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    Quote from Chimeratech

    Look at the big picture, the way pocket edition multiplayer is going to work is through minecraft realms. Johan was the main person working on this part and had to make the game compatible with the new realms feature. Realms is still in development, you cannot reasonably expect Johan to work much faster than the realms team because they need to match up. Also do not under estimate the code changes behind adding new features, I fear that options and GUI may be things where a lot of effort goes in but very few results come out. If the new buttons work then I would say he did a good job and I do not think that 3 months is too long. Pocket Edition is making big steps and the devs have been busy so it makes sense.

    And a side note, I know that I will be bragging to my friends about the new options and ease of multiplayer coming in 0.7.0 ;)

    You put up some valid points!

    And throughout you managed to argue without having to use any snarky remarks like
    "You should make a better game then!"
    "You don't deserve to play the game if you can't compensate for their work!"
    "Your ungrateful!"
    The amount of MC Fanboy in this discussion was a big too high from others ._.

    And I have to say I very well respect that ^_^

    I see what your saying, I remember by MCPE 0.2.0 alpha came, and it was just the barebones of survival. The devs promised more stuff would come in the future. Their was a day and night cycle, and zombies, and health, and that was it. Then later on they added in all this stuff *with the help of Johan* and MC Survival is so much better and so much fun :D

    So I can accept MC Realms, and I see how it could be pretty hard. I'm sure that overtime MCPE will have the best multiplayer experience ever. I hope that the other devs will eventually step in and help out a bit more :Notch:


    Well I just watched MC 0.7.0 stream and that...was just awful....

    3 months...and this is what we get?

    -We get the bare bones of multiplayer with no chat, and no skins. It's possible that we are going to have SKIN PACKS instead of custom skins *Custom skins still are a possibility*, and I hated that feature for xbox.

    -Smooth Lighting, difficulty meter, render distance increase. Basically new options.......
    Well...besides the difficulty meter....we already had that stuff through mods....and I got a feeling the difficulty meter is there just for show since Johan didn't really show that off much.....

    nothing else here.....

    No new blocks....no new gameplay elements....

    And guess what? The next update afterwards is said to add the chat and skins, and odds are that'll take another 3 months and have just that. Nothing else.

    I think the MCPE team is slacking pretty hard, as I think that with 3 months, Multiplayer should at the very least had most features implemented *skins, support for larger players, a CHATBOX*

    The only way I can forget such slacking is that if the MCPE multiplayer experience is overall smooth. There should be almost no bugs, maybe a few. People who have good/fantastic connections should experience no issues hosting/connecting to other good connection player hosts. If THAT is buggy, then these 3 months were a waste, and this will be the most disappointing MCPE update of all time.
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    0.7.0-0.7.9 Should all be focused on fixing and patching up realms and multiplayer in general *They already have a 0.7.2. planned and I believe it fixes up multiplayer stuff. I rather have them focus small patches on 0.7.0-0.7.9 rather then 0.8.0*

    0.8.0 itself should be a redstone-all-by-itself update, adding in the most major functions of redstone, or perhaps all functions. They can take however long it takes to get that patch out, but as long as it's being developed I'd be happy :)

    And of course redstone is going to have bugs even if it isn't rushed, but that's okay! We can do what 0.7.0 did and make small patches like 0.7.1 and 0.7.2 till redstone is stablized. Then perhaps after all that we can move on to the next big thing ^_^
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    This thread has become a rep party.

    I debate that spamming rep is bad and will argue to the death on why it's bad!

    Just kidding :P
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    Quote from dlcoates1

    I know this post is old, but I thought since there is a lot of new MCPE players, and since the MCPE discussion thread has really picked up since this post was first created, I thought it might help people out. So, friendly bump ^_^

    I do have another reason for posting though. A question if you will. When you first created this video, and got the gold back as well as your core, did you get your core back by chance? Or does it simply not turn into netherrack/obsidian? I couldn't really tell, but it looked like you mined the core after the nether reactor shut down, which makes me wonder if it doesn't change like the rest of the reactor does.

    The nether reactor core itself turns into what Johan describes as a "scar". Pretty much a dirty blackened core. But when you mine it out, it become blue again and can be re-used as many times as you want.

    It simply does not turn into netherrrack/obsidian, but rather stays as itself.
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    Quote from GM027

    Now that we have achieved peace between the MCPE/SC players...

    Next stop, world peace! :steve_lol: :P

    Too much work, let's take it one step below that.

    Next stop, end world hunger, with our newly introduced cakes from 0.7.0 :P
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    After what I thought was a stable fire place in my 0.5.0-0.7.0 , became a horrible house fire after I came back from mining and exploring caves underground.

    Let's just say that world creation is no longer among us in this world......

    *Rage quit, delete, start over*
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    Hopefully this will put an end to people who are constantly making new threads about SC vs MCPE, SC people can return to their forums, MCPE can stay in this forum, and it'll end in peace :)
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    Take my rep, well written post!
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    The ironic thing is, people who don't surf the forums and just pay attention to some source of news probably thought when multiplayer comes out, there'll be a tons of servers and that after 3-4 months they'll get to play!

    Nope, guess what? Realms is an alpha IN an alpha. If it takes ages for them to update MCPE, then guess how long it'll take for them to get enough servers out that run smoothly WITHIN MCPE......We didn't get any immediate access to multiplayer.

    Another thing: Since they'll be taking there precious time to update and get a few hundred servers at a time, any progress for the next major patch *aka Redstone, or infinite worlds, bigger worlds, caves, etc* is now stopped. Mojang now has an excuse as to why it'll take more than 3-4 months to get out another major content-filled patch: Because they took ages to update multiplayer with tons of servers that are stable and secure.

    Meanwhile the community that is either jailbroken or is an android based phone goes ahead and makes there own servers with plugins and all that.

    I think Johan should of took him time to make some sort of server application that runs off your PC/phone *Most likely your PC* and add in an i.p. launcher just like the PC version instead of doing realms. Realms should of been a secondary priority because I'm pretty sure the majority of the community that wants a server wants to run it for free and with plugins without jailbreaking, etc. For now we have a barebones Realms that'll probably take ages to develop -.-

    People have waited 3-4 months for the main part of this patch: Multiplayer.

    All they got was buckets and fire and spawn eggs, and they'll have to wait even longer before everybody can actually enioy multiplayer, and even longer for another major patch that isn't centered around multiplayer to take place.
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    Quote from sof2er

    Jeb said that he can't do anything about survivalcraft unless they are literally stealing money!

    That's because jeb and Mojang are smart. They actually know that they legally can't do anything about SC, and odds are they may admire what SC has set for the mobile standards.

    Quote from grimmthorn

    Amen brother.
    Same boat here. It's not about loyalty, I play MCPE too (well, used to, 0.7.1 lags and freezes my phone terribly). It's not like I made an account here to praise SC, but I can't help but notice that MCPE could be more, but is *way* less. I'm 50% sure that the reason why MCPE has so few features by comparison to SC is not because it would lag the game, but because they don't care enough about MCPE to put in the necessary work. The other 50% (which I pray is not true, but is might be and no one seems to consider it) is that the Mojang devs aren't that good at mobile development. Sure, PC Minecraft is a monster, I love that game. But beeing a developer for Windows (and doing Java) doesn't automagically make you a mobile C++ dev. We have coders on our team that could probably write a game engine in a month, if it's for PC and donein Java or C++. But, they can barely provide a simple "Hello, world" if you put them in front of a mobile SDK. Sure, there's documentation, but to issue something as big as a game like MCPE, it would take quite a while. This can easily be backed up by all the bugs that keep popping up with every release (especially the obvious ones). If this is the case, a *really* smart move on their part would be to hire a dedicated team of mobile developers. I'm sure MCPE would shine afterwards.

    Agreed, couldn't say it anymore better myself. Perhaps I should stop arguing and just let slow updates come down, cause it's clear people here don't see what exactly MCPE is missing: A dedicated dev team that I'm pretty sure Mojang could afford for a popular well invested game like MCPE.
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