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    posted a message on Modern Style Apartment Building | FURNITURE/ Room ideas | Red stone lighting system [vid & over 30 pics]
    Download File: http://www.mediafire.com/?hb428gxgd853wwm

    This is the current spawn for the Splintered Voyagers server [IP Creative & Hardcore PVP]. That is why the bottom level looks the way it does, on the server all the empty signs are filled in. The spawn on the server is also a few stories shorter than this one. I explain in the video why (mostly time issue)

    Here is the vid, a quick tour just over four minutes.
    Text: http://soartex.net/pages/download/
    Song: http://www.newground...o/listen/518585

    The purpose of this build, other than the general rule house was to provide examples for interior designs. As I say on the video I’ve noticed that a lot of players put a lot of detail on the front of their house, sometimes the outside and rarely anything on the inside.

    A lot of the furniture ideas I have seen in pics or other builds. Thank you Mr_Pharts for showing me an example of the redstone mechanism used for the lighting system.

    *If any of the lights don’t work, ON/OFF button let me know. I used worldedit to transfer it onto a single map and it can cause odd glitches (& I’m really tired). They are all 100% on the server, but I just ran out of time today to check. If anything is off I will update the file this weekend 1/13/13.

    Here are the pics, I tried to break them up for better organization.

    Exterior Shots

    The build in the download has 4 bottom stories, not just one :)

    Here are various bedroom designs

    Living Rooms
    Some general ideas for living areas

    Kitchen and some small dinning room ideas

    Random rooms/ideas

    Large ish library w/check out counter

    General Store
    2 story medium 'store' with a check out counter. I was bummed in the download file/vid all the picture frames got knocked off, which add the most detail to the room.

    Lastly a cafe, small movie theater and a bathroom idea
    I will try to add more pics of the cafe later

    Here is a small movie theater (very small)

    Last, a bathroom

    Not sure what project I would like to start next. I know I would like to have multiple builds, maybe a city but I'm not sure yet.
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    posted a message on Small, friendly and safe Community Medieval Server!
    If you would like me to review your server let me know. . I would credit you in film with an annotated sub link for youtube. as well as all ur server info and ip HERE IS MY CHAN
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    posted a message on 1.2.4 SERVER IP: (TO GET ON WHITELIST comment ign or SEND TO [email protected])
    Group Link-http://www.facebook.com/groups/324445554255417/
    ANYONE MAY JOIN THE SERVER, send your screen name to [email protected]
    This film was made on my server by a few ops & players, I was really impressed at their work. Link to custom text pac should be in description.
    Survival Server
    ANYONE MAY JOIN THE SERVER, send your screen name to [email protected] OR join the group and ask, a server admi...n will then add you.

    Server Rules:
    1. No bullying (no warning instant ban)
    2. No griefing buildings THAT HAVE AN OWNERS SIGN
    3. No lava or watered covered structures (lags out server & looks junky)
    4. Stealing is allowed (if you get caught you will make enemies)
    5. No pointless use of TNT, blowing up holes in the world for no reason other than that, ban. (considered to be pointless grief) (Feel free to use TNT to clear areas, ***you just must fix damage or have a goal in mind.)


    Admins (no particular order)-

    The projects I will be working on will be recreating ancient works, during these times anyone who joins in the build will be placed in creative mode as a server project and possible time lapse films in the future. (all who participate will be credited) THESE BUILDS WERE THE ENTIRE REASON I STARTED PLAYING :) ====

    Future projects that anyone may help me with: (won't be surprised if some of these are spelled wrong feel free to let me know)
    - Angkor Wat (hoping to do first)
    - Giza
    - Gobekli Tepe
    - Machu Pichu
    - Ur
    - Solomons Temple
    - Colosseum
    & many more.
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    posted a message on CONTEST & New Game. Map Swap READ FOR DETAILS [once complete private server is made]
    **NOTE anyone who find this can join, the basis of this post is somewhere for my friends and fellow builders (on my old server while it is down) to colaborate on a giant project and private server for 1 week, if it is in the wrong area please move and I apologize. This is a type of map exchange game while the (my) server will be offline officially until or summer.

    THE CONTEST- only a select few will be chosen to play [i]our game[/i] [4 members so far looking for a small group this first time], if you like this idea feel free to make your own.

    From NOW until FEB 18 Make whatever project you want, 1-7 people will be chosen to participate.
    HOW TO ENTER- Create a map and email me the link to your world save

    [[email protected] Subject: CONTEST ENTRY.
    WHAT TO INCLUDE IN THE EMAIL (answer the questions):

    1. link to map download (The Chosen 'ones' will be announced a week after (feb 25)
    2. Do you commit to 'swap your map on time' along with sending the next person the required email (see rules) [if you are late twice you will be removed and an alternate brought in]

    While the server myself and some friends play on is down we wanted some way to collaborate but in a new way. The idea every member there will be around 4-12 will all start ONE individual map, after a pre determined amount of time they will then email a downloadable version of their map to a pre-selected individual in the group and repeat UNTIL EVERY PERSON HAS WORKED 1 TIME ON EVERY OTHER PERSONS MAP. after that EVERYONE gets their original map back as well as a copy sent to me.

    for 1 week I will host a private server for those who participated where ALL maps will be stitched together (nothing altered) into 1 GIANT WORLD MAP. While it is on the server all will be able to film tour take pics, play etc and place content on their own youtube, pmc, reddit, minecrafforum etc. [I WILL MAKE A WEBSITE OR 'GOOGLE GROUP' FOR MEMBER COMMUNICATION/PROGRESS ETC once all builders have committed/been selected]

    1.] Maps are sent to the next person every three weeks (I will post a schedule)
    2.] The person who started the map gives permission for their structure to be seen [OTHERS POSTING PICS /VIDS before all are on server]3.] Can your structure is allowed to be altered or added on to?
    3.] Must occupy at least 100x100
    4.] Pixel art = no (as in some 25x25 mario etc)
    5.] cannot repeat structures (same large build on a different map)
    6.] Must CONNECT to another structure (build off each other is the plan, not necessarily alter)
    More to come I am sure.

    Check out my Facebook Fanpage for a more pics of current ummm for lack of better words 'players'

    I will be making a video example (Tour my entry file) + rules/hints around Fri/Sat. [i][/i]
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    posted a message on How To TAKE the EnderEgg
    Quote from Omnom18

    Hmmm, alright then. I'd rather the egg just be a decorative item, but oh well. If it does happen, I'm just not gonna hatch it.

    I can't wait to see someone make the set from aliens with them. :biggrin.gif: good nerd rant (between us bud)

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    posted a message on How To TAKE the EnderEgg
    Quote from its me peardude

    tamable dragons? sound like the red dragon to me. maybe it will hatch into this?

    OMGF THANK YOU, ok you get
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    posted a message on How To TAKE the EnderEgg

    Ok so there have been a few rumors how you can get the egg (boards, vids, articles, etc.) AT THIS TIME a bucket will NOT work. The only way is with a piston knocking the egg, making it a 'dropped' item. I'm sure when the game comes out on the 18th this will not be the case.
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    posted a message on Auto Gravel & Sand Generator (VOICED)

    World Download

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    posted a message on 2 Ender Dragons in Large Medival City with Pirate ship & 5 working cannons!
    Sorry audio is a little rough

    2 Ender Dragons in Large Medival City with Pirate ship & 5 working cannons! World Download & Ender Dragon Schem.
    14 set chest of potions/splash, regeants and over 300 Enchanted items

    AS ALWAYS these files are for fans of Crasherz5 and the only way to get them is to 'Like' Crasherz5 ;D Thanks Everyone!(Sat this file will be public for everyone)

    World Download File here

    Ender Dragon Schem. Here

    Thank you Minecraft Downloads For showing me where to get the world save file to obtain a schem.

    (because it is 1.9 related I put it here, if it is supposed to go in vids please move ty)
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