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    posted a message on Emblems
    Quote from C1ff»

    The Beacon is actually very useful for big mining projects. Simply place it where you plan on mining either a large mountain, or just a large chunk of ground, and then slap Haste II on it. Grab your Efficiency V Diamond Pickaxe, and you have insta-mine. Blast through that annoying bump in your flat land in no time, or speed up mining projects by a factor of ten. This is even more powerful because of the fact that your Efficiency V pick can be enchanted with Mending so it will likely last for as long as it takes to mine the area that the beacon gives you the effect for. I can see your point, but notice that you are only explaining the haste use...

    Now, that being said, I do think the Beacon should have a few more uses. Some of the effects like Speed or Jump Boost aren't that useful within the tiny range of even a level 4 Beacon. I think certain effects like that should extend out much further, but also, you should be able to use the Beacon for other things like preventing mob spawns within a certain radius. (Very useful for purely scenic dark areas that you don't want mobs in, or just making sure areas like Villages or Mines are safer to work in.) Good idea. You should really make a thread on that!

    But this isn't about improving the Beacon, this is about the Withered Emblem. I don't like the one-per-world idea, because then it's very easy to lose forever. I'm not sure how I feel about giving players the power to inflict Wither, although it might encourage players to start carrying around Buckets of Milk. (I actually never do this, because you can usually keep yourself safe from Poison by hiding in a safe area and eating enough to heal yourself.) I never thought about buckets of milk. That would be good, though.

    Now, in order to make the "one-per-world" idea work, I think that an item with the Withered Emblem should:

    - Never Despawn Okay, good idea.

    - Cannot be destroyed by cactus or in lava or fire. (It just bounces on the surface of lava.) Okay...

    - Cannot be destroyed by falling anvils or explosions. Definitly

    - When a player with the Withered Emblem or Withered Item is killed by another player, the item does not drop, instead, the other player instantly receives the item. If the player that made the kill has a full inventory, it will be dropped next to him. Ooh... you could make some really good minigames after this...

    - If the item is thrown into the void, which is the only way to properly destroy it, then the next wither that is killed will drop a Withered Emblem.

    In addition, to make this a bit more balanced, there should be more emblems for which only one can exist at a time. That way the player with the Withered Emblem isn't the only super-powered player on the server. Maybe an Ocean Emblem or Ender Emblem? Man, I am gonna have to spend a good time updating this thread from Wither Emblems to Emblems. Thanks for everything though! I should have this thread edited by Wednesday, so check it out when I'm done!

    Responses in Italic
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    posted a message on Emblems

    Reason For The Idea:

    The Wither is somewhat of a disappointment for me. I remember, back in the good days of Survival Minecraft, me and my friends at least spent two months preparing for the Wither, finding heads and preparing a room, ourselves and our items for the boss. Finally, when we first spawned the Wither, we learned that he can destroy obsidian. So our room didn't work. Over the course of three weeks, we fought him at least seven times, the eight successful. I remember we were so happy, so we spent another week finding ores for a beacon. Then, three months after we started (I was slow back then), we had the beacon. And, while it was a cool symbol, we never used it unless we were bored or if we were celebrating something. I came back to this world about a week ago, and when I saw the beacon, I was MAD. We spent three months of our lives for something we didn't even use? Why even have a Wither when its drop is useless? Then I saw Minecraft Forum. Then I got an idea. The Withered Emblem.

    The other emblems in this thread are from a reply by C1ff, who said I should add more emblems to make the Withered Emblem better. More edits will be completed later... so hang on! I also liked the idea because my old thread on Griffins talked about how the mini-bosses needed to change, not just the Wither. Using this, came up with an idea,,,

    Main Idea:

    What I'm Trying To Achieve:

    With the Emblems I am trying to create a fair, balanced way to make the Wither and other mini-bosses feel more rewardable and give players new options to become better at the game, rather then just get the best enchantments and weapons. This will change up the way Minecraft works, without changing too much.

    Attributes & Abilities

    The Emblems:

      • Withered Emblem:
      • The Withered Emblem can be enchanted to any item, and will give the wither effect like the Wither's attack with heads on medium difficulty. Really, there is nothing else to say: The effect it gives is the Wither Effect. Now, I know this sounds crazy unbalanced, but hear me out, it'll get better. Another thing to note is that no other effect is given other than the other enchantments. (This final part I am unsure about. If an item is enchanted with the emblem, should it keep its previous enchantments? Please tell me what you think!) The Withered Emblem is enchanted with a sword/bow/axe/any item not like normal enchantments. Instead, the emblem must be placed anywhere on the crafting table with the chosen item somewhere on the crafting table. The result is an item that looks the same before -NO PURPLE GLIMMER- except that if browsed over, like if you enchant it with a normal enchantment, it shows that it is "Withered".

        The Withered Emblem looks like a black necklace, with beads made of small skin colored pixels representing human heads. (If this is too gory, tell me!) There is really nothing else to say, but tell me if you want a skin change!

        The most similar enchantment I can compare to the Withered Emblem is Knockback or Punch. Knockback works on any item, just enchant a -who knows, a pufferfish?- and it will induce knockback. That is what the Withered Emblem is like, it gives the effect whether combined with cobblestone, a redstone torch, or anything else as long as you hit with it while holding it. Punch represents what it does to a bow, as if you put the Withered Emblem on a bow, every arrow, no matter what kind, will give the Wither Effect along with its own effect if it has one.

        The Withered Emblem is balanced for a couple of reasons:

        1. If you hit someone with an item with the Wither Emblem on it, they will get the effect, but, if you hit them again right after the first hit, they will not get the wither effect until the first hit's effect has turned off.
        2. Only one in a world, and the player who kills the holder of the emblem gets the emblem in their inventory automatically and the emblem cannot be destroyed by anything, even lava.

    Do you think it needs to be balanced more? TELL ME!

      • Ocean Emblem:
      • The Ocean Emblem gives not an attack effect, but instead a defense effect. Unlike our friend the Withered Emblem, the Ocean Emblem can only be enchanted with armor pieces like helmets, chestplates, leggings and boots of any material. Elytras, however, will not work. Once combined, the Ocean Emblem gives a quite unique ability -to push players backwards- and maybe I'm a bit too crazy over my old thread, the fan, but I like the idea of things pushing things. Anyways, if you get hit by a mob, player or entity (not things that hurt you like lava, drowning or cactus) then, if one piece of your armor has the Ocean Emblem on it, it will give a gust of wind that pushes players back six blocks in a circle radius around you. However, the effect has a recharge of fifteen seconds. (Tell me if I should add or take away seconds)

        Also, I definitely should add that you get this emblem from the Elder Guardian, and a change that this also makes is that there is an 100% chance for an Elder Guardian to spawn in a Ocean Shrine, or a small, mini version of the Ocean Monument that houses an Elder Guardian. Any Elder Guardian will give you the drop, but only one Ocean Emblem can exist in a world, like the other emblem.

        The Ocean Emblem is made the exact same as the Withered Emblem, via a crafting table with armor pieces. There is no glimmer still.

        The Ocean Emblem is a blue, circular ring with a diamond shaped jewel on the top of it that is the color and texture of a sponge.

        It's balanced for a couple of reasons:

        1. The recharge
        2. Only one in a world, and the player who kills the holder of the emblem gets the emblem in their inventory automatically and the emblem cannot be destroyed by anything, even lava.

    • Mansion Emblem:
    • This is emblem is pretty short because all I'm asking is for a name change! Basically, the Totem of Undying would be renamed to the Mansion Emblem, and would act like the other emblems like it cannot be destroyed, one per would, blah blah blah. See, nice and easy!

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    posted a message on Creative Challenge!
    Quote from CupcakeAngelYT»

    I found a list online of things I can build (, can I use this to do the challenge? This is a cool idea

    Go straight ahead! That is the one I'm doing!
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    posted a message on Fan
    Quote from YMbrothers»

    Dispensers are quite easy to make as well.
    So does the observer (wait what~).

    I would suggest (it's a suggestion thread anyways) that the middle can be placed a redstone block.
    This should make the recipe harder, I think. (And it's redstone-powered, seems rational)

    Hmm... I would have to think on this... but I think dispensers are harder to make. You need a bow, which needs string. Plus, redstone, you can go down to the right level and get a redstone block in about a minute.
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    posted a message on Fan
    Quote from YMbrothers»

    On the other hand, I think chicken feather [for crafting recipe] is enough. At least feather has 1 more usage... Haha

    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I really like this suggestion! The only complaint I have is that this would require you to kill Griffins to use; I don't think that is how it should be.

    Please add an alternative recipe that doesn't use drops from the Griffin. Otherwise, this is an awesome suggestion! +1

    Thanks guys, and, while I do agree with your idea, I want to take this piece by piece so we both figure out the best thing.
    First off all, Wolf, I probably shouldn't make the fan crafted from griffin parts, as that is another thread that has some serious problems. However, YM, chicken feathers are way too easy to come by to be used for a pretty powerful block like the fan, even though other things in the recipe for the fan are pretty hard to come by too.
    So, doing some research on drops and trying to find the best item to replace griffin wings... I found the feather. Yep, I actually think the feather was the best idea for the fan, and, while I was first trying to find something else to put in a few other slots of the recipe to make the recipe harder, when I actually thought about it, the fan was hard enough. You had to craft a dispenser, and find some redstone and iron, so the fan is balanced enough.
    Thanks guys!
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    posted a message on Fan
    Quote from Badprenup»

    I definitely think it should be called a fan, because that is all it really is. A duct is just a contained channel for air being blown by a fan, it doesn't actually make wind itself. Other than that, I don't understand why there is a large delay when you turn one off before you turn it back on. Overall a good idea.

    First of all, the fan. I spent ten minutes converting the name to duct, and now I have to convert it to fan! :wacko: ! It's just that I feel like fan is not original enough, but I'll change it because you do have a good point. (But, in a way the duct (or fan) channels the air into a direct stream, so it wasn't terrible) The delay is there to not make it overpowered in games like PVP. Let's be honest: ducts are actually pretty overpowered when you look at them, and I think the delay is necessary to balance the idea out. However, you do have a point, so I'll lower a bit. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Monkeys- a new mob with a new use!

    Wow. I personally think that this idea is well-developed, creative and problem solving!


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    posted a message on Fan
    Quote from undefined »

    I know that more than anyone. It is literal Nether to make a thread using the word around ten times.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Noob Test!

    I just took the Minecraft Noob test! Check out what I scored. Think you can beat me?!

    To take the test, check out

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    posted a message on Potion of Transformation

    What happens once you change? What are the particles? Does it change mob behavior? Needs some more details, so sorry.

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    posted a message on Fan

    NOTE: This thread's suggestion came from another thread, one on griffins. I would like you to check that out first by clicking right here, because if you don't read it, this will probably make no sense to you. Also, I have changed some of the details about the fan since that thread (like it was called the expolesor), so the information containing the duct may be false. With that said, let us move on!

    Main Idea For Making This Thread:

    I came up with this idea (I'm embarrassed to admit it) on the spot editing my first thread, about griffins. However, the more and more I thought about it, I realized this block could become a fundamental part of Minecraft and that this thing needs to be talked about more.

    What's An Fan?

    Imagine a dispenser/dropper, and then add the fan, as the three would become a trio of items that dispense things. Dispenser dispense rapidly, droppers dispense not as rapidly and the fan dispenses wind. It would be found in the redstone menu on the creative guide, and would be what I think is a great addition to Minecraft.


    The fan would have the same background texture and color and size as the dispenser, and would have a hole, much like if you place a dispenser face up, however this hole would be visible whatever way you place an duct. (it cannot be placed up and down, unlike a dispenser) Also, eyes are not visible, it is just the hole. The hole also has a light blue ring surrounding it.

    The wind that would be "fanned" from the fan would look like white waves, however they are contained within a three wide, one tall and seven long block radius.They would push out until the end of the radius, when they fade away softly.


    The fab dispenses wind out of its hole with the range mentioned above underlined. With the three wide part, I devised a chart to show you how it would work:

    Wall Fan Block Wall
    Wind Wind Wind
    Wind Wind Wind
    That continues on for five more blocks
    The fan would push mobs, players and entities the range of its wind. So, if you were caught anywhere in the wind current (the current lasts a second) you would be pushed through the seven blocks, landing on the eighth block away from the fan. It should be mentioned the mobs/entities that cannot be pushed: Wither, Ender Dragon, silverfish, enderman (they'll teleport), vexes, griffins, ... (please tell me in comments if I should add more) another thing that should be noted is that if you place a complete block in the path of the current, any wind current in the line with the block placed on it on the direction of the wind will be stopped. Let's say that the wind on the chart that is the top left wind gets a block placed there. Then the wind in the bottom left is now stopped. However, if we place a block on the bottom middle wind, then the top middle wind is not stopped.

    Along with its brothers, the fan is powered by redstone. And, like its brothers (the dispenser + dropper) it is powered the exact same way, working redstone related exactly like its brothers. However, once the 1 second of current is up, there is a 3.2 second delay before the duct can be powered again. 4.2 seconds in total if you include the amount of current time.

    "This is crafted with four iron ingots, each at the corner of the crafting table. Then, four EDIT: feathers, filling every spot other than the center spot. This is crafted with four iron ingots, each at the corner of the crafting table. Then, four griffin wings, filling every spot other than the center spot." -Griffins thread

    Anything I'm missing out or need to change? Comment!
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    posted a message on Creative Challenge!

    Nice. I personally stink at making any sort of boat. Period. Way better than anything I could make!

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    posted a message on Griffins (Edited)
    Quote from fishg»

    Responses in italic bold.

    No Support.

    Thanks for going and listing your complaints before you throw down a 0% Support. Means a lot. I've used your suggestions and edited my thread, agreeing with all your suggestions. Also, just saying, I have a weird feeling you won't like my expolesor, so sorry in advance. Thanks again.
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    posted a message on Creative Challenge!

    Sorry about the car. Really though, it's awesome that you changed the factory tree idea. Good job!

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    posted a message on Griffins (Edited)

    EDITED IN RESPONSE TO fishg! Italics = Changes

    I believe griffins would be an amazing add to Minecraft. Why? Well, here ya go,

    Minecraft already has a good collection of mini-bosses/bosses. The Wither, the Ender Dragon, the Elder Guardian, the Evoker and other mobs depending how far you are in the game. However, there's a small problem with these- The Wither you have to spawn, the Ender Dragon you go to, the Elder Guardian lives in a giant temple, and the Evoker lives in a giant mansion. What's the similarity? You all fight them expecting for a hard fight. And while that isn't a huge problem, I noticed while playing BotW, sometimes it's more fun and challenging to be exploring and then -BOOM-, there's a mini-boss standing right there. However, players might want to know where a griffin is, so I put a few hints, that, if you're observant enough, you'll be ready: the sky will darken a tad, and noises of the griffin can be heard. These both happen 75 blocks from a griffin. I think this feature would be great for Minecraft, so here's what I have:


    The griffin would look like the attachment below, maybe not exactly, as I don't want it to look too life-like. However, it would sport a pair of wings, some sort of bird head, and some sort of mammal body, being lion or not.


    The griffin's spawn rate would be like the Woodland Mansion on console edition- 1-3 a world, and in PC and PE, of course it would be separated throughout the infinite terrain. In other words, he won't be lurking behind every corner; instead, lurking behind every ocean/mountain range. They can spawn anywhere in the overworld surface.


    Easy: 190

    Medium: 210

    Hard: 230

    Other than what's above, there's not really anything else to say about his health except in Hardmode, the Griffin has just as much health as the Wither. This is balanced out by his attacks.


    The griffin has 3 attack methods:

    1. The griffin will, if you are to the left or right of him, will swoop one of his wings down fast, which will create wind current and knocks you back just as much as Knockback II does. This has a range of 5 blocks Easy: 3 (1.5 Hearts) Medium: 7 (3.5 Hearts) Hard: 10 (5 Hearts!)
    2. If you touch the griffin directly like a zombie, you will be issued damage. Easy: 2 (1 Heart) Medium: 3 (1.5 Hearts) Hard: 4 (2 Hearts)
    3. The griffin will, if you are to the front or back of him, kick you with one of his legs. This has a range of 3 Blocks. Easy: 4 (2 Hearts) Medium: 8 (4 Hearts) Hard: 10 (5 Hearts!)


    The griffin will follow you if you try to leave, and is one of the fastest mobs in the game, being 2.3 times faster than the zombie. This will make for a hard escape, as his front and back attacks have a range of 3 hearts. There are really no other huge behavioral things, it will work a lot like a Wither on basic behavior. The griffin also can fly up, like if you're a few blocks above it, however, in flight, it's only 1.5 times faster than a zombie.


    The griffin will drop griffin wings (100% chance for 1 and 5% chance for 2) and griffon tails. (100% chance for 2 - 3% chance for 8)

    Uses For Drops:

    Griffin Wings- Crafting an expolesor. This is crafted with four iron ingots, each at the corner of the crafting table. Then, four griffin wings, filling every spot other than the center spot. Then a dispenser in the center spot. This behaves the same as a dispenser in the fact of redstone, except you can't insert any items into it. Once you hook it up to redstone, if it is powered, it will induce a gust of wind like the one of the griffin. This will knock a player back 5 blocks without damage, with a seven second recharge. Its gust cannot go through blocks and has a 3 block range. If you want more on this, comment down below for me to make a thread. Also, give suggestions to make this more/less OP and more details.

    Griffin Tails- A prize possession for villagers, who will give trades like this. (Basically, the tail is like a emerald, but it's value equals ten emeralds) 2 tails = iron axe with efficiency II, 4 tails = iron sword with knockback II, 1 tail = iron leggings, 2 tails = iron chestplate, 3 tails = diamond helmet. The tail is also sort of a trophy for your toil.

    What You Can Do:

    -The add-on is now not in this thread.

    -Comment your opinions and additions

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