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    I have once said that the competition would be rendered dumb once Homestuck acknowledged MLP.

    I just wanted to say; I was right.

    ... I don't counts as a plus or minus, as I enjoy both MLP and Homestuck.

    Score is still 2.
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    I'm a sod's law enthusiast.

    The cup won't have any water in it for long! *Drinks content*
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    What is this?

    A game I've been tweaking in my spare time. I've been wanting to refine it, so I need playtesters. It's an arcade-ish game where you play as a UFO and tractor up enemies and wreck them for points. There's no goal but to survive and rank up points.

    How do I play?

    Left/Right Arrow Keys: ACCELERATEs your ship horizontally. It can continue accelrating until you hit the sides of the screen or change directions.
    Up/Down Arrow Keys: ELEVATEs your ship. Unlike the horizontal movement, it cannot continue accelerating, it's rate is instead constant.
    Z: Shoots a TRACTOR beam down from your ship. The beam will defelct bullets/projectiles, and if it touches an enemy, it will drag them into the air! You can either touch them or let them fall to destroy them.
    X: Expends your SHIELD. It reflects projectiles around you, but can only be used when you are flashing. Using it gets rid of your flash, and you must wait for it to return before using it again.
    C: Stops horizontal movement with a BRAKE. You also descend slightly faster whilst doing so.

    A: Starts the game from the title screen.
    R: Returns you to the title screen.
    I: Shows High Scores.

    What are the enemies I will be facing?

    A type of tank that shoots above in a dopey manner. It can however, charge itself. When charged, it will release a stream of bullets. Gives 100 points when destroyed.

    A heavy tank that shoots diagonally. It fires more often, but has no charge ability. Gives 300 points when wrecked.

    A vehicle that shoots one missile from the side of the screen and then speeds away. It's cowardly and hard to get to sometimes, but isn't very well-versed in ammo. Gives 300 points when tramped.

    An airborne vehicle that charges at you through the air. It isn't that much trouble, but can occasionally ambush you. After making it across the screen, it wraps around and becomes charged. In this state, it is invulnerable to explosions and bullets. Gives 300 point when trashed.

    An airborne craft that appears randomly above the player. It will follow the player and shoot from above. It is best dealt with rebound tractor beams or enemy bullets. Gives 300 points when terminated.

    Please try it out and post comments! I'm open to criticism and suggestion, so feel free to say whatever.
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    posted a message on Thread Tags: Making threads more unique
    Quote from Kitara

    It would take up space on the servers. We don't want those 502's back. :sad.gif:

    502s?! Welp, nevermind my suggestion then.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Better sleep GIF:

    Sorry, I have 1-upsman compulsions. [/jerk][/liar]

    Quote from Flutterwry

    And if you mean view topics in the Culture, Media & Arts board here, haha no, not really. It is mostly just topics I care less about really, especially dubstep ones.

    Stop ignoring the thread about my game... If you want to, I mean. [/Flutter]
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    posted a message on Thread Tags: Making threads more unique
    See those images on the left of the thread titles?

    Those are thread tags.

    What are thread tags, you ask? Simply put, they are tags that would appear to the left of the legend/bucket/sugar cane that the author of the thread can pick in order to make the thread stand out more, or to indicate what the contents of the thread are like.

    Some examples would be:
    Forum things;
    READ! (only Mods/Admins can use)
    RULES (only Mods/Admins can use)
    POST=BAN (only Mods/Admins can use)
    LOCKED (only Mods/Admins can use)

    Minecraft things;
    Seeds (world generation)
    Let's Play

    Adjectives (used for describing the nature of the thread)
    Life Story

    Of course, those are just examples, if Thread Tags were added, I'm not sure what you Admins would choose to put in (Most of the Minecraft ones though, I assume).
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    I've seen that video before.

    Those textures don't look very ponylike, but it's probably just the skin color. Coats look better in technicolor, but whatever.

    That shirt looks pretty great though. Kind of fits for a niche demographic, but I'm cool with that.

    Do any of you guys even look at the other threads on this board? Just curious.
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    posted a message on [Tractor Beams] Game I made in 2 nights.
    Decided to cut out the character select for difficulty modes. Nobody here complained about it being too tough, but I got some people talking about the difficulty IRL, so yeah. Didn't feel the extra ship added too much, so I decided to cut it.

    Old build is here, incase anybody cares.

    Quote from wokkykokky

    I think it's pretty cool, especially in only two nights. Can you port to flash and embed in the forum so we can play it here?

    Thanks! I am not a programmer*, so I can't make a flash version though. If you're having some problems with it though, I can see if I can get up on a different hosting site.

    *Unless some simple Visual basic counts.

    Quote from Jaycerulz

    Its a good concept. I would like if the space craft could take them onboard as points. Maybe the higher the enemies get the smaller they become? And getting caught in your own tractor beams is a bit frustrating when your on a roll lol.

    Good work

    Thanks for the compliment! I decided to make it so that you can destroy enemies by running into them (while tractored) on easy mode. Still not sure if I should put it in hard mode, since it's kind of a noteable mechanic.

    I'm sticking with the tractor affecting your own ship, though. You can be unaffected by it if you press down or up, and it kind of gives you a reason to not go trigger happy.
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    Quote from JoelMagg


    Still using placeholder "sprites".
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    posted a message on [Tractor Beams] Game I made in 2 nights.
    Click Here. (Last Updated Dec 15)

    Yeah so I made a game out of the blue in 2 nights, just thought I'd see what other people think about it. It was made hastily in Game Maker, so there are a few bugs.

    It's an arcade-ish game where you control a spaceship and fight off tanks and generic military stuff.

    Z is shoot a Tractor (grabs enemies up and drops them to destroy them)
    X is to use your shield (only available when you're blinking) / X fires the machine gun on the alternate ship.
    C is to stop moving horizontally.
    The arrow keys control movement.
    R allows you to reset the game.

    Tell me what you think about it here.
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    posted a message on Homestuck vs MLP
    This thread is dumb.

    MLP and MSPA aren't even close to the same thing.
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    posted a message on Potions Are To Hard
    Go into nether.
    Go to nether stronghold.
    Get blaze rods and warts.
    Use warts to make positive potion.
    Use ingredients to make potion of choice.
    Use redstone for time extension, the yellow stuff for stronger effects.
    Add gunpowder to any complete potion to make it splash.

    Not that tough. Though finding warts can be tough, depending on your luck. But even if you don't have warts, you can still make potions of weakness.

    As for health potion, just get melons,a dd gold nuggets, there you go. Health potion ingredients.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    My Little Dashie was one of a few fanfics I actually read.

    I guess it wasn't terrible, but I didn't like it.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][1.5.1][1.5.0][1.4.2][1.3.2] Not Just About Boobs
    Quote from newcoleco

    too bad, but I'll have to reject the idea of male sack. it seems that it's "against the rules" so...

    ... How?

    Also, your poll doesn't work. Not without loading other people answers, anyways.


    Quote from Miijhal »
    Oh, hey, awesome! I've always wanted to be objectified while playing Minecraft! Now I can experience the joys of being defined solely by my secondary sexual characteristics while I build shitty chicken death machines!


    People are making fun of everyone here because of this, and I honestly can't disagree with them. At all.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Quote from The Scout

    Aye, tis not that hard when your talking about missy.

    I said nothing, please ignore me.

    OT: Well i've watched three episodes, it's very good, but I won't be coverting to bronyisim anytime soon, Newerth is my home.... And god i'm a nerd.

    You could be both.

    You could build a summer/winter home here.

    I have so many houses I'm like some kind multiglobal real estate king.

    It's your choice, though.
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