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Dunno what I should put here. Wait, I got an idea... Maybe a second person Homestuck-esq introduction?

You are CG6, an 18 year-old human male. Your INTERESTS are in GAMING, even though you do not have any current-gen consoles other than a WII, which is pretty crap. You go on the INTERNET a lot, and enjoy places such as CRACKED, TV TROPES, MS PAINT ADVENTURES, SOMETHING AWFUL (Forums), the LETS PLAY ARCHIVE, and an obscure forum nopony really cares about. Oh, and of course, you like PONIES. It's probably your weirdest INTEREST, but that's cool with you. TWILIGHT SPARKLE is your favorite PONY. You are pretty good at PIXEL ART, and are actually good with MS PAINT. At least you think so.

Onto the subject of your PERSONALITY, you'd describe yourself as pretty TIMID and possibly even ANTI-SOCIAL. You like to act ANALYTICALLY, but your TEMPER occasionally gets in the way. You try to POST only when you feel it's necessary, and try to LURK more than POST.

Oh, and you occasionally put TAGS THAT HAVE NO FUNCTION in your posts. [/example]

... Actually that was kind of gimmicky. And stupid for anypony who doesn't get the references. Maybe you should write something that doesn't suck. [/Self Depreciate]
Interests Gaming, Commentaries, Ponies, Art.

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