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    Rasberry Pi Information:
    Cost - $35
    Website - http://www.raspberrypi.org/
    Where to buy - http://www.alliedelec.com/lp/120626raso/
    Alternitive place to buy - http://www.element14.com/community/groups/raspberry-pi

    2 usb ports
    1 Microusb power port
    Ethernet port
    HDMI port
    RCA video port
    3.5mm Audio jack
    SD card slot

    Ram (Memory) - 256 MB
    Processor - Broadcom 700 MHz

    You wont be able to actually play the pc version of minecraft on it, But you should be able to run a server.
    Also I wouldn't get this unless you have at least some programming knowledge. Hope I helped!
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    Quote from EvilNAngry

    Are your parents home? If they aren't, who can stop you to play?

    I pity you.
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    Hey guys.
    First of all, If you haven't seen it, watch video. Its what my build is based on.
    So here are some screenshots:

    Now, If you paid attention to the video you will realize this obviously isn't functioning, and without mods, cant be. If someone can recommend mods that may make this work I will release a separate version of this build.

    Also I did have to make a texture pack for this, in order to make the giant stone block.

    I'm not going to release this for Download yet. I have my reasons.

    If you like this, and wish to see a download, please +1 this post.
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    Thanks for the upload! :D
    I love this mod and always will
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    Quote from GhostlyGrin

    Wonderful? Good for you? Do you want a cookie? :wacko:

    *Hipster face* No I stopped eating cookies once cocoa beans became so unrare.
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    Quote from Blues27Xx

    Lets say they added an effect to the beacon that prevented mobs from spawning within it's 80 block total AoE. Alternatively, I could put down like 20 torches to have the same effect.

    That's why I said it should have the ability make them back out like a creeper near an ocelot as well.
    Quote from haxjagarn

    well, if you want to keep people away from a certain place you could build a beacon and set up negative effects to prevent people from going there.
    Also, if you are a good gamer which aren't getting hurt much the weakness and slowness effects could come of good use because your enemy players also get affected by them, not only you.
    So having a base where everyone are affected by weakness and become slow as snails could actually come in favor of you, if you know what you are doing


    Lets not forget about blindness. Having a base you know by the inside out are a great advantage when both you and the enemy are blind as bats, you should easily be more capable of performing a well executed stealth attack.
    In theory, blindness would also make it harder for your enemy to find the emitting beacon and destroy it.

    Now, about wither... well, at the moment I can't see anything else about it than making places where you slowly get your life degraded, enough of a threat to make even the most professional player think twice. You, as the operator should however have a relatively easy time circumventing it's dangerous threat by the use of even the most basic knowledge on redstone & pistons

    It would also be sweet if the bad effects took effect on hostiles.
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    posted a message on Red Dragons in Strongholds
    When notch mentioned the red dragon, He was more referring to a neutral mob, Who flys around the skys of the overworld
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    posted a message on The Wither is a complete monster.
    If you don't like the features of minecraft than don't play it.
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    Quote from Some_dood

    Ok. So I recently found a witch hut on the new hardcore save file I made. I have encountered one witch spawning from this location so far. I am currently terrified and am now paused within the witches hut, as I know NOTHING about the witches spawning behaviour. Do any of you know if she spawns in any light level? Or if she spawns within the hut only? If anyone knows about this they could do me (and everyone on the mincraft wiki page) a huge favor by explaining further in detail than 'she spawns in witch huts in swamp biomes' ..seeing as thats as far as it goes into detail over at the wiki page. If noone knows about the spawning behaviour of witches at this point, I would like to help out by adding that in this case (my hardcore save file) I had found that witch hut, approached it caustiously (because this update is really scary, along with minecraft in general to me lol) and at first found no witch there. after leaving the area (about 20 or so blocks away) and encountering a spider and a creeper, i came back towards the witch hut (this was at night) and there was one witch there. i havent played too much more from that point, but its currently daytime out and no other witch has spawned. I think it could be due to the fact that the spider i killed dropped a spider eye outside and i didnt pick it up possibly...seing as how spider eyes are almost a necessity in brewing (im really stretching for answers here, arent i?)? Sorry if theres already something that explains the spawning behaviour of witches in this forum.. but I havent been able to find it. And if any of you do know something about spawning behaviour of witches, could you kindly add it to the wiki page, as it currently has ABSOLUTLEY no information on this? thanks.

    ~Sincerely yours,
    An extremely terrified and confused minecrafter

    Witches spawn in the area of a witch hut. More than one witch will spawn over time. In the area of the witch hut occupies, no other mobs can spawn. As for light level, I don't know the specifics, but I filled the witch hut area with light, and the witch's stopped spawning, so I'm guessing they use the same light mechanics of the other mobs.

    A video to help you out:

    A video by the same guy who made a farm:

    When fighting them, I would use a bow. Its most likely the best attack.
    Also remember, no hostile mobs will naturally spawn within a limited range of you, So in terms of your paused game, I think your fine.

    The wiki page is quite uninformative, kinda stinks.
    I hope this helped. Have fun playing minecraft 1.4 :)
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    posted a message on Idling: what players do when they're bored!
    Random one: A sound similar to a creeper sounds, and the player spins around quickly checking his back, only to realize he's hearing things.

    I love this idea. if it worked well in multiplayer, it be a good way to know when people are really idling and not just slow typers, ect. could cause some lag though.

    And before they implement animations like these, i think they should focus on running/swimming/switching item animations.
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