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    (snip) I'm happy, you're happy, everyone's happy!

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    I thought we were valuing eachother's opinions, as I recognize yours, and I recognize mine?
    Isn't it my right as a Citizen of the United States of America to have Freedom of Religion AND Freedom Of Speech?
    Or would you now like to infringe upon MY rights?

    And also, if you cannot reproduce, then you are exempt. We don't go around blaming autistic children for not getting married and having children or being productive. It is not in their current capacity to do such things. For them, they must wait a bit longer 'till the afterlife to do such things, when they have a restored body, with full function.

    Any more questions? I'll be back tomorrow, because I need to sleep.
    Good night to all of you. :)
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    How do magnets work?

    Strange question to ask.

    Maybe this will satisfy your need for knowledge?
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    Alright, I have not been paying attention to where this thread has been going, other than seeing "bigots" a lot. I would just like to state my opinion on Gay Marriage, and I hope you all respect it, and think no less of me for it.

    So, the big problem most people have with Gay Marriage is that they just plain-out don't like it. It's strange to them. They just hate anyone who is Gay, or Transgender, or BiSexual.

    That is not my thoughts about it.

    I AM, however, opposed to Gay Marriage.

    In my religion, often referred to as Mormonism (Please, PLEASE, do not try to insult me about my religion or tell me anything about it unless you have extensively studied it and know what our values are), we believe that one of the main goals of human life is to reproduce, to make a family, with 1 father, and 1 mother. The Father's job is to provide for the family, the mother's job is to care for the children, and both are to give love and guidance in their lives. We also believe that sex is reserved for a couple that is married, and it is reserved for creating children. Now, for the conflicts Gay Marriage creates with my religion. 1. The 2 Partners cannot physically create children, without any kind of unnatural procedure. 2. If it is 2 women, there is no Priesthood in the household (If you want to know what Priesthood is, please search it on Mormon.org, not some strange website with weird definitions) . 3. The couple cannot be married within a Mormon Temple, and cannot be sealed for all time and eternity, even after death.

    So, naturally, Gay Marriage goes against everything I believe, and I can not say I approve of it.

    However, Mormons also believe in Agency, The god-given Freedom of Choice, and people may chose for themselves.

    Thank you for hearing my opinion on this matter.
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    This has to be, the most fantastic minecraft tool there is. I've had worldpainter for 6-8 Months now, and it is just freaking amazing. I have created gigantic maps, with huge mountains that have smaller mountains inside them, gigantic Caverns that I could get lost in forever, Volcanos with lava spewing out of them, the list goes on. It's just... Magniflorious. Thank you, Captain_Chaos, for making such a wonderful program.

    (Though I do have one concern. Whenever I create a Custom brush, then use it, If I need another custom brush where that one was, it changes all the stuff I have already Put down with the previous brush, to the new one. Is there some way I could change that, or what?)
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