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    posted a message on Small Map Seed - 3 Mansions, 3 Villages, Jungle Temple, Witch Hut, Ocean Monument, Ice Spikes, Podzol, More!

    This Minecraft Small Map Seed has everything you need for an awesome game! you’ll find tons of stuff, including 3 woodland mansions, 3 villages, a jungle temple, ocean monument, witch’s hut, podzol, mushroom island, and an ice spikes field. I include all the coordinates and more for you.

    Seed: -7565253643149320499

    Map Size: Small

    Biome Scale: Small

    find balanced seed: Yes

    Woodland Mansion Near Spawn

    X:287 Y:69 Z:257

    2nd Woodland Mansion

    X:367 Y:74 Z:-431

    3rd Woodland Mansion

    X:-369 Y:71 Z:-273

    1 House Village beside 1st Mansion

    X:321 Y:68 Z:323

    Village near Spawn

    X:92 Y:72 Z:356

    3rd 1 House Village

    X:-188 Y:67 Z:-395

    Jungle Temple

    X:-235 Y:80 Z:-451

    Igloo with a Basement

    X:-427 Y:74 Z:294

    Ocean Monument

    X:198 Y:62 Z:-455

    Witchs Hut

    X:353 Y:67 Z:-188


    X:-448 Y:85 Z:206

    Ice Spikes

    X:-274 Y:75 Z:411

    Melon Patch

    X:467 Y:71 Z:157

    Pumpkin Patch

    X:434 Y:65 Z:-235

    Mushroom Island

    X:4 Y:73 Z:-380

    The End Stronghold


    X:33 Y:36 Z:147


    X:55 Y:35 Z:170


    X:57 Y:32 Z:158

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    posted a message on Small Map Size Seed, Desert Temple, Mansion, Village at Spawn, Jungle Temple, Ocean Monument, Igloo Cords

    This Desert temple, mansion, village spawn seed for Minecraft Xbox is the perfect seed for you if you want to play survival on a small map. Its basically jam packed for the small map size with almost every structure available in the game! You spawn right next to a desert temple and large Woodland Mansion which has a village with a blacksmith, church, & library right next to it. A little further you’ll find a larger jungle biome with a jungle temple. There is even an ocean monument & a igloo.

    Seed: -1048445179107069261

    Map Size: Small

    Biome Scale: Small

    Find Balanced Seed: Yes

    Spawn Point

    X:23 Y:70 Z:251

    Desert Temple

    X:58 Y:66 Z:314

    Woodland Mansion

    X:145 Y:67 Z:319

    Village with blacksmith, church, library

    X:279 Y:73 Z:265

    Jungle Temple

    X117 Y:67 Z:125

    Igloo without a basement

    X:-251 Y:65 Z:-503

    Ocean Monument

    X:-455 Y:63 Z:215

    Mushroom Island

    X:212 Y:65 Z:-259


    X:110 Y:69 Z:25

    The End Stronghold


    X:59 Y:18 Z:31


    X:57 Y:19 Z:19


    X:75 Y:19 Z:7


    X:44 Y:27 Z:2

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    posted a message on No end portal

    I do a lot of seed hunting and I always try to find the end portal. Its kinda annoying because more often than not the pearls don't actually give you the portal location, just the stronghold location. So your stuck searching and searching for it, usually tucked away in a corner after you've dug out the entire thing almost <_<

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    posted a message on Village spawn, Underwater Fossil, Podzol, and dungeon around spawn, 3 Ocean Monuments 4 Villages Seed

    You spawn right next a medium size spruce village with tons and tons of Podzol all around. Close by is a dungeon with about 12 diamond blocks just on display. Its also a great cave system underneath spawn. I found an underwater fossil close by, a total of 3 ocean monuments, and 3 more villages. There is even cords included for a dungeon around the end stronghold.

    Seed: 7336707025623688612

    Map Size: Large

    Spawn Village

    X:-159 Y:70 Z:178

    Skeleton Spawner-Dungeon (close to spawn village)

    X:-206 Y:19 Z:147

    8 diamonds near dungeon

    X:-225 Y:16 Z:123

    4 more near dungeon

    X:-229 Y:14 Z:112

    2nd Village

    X:-300 Y:73 Z:-1299

    3rd Village

    X:1531 Y:70 Z:-652

    4th Village (Acaccia) with Blacksmith

    X:1732 Y:72 Z:-347

    Underwater Fossil

    X:-169 Y:46 Z:-77

    Mushroom Island

    X:27 Y:65 Z:-293

    2nd Mushroom Island

    X:812 Y:72 Z:93

    Ocean Monument

    X:711 Y:62 Z:-391

    2nd Ocean Monument

    X:311 Y:62 Z:-1431

    3rd Ocean Monument

    X:1238 Y:62 Z:-839

    Mesa Biome

    X:1581 Y:65 Z:-267

    Pumpkin Patch Near Spawn

    X:-259 Y:70 Z:310

    The End Portal & Stronghold

    X:-528 Y:32 Z:958


    X:-555 Y:29 Z:979


    X:-580 Y:18 Z:1024

    5 diamonds near end stronghold

    X:-607 Y:14 Z:1027

    Spider Spawner-Dungeon near end stronghold

    X:-567 Y:43 Z:984

    Thanks to truthsouless for the following info:

    desert temples______

    -1238x ,74y, 664z

    1319x,XXy , 1546z


    -2355x , 66y, -445z --- small desert

    ----- blacksmith

    ----- library



    -80x, 54y, 2z (Nether)

    -584x, 66y, -32z (overworld)

    Blaze spawner

    -149x, 84y, 83z (Nether) in fortress

    ----- -208x, 75y, 262z (overworld), this is near spawn location and brings you very close to the fortress and to a nether dungeon (in the nether) plus will give you access to netherwart, glowstone, and quartz in the immediate area

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    posted a message on Village spawn, Underwater Fossil, Podzol, and dungeon around spawn, 3 Ocean Monuments 4 Villages Seed

    That is so awesome! thank you for the cords! I'm glad your having fun with it! I love to find good seeds that have lots of the things you want like structures and resources. I find it more fun :)

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    posted a message on Large Mesa Biome & 3 desert temples around spawn, jungle temple, dungeon, above ground Abandoned Mineshaft, gold galore Seed


    This is another great seed for Xbox one and console version of Minecraft. I made the vid so you can see what it looks like and cords are below.

    Seed 4342520492021269373

    Map Size Large

    Desert Temple closest to spawn

    X:-230 Y:66 Z:122

    2nd Desert Temple Close to Spawn

    X:-214 Y:66 Z:682

    3rd Desert Temple Close to Spawn

    X:58 Y:66 Z:570

    Mesa Biome Near Spawn

    3 Diamonds in Ravine, in lava, Under Mesa Biome

    X:-47 Y:13 Z:253

    4 diamonds in same ravine

    X:-13 Y:13 Z:277

    Dungeon Under Mesa Biome & next to Underground Ravine (2 chests)

    X:-232 Y:37 Z:426

    3rd Mesa Biome Close to Spawn with Above Ground Abandoned Mineshaft

    X:-45 Y:68 Z:999

    Jungle Temple Near Spawn

    X:-190 Y:68 Z:-506

    Large Taiga Village with a Church, Library, near Jungle Biome

    X:138 Y:66 Z:-829

    2nd Village Blacksmith, 2 libraries (found thanks to heartbr8kr)

    X: -418 Y:74 Z:703

    3nd Village (found thanks to MsSheepy)

    X:126, Y:71, Z:14

    Mushroom Island Near Spawn

    X:220 Y:68 Z:388

    Melon Patch beside Jungle

    X:132 Y:72 Z:-679

    Ocean Monument (found thanks to heartbr8kr)

    x= -1282 y=63 z= 188

    2nd Ocean Monument (found thanks to auzzyfozzy)

    X:-985 Y:62 Z:55

    The End Portal

    X:1007 Y:30 Z:-585

    End Stronghold Chests

    X:1005 Y:30 Z:-565

    X:1026 Y:23 Z:-546

    X:956 Y:31 Z:-543

    X:979 Y:28 Z:-543

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    posted a message on Minecraft Seed Village at Spawn with Blacksmith, Church, & Library

    This is another awesome seed for Minecraft on Xbox! You spawn right next to a small village that has a blacksmith, church, & a library. Its just waiting for you to build it up! Your also spawned right in-between quite a few different biomes as you can see. I love that because your able to collect a few different types of materials easily close to spawn point. Its just more options for better looking builds which is never a bad thing.

    Also randomly this map spawns a second bonus chest not far from spawn, and it did that for me on 2 different loads that I tried. I did try a 3rd time without selecting bonus chest and it did not work, so thats a must. Does the second chest show up on your map? Let me know in the comments!

    Another awesome thing about this map is you have a nice field of ice spikes close by and a mushroom island. The ice spikes area is relatively large which is nice and underneath it is an abandoned mineshaft and a dungeon with 2 chests.

    I always load my seeds on map size large and try to look through the first 9 maps surrounding spawn. As you can see here I believe all the biomes are covered in this seed within the first 9 maps closest to spawn map. Also the only structure missing as far as I can tell is a jungle temple, though I didn’t do a thorough search for that. If you find one, let me know! or if you find cords for anything else, i’ll definitely add them. Hope you enjoy the seed!

    Seed:1626418624653042887 Map Size: Large

    Village at Spawn w/Blacksmith, Church, Library

    X:193 Y:66 Z:180

    2nd Random Bonus Chest

    X:0 Y:64 Z:4

    2nd Large Village w/Blacksmith, Church, Library

    X:582 Y:66 Z:-726

    3rd Village w/Blacksmith, Library

    X:-505 Y:65 Z:-1272

    4th Large Desert Village w/Blacksmith, Church, Library

    X:-883 Y:72 Z:1303

    Ice Spikes Near Spawn

    X:-22 Y:78 Z:813

    Mob Spawner/Dungeon Under Ice Spikes

    X:-48 Y:41 Z:719

    2nd Mob Spawner/Dungeon Under Mesa Biome

    X:-953 Y:48 Z:-267

    Abandoned Mineshaft Under Ice Spikes

    X:-34 Y:27 Z:708

    Dirt Room

    X:-58 Y:31 Z:645

    Spider Spawner

    X:-58 Y:31 Z:634

    igloo w/no basement

    X:1269 Y:65 Z:-455

    Ocean Monument

    X:-1175 Y:62 Z:-311

    Desert Temple

    X:-1220 Y:67 Z:-1521

    2nd (hidden in sand) Desert Temple

    X:-1493 Y:75 Z:-181

    Witch’s Hut

    X:-140 Y:67 Z:-792

    2nd Witch’s Hut

    X:-732 Y:67 Z:321

    Small Mushroom Island Near Spawn

    X:-68 Y:-73 Z:457

    2nd Mushroom Island

    X:289 Y:64 Z:-338

    Pumpkin Patch Near Spawn

    X:259 Y:73 Z:18

    2nd Pumpkin Patch

    X:1483 Y:66 Z:-645

    Jungle Biome

    X:1596 Y:76 Z:-1452

    Small Mesa Biome

    X:1773 Y:67 Z:-1496

    Abandoned Mineshaft Under Mesa Biome

    X:1787 Y:36 Z:-1417

    chest in Minecart

    X:1780 Y:37 Z:-1439

    The End Stronghold

    End Portal

    X:759 Y:35 Z:-682

    Chest in Minecart

    X:732 Y:36 Z:-684

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    posted a message on A question to all the "pro-builders" and showing you my first steps

    I personally started my Electra Minecraft Theme Park on a totally flat world, and I regret it. I wish I had the natural landscaping to work with, now I think it would loook much better and much more natural.

    If you do choose a flat world, make sure you make it so you can dig down I would say at least 15 layers. I also did not do so on the theme park world, so I couldn't add any depth, I had to literally build everything up. It was more time consuming and difficult for some of the builds I did on there. I also can't give the illusion of going underground which kinda sucks as well!

    I think the natural landscaping will just mean less work for you in the end! Good luck with your builds though I know I have had so much fun making stuff! I post tutorials on my website and building ideas as well if you ever need inspiration. www.craftyminecraft.com

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    posted a message on Village w/blacksmith at Spawn & so much more! Including Mesa Biome w/Abandoned Mineshaft

    This seed has oh so much! You spawn right in a large village with a blacksmith, there are 4 villages I was able to find. Could be tons more because I did not check the entire seed, only the maps around spawn map. All the villages I found had blacksmiths. There is a mesa biome with an abandoned mineshaft underneath. There is also a abandoned mineshaft underneath the End Portal. Which is actually a pretty sweet setup itself there are a bunch of chests right around the end portal and 2 libraries. Its a pretty sweet stronghold.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Seed 4095092361113982303 Map Size:Large

    Village at Spawn
    X:170 Y:71 Z:226

    2nd Village w/Blacksmith & Desert Temple
    X:599 Y:69 Z:-689

    3rd (Tiny) Village w/Blacksmith
    X:753 Y:65 Z:516

    4th Village w/Blacksmith, Church
    X:820 Y:74 Z:-223

    Desert Temple (in Village)
    X:570 Y:66 Z:-710

    2nd Desert Temple
    X:1210 Y:66 Z:1337

    Igloo w/basement
    X:-171 Y:72 Z:1176

    Igloo (no basement)
    X:853 Y:66 Z:-1529

    Abandoned Mineshaft Under Mesa Biome (near village w/desert temple)
    X:904 Y:43 Z:-830
    Mob Spawner
    X:921 Y:43 Z:-848
    Chest in Minecart
    X:931 Y:42 Z:-830

    diamonds near igloo basement (7 diamonds)
    X:-174 Y:8 Z:1179

    Tiny Mushroom “Island”
    X:-103 Y:65 Z:-359

    Witchs Hut
    X:1556 Y:67 Z:260

    2nd Witch’s Hut
    X:-668 Y:73 Z:-313

    Ocean Monument
    X:1336 Y:62 Z:-346

    Pumpkin Patch
    X:-389 Y:69 Z:-59

    2nd Pumpkin Patch
    X:-365 Y:67 Z:736

    End Portal
    X:-950 Y:44 Z:-87
    chest #1
    X:-943 Y:45 Z:-89
    chest #2
    X:-930 Y:43 Z:-87
    Chest #3
    X:-925 Y:43 Z:-81
    Chest #4
    X:-920 Y:36 Z:-102
    Chest #5
    X:-948 Y:43 Z:-105
    Library #1
    X:-939 Y:42 Z:-112
    Library #2
    X:-924 Y:42 Z:-105

    Abandoned Mineshaft Under End Portal
    X:-957 Y:18 Z:-83
    chest in cart
    X:-948 Y:15 Z:-115
    Mob Spawner
    X:-938 Y:16 Z:-59
    Dirt Room w/2 Diamonds
    X:-920 Y:12 Z:-54

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    posted a message on Desert Temple near spawn & Igloo With a Dungeon in Basement Seed Xbox One

    Like the title says! all the cords are under the vid or you can find them in the description box on my youtube channel. Hope you enjoy the seed! :)

    Seed:-7973446009650840709 Map Size: Large

    Spawn Cords

    X:57 Y:70 Z:249

    Desert Temple Near Spawn

    X:26 Y:66 Z:84

    Igloo w/Basement

    X:341 Y:65 Z:-472

    2nd Igloo w/Basement & Dungeon

    X:21 Y:68 Z:840

    Tiny Village w/Library & Church

    X:1147 Y:67 Z:854

    2nd Tiny Village w/library

    X:-239 Y:69 Z:-749

    3rd Village w/Blacksmith, Church, Library

    X:-2038 Y:70 Z:683

    4th Village

    X:-1882 Y:67 Z:1387

    Jungle Temple

    X:-835 Y:73 Z:-987

    Pumpkin Patch Near Spawn

    X:-20 Y:73 Z:366

    2nd Pumpkin Patch

    X:-524 Y:69 Z:-1195

    Abandoned Mineshaft in Jungle Biome/Ravine

    X:665 Y:35 Z:-808

    Witch’s Hut

    X:1176 Y:67 Z:-285

    2nd Witch’s Hut

    X:-284 Y:67 Z:-1328

    The End Portal

    X:17 Y:35 Z:1160

    chest in minecart

    X:1 Y:40 Z:1178


    X:-13 Y:17 Z:1212

    chest in minecart

    X:-7 Y:17 Z:1197

    chest in minecart

    X:3 Y:35 Z:1200


    X:-38 Y:13 Z:1186

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