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    NOTE: This thread's suggestion came from another thread, one on griffins. I would like you to check that out first by clicking right here, because if you don't read it, this will probably make no sense to you. Also, I have changed some of the details about the fan since that thread (like it was called the expolesor), so the information containing the duct may be false. With that said, let us move on!

    Main Idea For Making This Thread:

    I came up with this idea (I'm embarrassed to admit it) on the spot editing my first thread, about griffins. However, the more and more I thought about it, I realized this block could become a fundamental part of Minecraft and that this thing needs to be talked about more.

    What's An Fan?

    Imagine a dispenser/dropper, and then add the fan, as the three would become a trio of items that dispense things. Dispenser dispense rapidly, droppers dispense not as rapidly and the fan dispenses wind. It would be found in the redstone menu on the creative guide, and would be what I think is a great addition to Minecraft.


    The fan would have the same background texture and color and size as the dispenser, and would have a hole, much like if you place a dispenser face up, however this hole would be visible whatever way you place an duct. (it cannot be placed up and down, unlike a dispenser) Also, eyes are not visible, it is just the hole. The hole also has a light blue ring surrounding it.

    The wind that would be "fanned" from the fan would look like white waves, however they are contained within a three wide, one tall and seven long block radius.They would push out until the end of the radius, when they fade away softly.


    The fab dispenses wind out of its hole with the range mentioned above underlined. With the three wide part, I devised a chart to show you how it would work:

    Wall Fan Block Wall
    Wind Wind Wind
    Wind Wind Wind
    That continues on for five more blocks
    The fan would push mobs, players and entities the range of its wind. So, if you were caught anywhere in the wind current (the current lasts a second) you would be pushed through the seven blocks, landing on the eighth block away from the fan. It should be mentioned the mobs/entities that cannot be pushed: Wither, Ender Dragon, silverfish, enderman (they'll teleport), vexes, griffins, ... (please tell me in comments if I should add more) another thing that should be noted is that if you place a complete block in the path of the current, any wind current in the line with the block placed on it on the direction of the wind will be stopped. Let's say that the wind on the chart that is the top left wind gets a block placed there. Then the wind in the bottom left is now stopped. However, if we place a block on the bottom middle wind, then the top middle wind is not stopped.

    Along with its brothers, the fan is powered by redstone. And, like its brothers (the dispenser + dropper) it is powered the exact same way, working redstone related exactly like its brothers. However, once the 1 second of current is up, there is a 3.2 second delay before the duct can be powered again. 4.2 seconds in total if you include the amount of current time.

    "This is crafted with four iron ingots, each at the corner of the crafting table. Then, four EDIT: feathers, filling every spot other than the center spot. This is crafted with four iron ingots, each at the corner of the crafting table. Then, four griffin wings, filling every spot other than the center spot." -Griffins thread

    Anything I'm missing out or need to change? Comment!
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    Sorry about the car. Really though, it's awesome that you changed the factory tree idea. Good job!

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    Sorry, but I just don't see why this would help the game already- we already have soul sand, which slows you down, and as toxic virus said, we have enough brown colors already. This wouldn't help minecraft at all, it would just be a bother and an add-on no one would use. (By the way, let Terraria keep Terraria's blocks)

    0% Support- no wait, I guess it's better than some...

    13% Support

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    I'm going to skip the nice instructions and get straight into my challenge. So, let's begin!

    This challenge begins with loading up a normal world- no mods and resource packs are required. Also, make sure that this is a random seed- DO NOT CHOOSE A SEED YOU KNOW IS AWESOME. Half of this challenge is about not knowing what you're getting into.

    In a nutshell, the challenge is that you load a random world, find a list on the internet or anywhere you can find it, and go down the list, building each thing and trying to find a good environment for it. When you finish the challenge, your world will almost be like an amusement park.

    Beginning of a List:

    1. A snowman hotel -interpret this anyway you like-
    2. A factory doubled as a treehouse
    3. A ship-wrecked schooner
    4. A vortex sucking up the world around it
    5. A swamp lab
    6. Anything that reaches the build height limit. ANYTHING.
    7. A peaceful looking cottage -but it's not so serene if you look around...
    8. A reincarnation of your house
    9. A naval base
    10. A torture chamber
    11. A network of spider nest cavesAnd so on...

    Please reply with whether you think this idea is good and might do it and you can also add on to the list. Be creative and try not to be to specific.

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