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    posted a message on KingKraft 1.16.4 | Vanilla SMP [Whitelisted] [18+] [Since 2012]
    Your Minecraft Username: CrazyFreaky

    Age: 18 (Turning 19 in a month!)

    Country/Timezone: Canada/EST

    Discord Name (if you don't want to make it public you can PM it to me): CrazyFreak#6948

    Why are you interested in joining this server? I was going through streams in Twitch and saw that people were streaming on this server. The more I watched the more I really liked the community, it seems like you guys work hard together and have a really good dynamic! I've been interested in joining a good Minecraft server for a while as I love the game and would love to be a part of such a community. I also love playing other games and the streamers on the server have told me that you guys play other games together.

    Strengths (redstone, building, etc): I think I'm a pretty good builder and designer. I'm working on this giant tree right now actually, hopefully, it works out well and I could put it on the server too!

    How many other servers have you been on and for how long? Will this be your primary server? My last server was pretty trash. Hated the people and everyone was kind of seriously annoying. They also loved making fun of the fact that I was Canadian which I don't understand. So yeah, this will be my primary server since I said good riddance to that one.

    What other games do you enjoy playing? I love playing PUBG, Battlefield V, Overwatch, Golf with your Friends, Starbound, and Divinity II.

    Tell us a bit about yourself. Hobbies, interests, etc. The more we know, the more information we have to base that decision off of. Well, I love music and film. I wanna be a screenwriter hopefully and am going into my second year of University. I love writing as well, and at the moment I'm trying to learn guitar, it's tough but I think I'm making headway since I already know the Ukulele it isn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I like to call myself an introverted extrovert because I can have a great time staying in as well as going out. I love hanging out with my friends, online and offline. At the moment I'm working on a couple of short stories and trying to figure out a cool idea for a novel that I had. I'm a huge fan of Disney stuff, the MCU, Musicals, Video games (obviously), and other things that I can't seem to think of right now.

    Well, I hope you liked the app! Have a good day and I am excited to hear from you!
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    posted a message on KloudSpace ATM 3 Server

    Hello one and all, from the far reaches of the globe!

    Have you wanted to play on a server with as many mods as possible and still be in the most recent update of Minecraft itself?

    Have you wanted to begin on a brand new server, with brand new people, and a brand new modpack?

    Have you wanted to play with great people, who are fun, active, and always in contact?

    Then this server is for you! We want to welcome you to the KloudSpace ATM 3 Server (ATM stands for All The Mods and is a modpack you can get on the Twitch and/or Technic Launcher). The server has just started out so you'd be joining a brand new community. The server is public, so you can just go ahead and join and start playing right away! I myself have just started on the server and am making this post because I want to play with other people! I want to be able to play with friends and such.

    We are on version 2.4b of the modpack, and don't forget to visit http://www.kloudspaceproductions.com/ so that you can join our Discord. This is where all the announcements for the server will be, and where you can talk to other people from the community. So don't be a stranger and join the KloudSpace ATM 3 Server!

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    posted a message on » Harry Potter Server « [WIP] [SIGNUP NOW] [CUSTOM PLUGINS]
     In-game Name: CrazyFreak

    Preffered House: Hufflepuff

    What you would like to see in this server: I'd really like to see the different ways "magic" will be implemented in the server! As in, I can't wait for PvP and other things just to play around with. Also, I wanna see how you may implement aspects of the HP Franchise which one would not easily code into MineCraft. Added on to that, I would love to see the amazing Wizarding Britain Builds!

    Anything else?: I can't wait for the server to re-open!
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    posted a message on Resident SMP || Whitelisted || Youtubers ONLY || Accepting Applications

    Age (Must be 13 or above): 15

    IGN: CrazyFreak

    Skype: Will be PMed if accepted

    Why do you want to join: I'd like to start recording again, it's been a little while, and what better way to start than on a good 'ol new server!

    Estimated time spent on the server a week: Per week, I'm not 100% sure. Around an hour or two per weekday, and 3-4 or more hours on weekends. And I have some long weekends coming up, so a bit longer than on a normal week

    Time Zone: EST

    Do you plan on recording (If not, you most likely won't be accepted): Yep!

    Youtube Channel link (You must have atleast 50 subs): https://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyFreakHi

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    posted a message on Rosewall~New Whitelisted .:RP:. Server Looking For Members and Staff! !

    Minecraft Username: CrazyFreak

    Age: 14

    RP Experience: I've played on a couple RP servers, two or three, so I know a little bit about RP.

    Ban History: No bans that I know of, unless you count friends banning me from personal servers as a joke.

    Then simply fill out how you would rp in this conversation.

    Bob: Hello, My name is Bob!

    You: Hi, I'm Jedidiah

    Bob: Would you like to see my house?

    You: Uh, we just met, so, why not?!

    Bob: Lets look at my knife collection! >:3

    You: Uh, you know what, nevermind. I don't really feel like it, I'm gonna be going know, cya!

    *Runs away fast*

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    posted a message on New Bridgewater! New 24/7 Survival Server, looking for active players!
    1) What is your Minecraft Username?: CrazyFreak
    1a) What would you prefer to be addressed as?: Crazy, Freak, Person. As long as I know you're talking to me, you can call me anything that isn't an insult. Or an insult too, why not
    2) How old are you?: 14
    3) How often do you think you'll be online?: At least an hour or two per day, if not, more.
    4) Do you have a Mic? Do you have skype? Are you willing to talk to us?: I do have a Mic, and Skype, and am willing to talk to you. However, for some reason, my audio drivers aren't working, so until I figure out what the problem is, I sadly, won't be able to speak, but typing won't be a problem.
    5) How long have you been playing Minecraft?: A good 4 years
    5a) What platforms have you played on?: PC, PS3 (On a friends)
    5b) If you've played on console, what's your username?: Like I said, it was a friends PS3
    5c) Have you used 1.8?: Yes
    6) Do you know anyone who currently plays on our server?: No
    6a) Is there anyone that you think will want to join with you?: Atm, no, sadly.
    7) Do you like to explore? Build? PVP?: I love exploring, and have gotten into Building recently. I have also tried to learn a good amount of redstone, but really suck at it. I even tried Sethblings whole tutorial thing and still have no clue what to do. I mean, I can power a lamp, but other than that, nada, zilch, nothing. I'm also a huge fan of the mining part of the game, just listening to good music and going into a cave is bliss.
    8) Do you have experience with redstone?: As stated previously, nada, zilch, nothing.
    9) What's your favorite thing you've ever built in MC?: Honestly, I hate a lot of my builds, just because, I don't know, I think they can be improved upon drastically. But my favourite build has to be my first ever medieval style house, I had been watching tutorials on good ways to make houses, and how to detail them and so on. After around a month, I built my own house without any tutorials, and loved it at the time. Than the whole improvement thing came up and I tried to improve it, but really couldn't figure out how, so ended up hating it after a little while as well.
    10) Do you like to play as a community or prefer to play on your own?: I love playing both ways, it depends on how I feel at the time. Some days, I'd like to build and mine and do stuff on my own, other days, I'd love to go out, find someone to build with, ask 'em if they wanna do something together, and get started on it with them. (If they say yes)
    11) What would you do if you found yourself alone on the server for a few hours?: I'd probably mine a lot, maybe go AFK at farms, so the lag won't annoy anyone else. I'd also see if anyone needed help with things, as in, I'd ask on Skype if they need something done that they can't get to atm and I can do. I'd also go around, and check out other peoples builds.
    12) What's your favorite texture pack?: I love Default so much, but a close second is Sphax PureBDCraft
    13) What is your opinion on using mods and plugins to improve existing gameplay mechanics? To add new mechanics?: I love mods, I do. sadly I can only run so many at a time. That's to say, around 3-5 mods at a time, without my game lagging out insanely. And plugins are awesome, finding new and fun ways to make the game better is half of what MineCraft is! So, my opinion on mods and plugins is go for it!
    13a) What Mods/Plugins do you have experience using?: Plugins: A lot, I play on a lot of servers, all with different kinds of plugins. Some like Economy, Factions. Towny, Bending, Slimefun, World Edit, LWC, Lockette, Plots, MultiWorld, etc. And mods, well, a bunch. NEI (Not Enough Items), Industrial Craft 2, BuildCraft, Thermal Expansion, Mo' Creatures, and on and on. However, it's been a while since I've played with any of these mods, so it might take a while to get used to them, and there's always the new updates which you gotta be aware of.
    13b) Is there a Mod/Plugin that you would like to use?: I don't really have any specific ones, and honestly, it doesn't really matter to me all that much. I play with plugins, Vanilla, or mods, as long as the game is still MineCraft, I'd play it.
    14) What is your biggest Minecraft-related pet-peeve?: Well, there're a couple, but my biggest one has to be when people make the natural world look disgusting, as in, there are 1x1 towers randomly placed, trees aren't cut down, and creeper holes not filled in <-- I hate that one a lot. Oh, and builds that just don't fit into the landscape at all, I just hate it.
    15) Is there any rule (previously stated or not) or action that you have zero-tolerance for, and would result in you no longer wishing to play with us?: Not really, no.

    16) Do you have any questions for us?: Again, not really, I'm pretty sure I'll have some later, maybe not though. Anyways, thanks for reading if you got this far and even if I'm not accepted, I wish you the best of luck with the server!
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    posted a message on | =IcarusGaming= | Survival | Economy | Player oriented server - Community driven | Revived server

    Heyo, this seems like a very interesting and cool idea!! So I would very much like to join!

    IGN: CrazyFreak

    If you need/want me Skype, I can PM it to you!

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    posted a message on MC Ultra (Community Update for Minecraft)

    So is MCUltra a modded client for singeplayer, or a mutliplayer plugin? Either way, great idea, and can't wait to see it/play it!

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    posted a message on Better Horses- Horses spawning with attributes based on where they spawn.

    I give this idea my Full Support. It's very well thought out and the different kind of horses would be quite interesting. As well as that, more horses can be added over time, maybe if new biomes come about. Anyways, great idea!

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    posted a message on Closed

    This is great server! The community, however small, is incredibly nice. The staff is helpful, and humorous, and all in all it is a great experience. As well as that, there are no disgusting thingy's as it is pretty new, and the ranking thing is great fun! You should really try out this server!


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    posted a message on Age Of Elysian ||Towny||Survival||SlimeFun||

    Hey, so when I try to join the server, it says registered players only. I'd like to know how to register, my IGN is CrazyFreak

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    posted a message on Mine Ville Network - Staff / Builders/ Developers / Graphic Designers Needed!

    Builder Application:

    IGN: CrazyFreak

    Age: 14 (Going on 15 in 2 months)

    Building Experience: So, I've been a builder on a couple of servers before, mostly medieval RPG servers, which are either no longer running, or I don't remember. I also worked on a spawn for a friend a little while ago which I think he liked quite a bit. Here are some examples of some of my builds: http://imgur.com/a/eLjsG

    Minecraft Experience: I've been playing Minecraft for around 4-5 years now, and know quite a lot about it. From how to build, to the fastest way to get diamonds. Although redstone still remains a mystery to me, if you want it built, I will always try my hardest to do it.

    Why You Want To Help?: You seem to be quite serious about the server, also it seems like you need quite a little bit of help. As well as that, I am really bored of just plain old playing Minecraft and love to build, so building for someone is a win-win situation in my mind.

    How Long Can You Be Online?: I can be online for 4-5 hours usually, early in the morning, or sometime in the afternoon. Sadly, I will be out of the country from July 17th - August 1st, so those weeks I will not be able to play, just a heads up.

    Skype: I'll give this if you choose to accept me!

    Well, I think that's everything, ask anything if you need more! Thanks for reading and hope you consider! Me

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    posted a message on SketchTitan Illustrations [Characters/Avatars,Headers,etc]

    IGN: CrazyFreak

    Skin Details: It's Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon 2

    Order: Avatar

    Do you wish to pay/Donate: I am sorry, but I'm broke. I am willing to give you credit for all drawings on my YT channel though.

    Pose: Running his hand through his hair as if he is in the middle of an awkward encounter and looking at the camera.

    Other Details: Nope! Thanks if you do do it!

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    posted a message on Royal Rebels, a progressional SMP MC Server about seceeding from England

    Hey! This sounds incredibly interesting! Can't wait till you go public w/ the IP!

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    posted a message on CLOSED

    [b]IGN:[/b] CrazyFreak
    Items to put in: [/b]Small dragon (If not possible, sword on fire please!)

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