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    posted a message on ๐Ÿ”ฅ Provim Gaming - SMP | Vanilla 1.13 - Latest Snapshot Always! | Discord | Website ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    Live the ultimate adventure in Provim Gaming! Our lovely community is a home away from home for gamers looking for the best environment to Survive, Build and go on adventures solo or in a group! Our supportive structure and great members make us the best network for new or experienced players -- and we want you!

    Will you start a new village, find every last piece of buried treasure, conquer the end, or rule your own empire? The choices are endless!

    Basic Rules:

    1. Keep it civilized.

    2. Do not belittle, insult, or harass other players.

    3. Do not grief others work.

    4. PvP is acceptable only on the grounds that both parties agree to fight.

    5. Common sense - use it.

    What we expect from you:

    Just keep it classy ladies and gentleman, remember that we foster a friendly, fun environment and expect our users to be active, fun-loving people both in-game and on our discord/website. Here at PG we are a home for our userbase and are excited to welcome you, please respect your fellow PG players.

    Oh yeah ... the Application:

    Please post the following;

    1: Your IGN.

    2: Your reasoning to be with us.

    3. You are going to be an active member, right?

    4. Have you ever been banned from any other servers?

    Upon acceptance, you will be messaged the server IP.

    Our Discord: Click Me

    We look forward to seeing you In-Game,
    Welcome Home
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    posted a message on Creating small home server, getting frustrated

    An interesting situation for sure, Forge should, in theory, just work assuming you have the forge server loaded.

    A couple of questions:

    1. Where is the local server hosted? On one of the laptops, a separate desktop, or on a separate server box (if you happen to have one laying around)

    2. PC, Mac, Linux, etc? (for laptops, and host location)?

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    posted a message on Delete this

    Removed Post

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    posted a message on Delete this

    Removed Post

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    posted a message on Delete this

    Removed Post

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    posted a message on Looking for Moderators/Admins for Minigame/Survival/Creative/Factions/RPG server
    Greetings to everyone who applied so far! If you've applied i have added you on skype. Once you accept i will be adding you to a Trial group. This is where we in The Hub-MC figure out who fits the server best! Interviews will be conducted sometime in 2 weeks while you are in the process of your trial!

    Note: we have not closed applications, this is just an update to people who have already replied!
    Thank you,
    ~Maliam, The Hub-MC
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    I'm pretty good i suppose, if you need someone and cant find anyone feel free to let me know.
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    posted a message on Carpet Crafting Amount
    I agree with your logic, but not the amount. I feel 3 is good enough.

    Why? Well because i feel a real sense of pride when i complete a mansion and it has all these cool things that are hard to obtain or just a pain to get. Making carpet overly plentiful will really remove that feeling of accomplishment when you finish carpeting the entire castle you just made.
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    posted a message on Shut Down
    Shutting Down.
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    posted a message on I present to you: The New Boss Mob | Now with Photo(s) and World Save!
    I did some digging in the class files of todays snapshot, i found the new mobs file and texture,

    Are you ready for....
    The Wither

    Thanks to andre111 for the following schmetic and world save
    http://www.mediafire...80qa72ak1gi241a -- world save (Wither Spawner included)
    http://www.mediafire...0c55kut5yf5nuij -- wither Spawner (schematic only)
    *It must be night on at least easy mode (or harder) for the spawner to spawn him!

    I messaged this to chimneyswift, hopefully he see's it and puts it in his snapshot review. We will have video of the wither than.

    First the files (sorry its a bit small and hard to see this one, so i placed it off my photobucket)

    Next, the Wither(s) skin file

    Im excited to hear everyones thoughts on our lovely new friend

    Update: Its a BOSS MOB!

    Update 2: Picture
    Following Screenshot(s) thanks to andre111:

    Following Screenshot thanks to Jom7582:
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