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    posted a message on Is Minecraft Dying?

    A general helpful thought I made up that may apply to gaming in general.

    Minecraft isn't dying, but more like old games that people used to play are dying, while some of those games have stepped up and are now becoming more popular.

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    You know just to be extra mean to these websites (for a good reason), put an MCreator mod on their websites. Guess what happens! Pylo gets involved and boy their terms of use states that trouble comes to sites that steal the mod and don’t give credit, and the bad websites don’t relize that Pylo is very serious about this kind of thing, and I’m certain Minecraft fake comercial stealing sites don’t want legal trouble now don’t they? Ha! Take that dumb stealers! Watch as They get taken down, one by one. Good job trying to spread the word about mod reposts. If your going to make a mod webpage, ASK first and remember to not make money off anyone’s mod (Especially if the mod is posted for free and made for free!). It’s illegal to make money off something that’s free from the start, right? (If otherwise, than well that’s terrible.). Good luck trying to stopmodreposts. ;)

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    Hello everyone! Finally got a decent mod to work for now.

    this mod is called bonin’s electric machines mod Machines And Extras Mod.

    Note: Version 2.2.5 and above will break your old worlds, don’t update till you backup your worlds! All the old blocks will disapear!

    If you think you can plug this into a Tesla-based Power, RF, FE, or some other System of energy, sorry, your out of luck right now.

    Im trying to figure out where to go with this tech mod first, then i’ll Add all the big changes and stuff.

    and yes, this is a MCreator mod, (don’t worry, the internal stuff got changed a little.)

    I’ve managed to push MCreator to allow some more advanced features, and the internal files should be better organized.

    So far, there is:

    Several Road types added.

    Quarry, enchanter, some decorational/functional blocks, a radioactive biome, a nuke, and some other food based and material based items.

    Some mobs are added too, with a custom sound effect for most of their sounds. (And only certain sound effects will be turned down on certain sound setting sliders).

    more Info Soon.

    Current Additions Being worked on:

    MCPE (Bedrock) and MCPC features that aren’t in 1.12.2.

    MC Education Edition Features.

    Want to use this in a modpack?

    You may, with certain rules:

    Do not claim it as your own mod, as this mod IS a MCreator mod. (Give credit to MCreator, for the mod maker stuff).

    Remember to follow basic rules and give credit to me as well. (Use version 2.2.4 as a reference to specific credits)


    Download my mod:

    For Alpha Versions and All Betas:


    For Newest Betas And Releases Only:

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    posted a message on The Betweenlands ~ A dark, hostile environment...

    Woohoo! This mod is very good still, can't wait till another update is released. Another weird thing, Tropicraft updated to 1.10.2 recently, with working features. At least everyone's trying to update! :D

    go betweenlands team!

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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    Water physics is something they may want to question, so they don’t have to work so hard on the water, and focus on the content besides the water itself, like fish, coral, kelp, dolphins.. :)

    Besides, if they do pull off the water thing, then I wouldn’t be surprised at all. They did show it.

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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    I wouldn't be so sure, unfortunately. Doing so would set a pretty bad precedent for Mojang.

    Mod makers mod away! :D
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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    These are mostly all mod things put into minecraft. [Fish and other water items were an idea they had for a long time so that's not new... but cool]

    Water physics and items floating are probably a mod idea, but now are going to be a feature later. (Maybe in next fall or so..) No bets though!

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    posted a message on Stop Complaining
    Quote from Geneo»

    To me, the majority of the complaints boil down to two things:

    1- "It's not what I'm used to, so change it back". These posts come mainly from previous Xbox or java version players. Which is funny because they had no problem spending the time learning the "old way", but they don't want to spend the time learning the "new way". They think the old way is the "best" or "only" way to do things.... and woe be to anyone that wants to change it. If I see one more "... like the java version...." post I'm gonna hurl.

    2- "I can't customize it like I'm used to". Minecraft is a very unique game in that players have taken the game to extreme customization levels compared to other games. Players think it's their game and it's their right to do whatever they want to with it. They complain about any restriction imposed on them, from the developer or the producer. And everything must be customizable for each individual. (Course, MC is not their game- it's Mojang's game, but they don't want to hear that.)

    Back in the old days, when a game came out it wasn't a contest to see who would be the first to find and post a bug. Of course old games had bugs. We didn't care- we were too busy playing. Yes, times have changed- people seem to be more interested in finding bugs than actually playing the game. Instead of players, we've become whiners. Maybe because of the increased ease of forums and social media.

    The forumula for any game is simply:
    * Here's the rules.
    * Here's the situation.
    * Do the best you can.

    Minecrafters are unique because they have taken all those things and threw them out the window. Don't like the rules- make up your own. Don't like the situation- change it. Think your "best" isn't effective enough- cheat. To heck with the way the developers want you to play the game- it's your game and you think you should be able to play it your way. The problem is Mojang has fostered this self-centeredness and now many MC players have become spoiled rotten.

    If MC dies, it's because of the constant negativity.
    Quit whining. Enjoy the game- as it is.

    Wow that is just, wow. :o Sounds so true... :)
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    posted a message on Pumpkins N Mo is Now “PurplePumpkin Stuffs N Mo”

    This mod is under development, and some code snippets from pumpkins n mo still exist.

    We need your help to continue development. If any programmer is willing to help, they may be entitled to get some kind of reward, (once a reward is FOUND).

    Lots Of Editions!

    made by bonin888, owner of BoninFun.

    Do not steal content. do not repost mod, and do not claim it as your own! Or else consequences apply to you!

    Help Needed: Redo Code. Port from MCreator.

    Want to remake textures? You can help!

    want to reimagine features? You can help!

    Please Comment your thoughts on the new name and wether you’d like to help. Use ECLIPSE to redo features please. Most work is done, just think about the old code, and try a better version of it that is more optimized and WAY more compatible with forge. ;)

    However, Do not take Code from MCreator, as that is not allowed by their standards.

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    posted a message on Sharing/Porting Content to MCPE
    Improved Messages and Thought more about saying “lol” and “stupid” and other words.

    So, if someone took my mod’s textures, claimed it as their own, then posted a mod called pumpkins n mo, they could get in trouble for that?

    (Obviously yes then)

    but with whom? Me? Or Curse and the Minecraft Forum? :o

    probably both.

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    posted a message on No Crossplay for Java?!

    This is quite the topic these days... Minecraft: Java Edition, "Will it die?" Heh. I just sit back and watch these crazy opinions pop out. But, I decided to at least reply with a good note. There will be an answer. From Microsoft. Eventually..

    There was a topic about flash dying once, but It still exists for certain reasons. I'm sure MC Java has a reason for existing still. [It's obvious, or, maybe it's not.]

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    posted a message on The Betweenlands ~ A dark, hostile environment...

    Hello! Has anyone else had any issues with the Ring of Ascent not working in 1.7.10? I have 33 levels of xp and it's not working with the double-tap jump (space). It's very possible I could have a mod conflict, but I'm almost positive I've used most of these mods together and still been able to use the ring. In fact, I'm not sure if any of the other mods I'm using even change jumping behavior. I just can't get it to activate to save my life, literally! Haha.

    Anyway, I don't have a crash log because it's not a crashing issue, but here are all the mods I have installed in case someone knows of an immediate compatibility issue. It's a long list, so my apologies:

    Arcane Ascention

    Advanced Chimneys

    Anti-ID Conflict

    Backpacks (Eydamos)

    Better Storage

    Better Foliage



    Biomes O' Plenty


    Carpenter's Blocks

    Code Chicken Core

    Cosmetic Armor Reworked

    Craftable Saddles

    Creeper Collateral

    Custom NPCs

    Doggy Talents

    Dons Lightning Rod


    Dynamic Surroundings

    Dynamic Trees

    Electroblob's Wizardry





    Friendly Fire

    Flaxbeards Steam Power

    Garden Stuff

    Grapple Mod

    GraveStone Mod



    Juju's Clothing Craft

    Just A Few Fish

    Just Another Spawner


    MrCrayfish Furniture Mod

    No More Recipe Conflict

    Not Enough Items

    Optifine HD U D6

    Pam's Harvest Craft

    Placeable Items

    Redstone Paste

    Rougelike Dungeons

    Secret Rooms Mod



    Betweenlands (obviously)


    Twilight Forest




    How did you get optifine to work with the Betweenlands..
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    posted a message on So there's good news, and then REALLY concerning news...

    Not opinion based comment coming up.

    facts: free maps still available. Make em or download em. Free addons available. Community growing. Permissions are added so no more griefers. (Up to the player). Update on this stuff coming soon. Thoughts?

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    posted a message on List of sites stealing Minecraft content. StopModReposts!

    If anyone takes my mod they will have to deal with Pylo Devs, because i already deleted the "old" type mods that were made with MCreator, due to them having terrible features.

    My links to mod downloads will be secure and direct. :)

    anyone who takes my mods may be found and reported.

    My mods are owned by my website/(myself?): BoninFun.

    My site has some more strict rules on who can take what though. If you were on my site, unlike others, you can't take any assets or any info and copy and paste... because I don't tolerate "copy and paste" people.

    () There are some locks on pages so people can't just "take" something. Yes, I read about how some areas don't care about copyright, but I can still put locks on things, I just won't say "how" it's done ;)

    The "locks" are there to stop someone from stealing content. You can thank the website creator engine for that.

    Don't like adf.ly? Then direct link your mods to a safe and secure uploading and downloading service.

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    posted a message on MCreator Minecraft Mod Maker, Add-On Maker, and Data Pack Maker

    Quote from PyloDev:

    Triple Update - MCreator 1.7.3, 1.7.4, and 1.7.5 patch
    We are releasing two new full updates and one patch update. These updates will fix some bugs that were present, including the sound bug for 1.7.10 branch of MCreators. One of the reasons for these updates is also the upcoming big website update. More in the article!
    MCreator 1.7.5 patch update
    The first important update is the so-called 20. 8. 2017 patch update of MCreator 1.7.5. MCreator 1.7.5 had some problematic bugs that had to be fixed. The recommended version of Minecraft Forge has also changed, so we have decided to release patch update of MCreator 1.7.5. As this update was not big enough to be worth to force all users to update, we have decided to make it a patch update, so all the users that want to have these bugs fixed, they need to redownload and reinstall MCreator 1.7.5.
    This patch update fixed the armor textures bug, some events not working properly, it also tries to fix rendering glitches on some Nvidia graphic cards and includes some other minor fixes.
    MCreator 1.7.4
    With MCreator 1.7.4 update, we have upgraded Minecraft Forge to the recommended version 2185 for Minecraft 1.10.2 so all your mods will be 100% compatible with the right Forge version. This update also includes the render bug fix. Users have to update their old MCreator for Minecraft 1.10.2 as this update includes some mandatory fixes and improvements that will make sure that MCreator will also work with our new website when it will be released.
    MCreator 1.7.3
    The most important fix in this update is the sound system. Finally it works as it should in both test environment and in exported mods. The update also includes rendering bug fix. This version is also a must for updating if you make mods for Minecraft 1.7.10, as this update makes sure that MCreator will still work when we release our new website.
    Upcoming website update
    Last but not least, I will speak some words about the rumored website update, also known as "Big website update". We are working on this update in the few past months. The update will add some important changes, that will make the experiance of the use of the MCreator's website as good as never before. Many really good changes will be made, so stay tuned as we will disclose some of the changes that are planned in the upcoming articles.
    Changes in MCreator 20. 8. 2017 patch of 1.7.5:
    Updated supported Minecraft Forge MDK to recommended version 2386 for Minecraft 1.11.2
    [Bugfix] Armor textures for inventory not working
    [Bugfix] "When right clicked on block" event in item creation not working
    [Bugfix] Disabled hardware acceleration of 2D UI components to increase performance and to fix some render glitches on Nvidia graphic cards
    All changes in MCreator 1.7.4 update:
    Updated supported Minecraft Forge MDK to recommended version 2185 for Minecraft 1.10.2
    [Bugfix] Disabled hardware acceleration of 2D UI components to increase performance and to fix some render glitches on Nvidia graphic cards
    All changes in MCreator 1.7.3 update:
    [Bugfix] Fixed bug with custom sounds not working - now custom OGG sounds work in both test environment and in exported mods
    [Bugfix] Disabled hardware acceleration of 2D UI components to increase performance and to fix some render glitches on Nvidia graphic cards
    Don't forget to leave your feedback on these updates in the comments, and stay tuned for more information on the MCreator for Minecraft 1.12.1 update and on the big website update - we will leak some info in the near future ;)
    Original article on the website
    Last edited by PyloDEV: 4 days ago

    You know it would be nice if MCreator rules were changed. And that this mod maker really became something "special". I just can't use it because of issues it has. At least you fixed that terrible bug.

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