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    posted a message on [16x][1.4.6] SMP's 2263: A Sci-Fi Texture Pack - [01/05] - Website launched! New stuff.
    Because of this pack, I'm going to have to compeltely redesign my texture pack viewing area to be able to see all the possible connected textures possibilities. Because of this pack, I am now going to have to rebuild my entire spaceship that I've built on a server to fit with the texture pack. Because of this pack, I'm going to be spending hours experimenting and getting inspiration for more buildings and structures.

    There are no words that can describe how glad I am ^_^ .
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    posted a message on Why Should Girls Be Treated Different in Video Games?! (formerly WROS)
    Just like every other topic I've seen, people somehow find excuses for blatantly mean and disgusting behavior. I can't take comments seriously that say things along the lines of "It's the internet, so you should know and accept that your opinions are worthless", "It's a videogame, you're just being weak and sensitive", "Humans are humans, it's just natural for them to (Insert anything here)" and "You can either put up with what you see on the internet, or not use it at all". I see no other purpose to these comments than to let people get away with anything imaginable, by shutting up the people who are willing and able to do something about it. This is my final opinion on the topic, and I will not answer people trying to pick it apart with the kinds of comments I've listed.

    To the OP, I'm annoyed that this is happening to people as young as 10, but I'm glad to see that you're handling it as maturely as you are. The servers I play in are ones with my close friends, so I don't play on many huge servers, but I have seen and experienced the stuff that you and others have gone through.
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    posted a message on Jeb reveals programmable Redstone blocks!
    I really like what Jeb is doing these days; making things that are useful for both servers, adventure maps, and singleplayer.
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    posted a message on 2 different minecraft worlds randomly coexist in game-HELP!
    Something about this just screams "time travel!" at me.
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    posted a message on Fire Charges should be used as a Furnace Fuel.
    Quote from Bumber

    You sure about that? I thought it was only good for one use outside of creative.

    Yeah, I tested one out and they are one-use items. I like the idea of them being fuel for furnaces, but I don't know where the idea of them having a durability bar came from.

    Quote from Limitsoflife

    In order to get a fire charge, a griefer would have to...

    Get wood for a wooden pickaxe
    Get stone for a stone pickaxe
    Get iron for an iron pickaxe
    Get diamonds for a diamond pickaxe
    Mine 10 obsidian
    Make a flint and steel anyways
    Make a portal
    Find a Nether fortress
    Kill at least one Blaze
    Go back to the overworld
    Kill a creeper

    Then he has an indestructible flint and steel.
    Not very overpowered in my opinion.

    A griefer wouldn't always have to go through that entire process by himself; fellow griefers and unprotected portals/chest/players can give them the materials they would need. Again, I don't see where the idea of indestructiblity came from.
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    posted a message on Milk as a Placeable Liquid
    Even with Minecraft's crazy logic, there's really no sense in being healed by walking in milk. Related to this, I have wondered before how a "bucketful" of milk can come from a cow, compared to how much a "bucketful" of water or lava is..
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    posted a message on 1001 minecraft related Chuck Norris jokes
    140: Chuck Norris made a Creeper implode.
    141: When Chuck Norris moved into a villager's house, none of them dared to enter it.
    142: Where a player would usually take fall damage, Chuck Norris just ends up crushing the block he falls on.
    143: Chuck Norris uses redstone to dye sheep red.
    144: Chuck Norris crafts all his tools without going to a crafting table.
    145: Chuck Norris's home is deep in The Void, which is why you can't stay in there for long.
    146: When Chuck Norris is in a minecart, it moves with or without power.
    147: The one time a Creeper blew up next to Chuck Norris, it was horrified to discover that it wasn't dead yet.
    148: The mushroom biome was created when Chuck Norris used bonemeal on a brown mushroom.
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    posted a message on hoe add ons
    Quote from Prince_Deity

    They should do damage equal to an axe,

    I don't quite see how this makes sense, but I guess it would look pretty... heroic charging into battle with a hoe.
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    posted a message on Are blazes mechanical/robots?
    I imagine them as burning wind chimes; it's a lovely image if you think about it :P.
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    posted a message on Destroyed villages. Something new to scare us.
    I find these already, in villages that weren't large enough to have an Iron Golem.
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    posted a message on The "Ender Door"
    I think this is a great idea, except for the durability part. What if somebody were to place it on bedrock?
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    posted a message on Different colored gravel in the nether?
    As others have said to the point of it being silly; it was a lighting error. Out of curiousity, I'd like to know what Brightness/Video settings you had when you experienced this.
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    posted a message on // 011000100111100101100101
    I call it Minecraft, not because I'm not creative, but because that's its name :P.
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    posted a message on Pushing a Zombie-Pigmen into a lava-fall
    This makes me want lava squids to inhabit those endless lava oceans...
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    posted a message on What resource did you use to build your first house ever on Minecraft?
    To be honest, my first shelter was made of dirt and could barely be called a house. It was out in a tundra biome, next to a frozen river, and I had only one or two minutes of experience playing. I was so bad with the controls, I had to punch a pig, wait for it to run, follow it, and repeat until the pig was dead :P.
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