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    posted a message on New Survival Realm (Java) Looking For Mature Players!
    1. IGN: Crane7905

    2. Age: 20

    3. Why do you want to play on this realm: Want ppl to play with consistently when im bored of college

    4. How many hours do you plan on playing on here: a few a day

    5. How good are your building skills: advanced, id say (I like larger scale medieval builds and making underground bases with redstone traps)

    6. About yourself (detailed): College student, swimmer, triathlete. Junior at college

    7. Time zone: EST

    8.The things you are expected from our realm, don't expect to be in our realm and things you like to do in Minecraft. - I want friends to play with (discord preferably as well) - I HATE GRIEFERS because I like building large projects and I hate when they are ruined by ignorant 10 year olds
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    posted a message on New Empty Realm everyone welcome!

    crane7905 - 19 - medieval style - underground base designer

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    posted a message on Hello everyone! Would anybody like to join my Realm?

    can i please join? IGN = crane7905

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    posted a message on Looking for players to my minecraft realm (vanilla/survival)

    ign - crane7905

    I have been wanting to build an awesome skyworld for a long time, but I keep on getting griefed... I want to finally be able to make one now :)

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