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    Thanks for posting your script, it would be great for singleplayer. For multiplayer, door locks are not very secure, as people can close the program with Ctr + T. So to secure it, look into os.pullEvent() and os.pullEventRaw()to disable the Ctr+T Bypass. This would also require you to enter a Debug (aka administrators) password that would close the program so the owner can modify the script or access the computer console as he couldn't Ctrl+T.

    Also, I would not make it sleep before asking for an input for password, or people will have to wait a long time just to enter their password to get into the door.. not good if you are being chased.

    One last thing, should have it shutdown instead of reboot.. don't want it running all the time when it doesn't need to be.

    I would post a script with all this in it, but this is not my thread and I would rather help to make the one posted here better for those who want it for multiplayer :)

    Keep up the good work!

    Quote from pavljuk

    Also you could add something like

    pass1 = "another_password"
    pass2 = "something else"

    if Password == a or answer == b then

    I just saw this, yes, that is what you can use for the Debug or Admin password to access the console when you disable Ctrl+T. You would want B to exit the program, while A you want it to send a redstone event and then shutdown (not reboot).
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