightsaber

    Red Lightsaber

    Yellow Lightsaber

    Green Lightsaber

    Magical Chroma Blade

    Amethyst Crystal Sword

    Blue Crystal Sword

    Dead Crystal Sword

    Emerald Crystal Sword

    Tourmaline Crystal Sword

    Red Pokeball Sword

    Love Pokeball Sword

    Great Pokeball Sword

    Master Pokeball Sword

    TnT Gun

    Poison Gun

    Water Gun

    Extinction Asteroid

    Cupids Love Bow

    Air Pickaxe

    Infinity Block Breaker

    And, the most powerful tool in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE,

    The Poop Emoji.

    Here are the armor sets (26 armor sets!)

    These armor sets are:

    Wooden Set (Jen can finally craft Wood Gear!)

    God Set

    Lucky Set

    Rainbow Set

    Galaxy Set











    Kahaan (My Brother)


    Amethyst Crystal

    Dead Crystal

    Tourmaline Crystal

    Golden Crystal

    Blue Crystal


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    posted a message on Loot++ - The Addon Update! Now with the ability to create addons without messing with config files or resource packs!
    I need help! Please give a tutorial on how to create addons for lucky blocks! I really want to learn and I can not find a tutorial anywhere!
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