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    Want to help the next map release faster? Help build it! See this thread for details.

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    The Forgotten Lands
    A [CTM] map series by Cranica

    Find yourself a bit directionless in standard Minecraft? Looking for a challenge? Want amazing environments to build your next creation? Welcome to the Forgotten Lands, a Complete-the-Monument map series centered around two goals: first, being a difficult challenge map that will test your reflexes, combat ability, patience, and knowledge of Minecraft's mechanics; but also to provide the resources and the vistas to build amazing structures without losing Minecraft's signature earn-your-house style.

    Complete-the-Monument is a map style centered around collecting wool colors (and a few other blocks) from hidden locations throughout the map to complete a Monument of some sort. The Monuments vary by map, and the wool can vary dramatically in how difficult it is to get: one might just require looking in the right corner, while another requires fighting through endless legions of monsters. All of my maps are designed (i.e., they don't rely on Minecraft's map generation at all) although obviously not built by hand (the Skies alone have millions of solid blocks). Expect to spend between 5 and 20 hours completing a map, depending on the particular map and your abilities.

    At the moment, I have two maps available: the Forgotten Depths, an underground series of caverns, and the Forgotten Skies, a land of floating islands and endless falls to your death. The Skies follow on from the Depths, but if you're new to the series or to CTM maps, I'd suggest playing the Skies first.


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    Designed for Patch Beta 1.9

    Venture across the Forgotten Skies, holy lands in the air long lost to man where the sun once shone eternal. Journey through Mirage Lake, where all is not as it appears; climb the treacherous slopes of Mt. Deception, where the smallest error can send you plummeting to your death. Explore the fifteen unique subzones in a spectacular aerial setting, fight back the darkness, and recover the pieces of the Altar of the Skies to win. Don't expect a short trip: the Skies are vast, and the darkness will not yield easily.

    The Forgotten Skies is the second map in the Forgotten Lands series, designed to work with patch Beta 1.9. The story follows on from the Forgotten Depths a little, but it's not necessary to play the Depths in order to play the Skies. As with the Depths, each subzone contains one of the wool colors you'll need to complete the Altar of the Skies, but in general the Skies' subzones are a good deal larger and alternate between terrain-based and combat-based challenges. Difficulty-wise, the Skies start out easier than the Depths, and you'll get renewable resources much sooner, but the last few zones are designed to be pure distilled hell. The Skies also contain ten optional challenges, if you really hate yourself.

    No one else stands against the darkness. Will you become the last champion of the Skies?


    If you enjoy my maps, I'd appreciate it if you'd either donate or use the ad-supported link, but if you'd prefer not to, you can find straight links below.

    Ad Supported - Ad.fly & Filefactory
    Forgotten Skies - Full Download, including soundtrack
    Map only - no soundtrack.

    Forgotten Skies - Full download, including a large royalty-free soundtrack [167MB]
    Forgotten Skies - Map only (no soundtrack) [13MB]



    Crontab's excellent LP:


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    If you enjoy the map, you can link back and support it from your signature by copying the following code above into your signature.


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    WARNING: This map was created for beta patch 1.7, and changes made after then break quite a lot of this map's mechanics.

    Descend into the Forgotten Depths, a series of caverns deep below the earth where light has never touched. Explore the otherworldly Crystal Forest, filled with glowing trees twisted by the magnetism of surrounding Redstone; the twisted Labyrinth, where confusing friend and foe will cost you dearly; the blazing depths of Calderon, where a single misstep will leave nothing but cinders in your place. Fight through fourteen unique subzones, connected by color-coded Hub areas, in your quest to purge the Depths of evil and complete the Champion's Hall.

    The Forgotten Depths is a moderate-difficulty, branching design Complete the Monument [CTM] genre map. Scattered throughout the map, collect each of the sixteen wool colors and four special blocks to fill the slots of the Champion's Hall. Each subzone hides one of the colors you'll need to complete your Hall, so victory will require exploration of every corner of the Depths. On your way, you'll encounter cunning traps, dangerous terrain, and the hordes of creatures that call the Depths their home.

    While the Champion's Hall is the primary goal of the map, I've made an effort to give the Depths a wide array of areas, with a number of scenic locations to build a home. While resources are initially in short supply, once you acquire a particular resource, you should have enough to fuel whatever creative projects you might have in mind. The idea is not to break the Minecraft experience entirely, but to take the same game and make it more challenging, more atmospheric, and less of a hassle while still providing the Lego-with-a-sense-of-accomplishment feel that makes Minecraft fun in the first place.

    See you below...


    If you enjoy the map, please consider donating: even as little as $5 would be awesome. It's not required, and I can't even promise it will influence whether/how quickly I make more maps, but it's appreciated nevertheless.

    Forgotten Depths - Full download, including a large royalty-free soundtrack [157MB]
    Forgotten Depths - Map only (no soundtrack) [3MB]

    Forgotten Depths - Full Download, including a large (royalty-free) soundtrack [331 MB]
    Forgotten Depths - Map only (no music) [3MB]



    The first episode of PhobicBus' LP, wherein he takes a few videos to realize what kind of map this is :cool.gif: :

    MCrew's co-op LP, wherein they learn the value of not losing your sticks.

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    If you enjoy the map, you can link back and support it from your signature by copying the following code above each banner into your signature (second banner courtesy of cirby88)




    I found myself playing this even over Skyrim.

    - Crontab9
    So, what have we learned today? This guy's a douche.

    - On the Forgotten Depths, GetOverTheGames, 19:50 in
    I just had a near-death experience, in Minecraft. See what this map's done to me?

    - On the Forgotten Depths, MCrew, in


    Download and extract one of the .zip files above, and copy the "Forgotten Depths (Map)" folder to <whatever your Minecraft directory is>\saves\ - if you're on windows, your directory is probably C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\

    Music can be played in your media player of choice.


    You may use and modify the map for your own private use. You may not redistribute the map, modified or not, without my consent. Recordings (e.g., Let's Plays) are fine. Do not link to my map via ad.fly or any similar service, please.


    CTM Map compilation thread
    Vech's Super Hostile series (like you don't already know about these :tongue.gif:)
    " target="" data-ensure-absolute>Zap's Elemental Survival series (WIP)
    (if you're a mapmaker and would like to exchange links, send me a PM)
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    posted a message on So we got all these awsome new features...
    Speak for yourself, sponges are enormously useful as a mapmaker.
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    posted a message on LOL Ender Dragon Fail
    Maybe It's Offended By Your Tendency To Capitalize Every Word For No Reason.

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    Quote from Redstone_Fanatic

    Hmm. I just noticed Block 36 is now Block 119. Not sure why it changed, considering nothing has yet taken Block 36's place.

    That's it, time to stick Notch in a room of Arrow dispensers and give him a pressure plate.
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    It's a fool who believes bronydom will ever die. This has burrowed its way into nerd culture like a parasitic mind-control slug, it won't go away any more than LOTR or Star Wars has.
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    Spent all day creating a chicken farm large enough to lag my computer, slaughtering the chickens created from the ~50 eggs/minute it produced. Hit level 16, got my enchanting table set up, enchanted a diamond pick with all 16 levels...

    ...Efficiency I.

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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    The Wasteland Challenge

    After puttering around on your Survival world for a while, you finally got enough resources to build your spaceship. Unfortunately, you put your TNT too close to your engine, one thing led to another, and now you've crash-landed on a lifeless rock.

    But you're Steve, conqueror of all you survey, and you're not going to take this lying down. You're going to turn this dead world green again, block by block, if it's the last thing you do. Of course, that ominous-looking tower you saw on the way down might be an issue...

    The Wasteland Challenge is a survival map set in a world stripped of life - even the rivers and seas are dried up, leaving only clay. Your mission is to find the single remaining hiding spots of each organic block, each hidden in a corner (either aboveground or inside a mountain - none of them require digging to access). The exception is grass, guarded at the top of a tower filled to the brim with monsters: reclaim it, if you dare.




    Your comments or suggestions are welcome, this is a really easy map to update with new ideas. You can post screenshots of your progress in this thread too.
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    Quote from z_bill

    Couldn't wait! Went ahead and started my Let's Play!


    Not much gameplay from the map itself yet. It's got a story intro to it and is the start of a kind of big narrative I want to do! Hope you like it and are able to tolerate my "acting" (ie: me pretending I don't know what is going on)

    There can be only one eyeball man, imposter! /eyebeam
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    I think it's a stronghold but no one seems to agree.
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    posted a message on Grass Triggers - When Plants Attack
    This is part 3 of a series of new mechanics and triggers I discovered or figured out how to abuse in my latest map. The previous two installments can be found at "Introducing the Tarzan Trigger" and "Abusing Block 36 for Fun and Profit". Unlike the other two, both the triggers featured today can be built legitimately by hand.

    Let's say you've got a massive stockpile of TNT, and feel like killing someone with it - but players on your server are crafty, and smart enough not to pull levers or break blocks. Or maybe you're a mapmaker, and want a trap to trip when someone lights up a room, or simply on a time delay. For your viewing pleasure, I present the Grass Trigger and the Vine Trigger:

    Essentially, both triggers are based on the fact that grass and vines update neighboring blocks when they grow. If in doing so they update a metastable block (like water flowing one way but not the other, or an unpowered but extended piston, both of which can be built legitimately - see for a demonstration), they can trigger any event you can rig up. For this demonstration, I've used still water as the metastable block, which can be used to trip a redstone signal by flowing across an active wire:

    Note that the Vine blocks must be placed in-game, directly placing them with MCEdit will not allow them to grow (tested by around 200 vine blocks over the course of an in-game day). For a time-delayed trap, use vines, which (like any other block) only grow when the chunk they're in is active - though be aware the player may still be far away. These are best suited for areas you know your target will be sticking around in. For a light-triggered trap, use grass connected to dirt blocks - the exact shape and length of the dirt section will modify how long it takes to trigger once lit. In this case, it took a few minutes, but it could be rigged to trigger in a matter of ten or fifteen seconds with a long single row of dirt.

    In-game, the Grass trigger looks like this:

    and the Vine trigger looks like this (note that the water is flowing in the second shot):

    As a final note, note that the Grass trigger can be set up as a one-time use Redstone solar detector.
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