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    +Added Showcase's
    +Added Markets
    +Upped Difficulty
    -Removed VS (temp)
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    Server IP: mc2296.servercraft.co:4573

    We need new users for our lovely community, and we invite you~ Hope you can make it.
    -And More!
    Now with a Deatcube Arena!
    And now all we need is new players - we need you!
    The server has a handful of dedicated users but over the year we have been up the number has slowly declined as we advertised less and less. So come on down and be part of the community! Cya there.

    Bukkit: Online
    Map: Custom
    Status:Online 24/7 (Dedicated)
    Server Since: 4/1/11

    Animals (all): On
    Zombie: On
    Ghast: On
    Zombie Pigmen: On
    Slime: On
    Magma Slime: On
    Blaze: On

    Creepers: On (Explosion Damage: Players - ON || Environment - Off)
    Endermen: On (Environment Change - Off)

    PvP: On

    Version: 1.2.5
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    When playing MineCraft, and only while playing MineCraft my entire HP laptop will shut off without any warning or notification.

    Ive checked many other possibilities as to what may shut off my computer, but only when MineCraft is active will it shut off. The game will be played for about 10-30 minutes before it will shut me off.

    My basic specs are:
    Windows 7 home basic (64 bit)
    4 GB RAM
    2.20 GHz AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core mobile RM-74

    I would give an error report but my computer gives me No warning before it just instantaneously (like when you hold the power button for 7 seconds) powers off with no shut off operation.

    Please help?

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