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    posted a message on I think installing mods could make acct prone to hackers!!!!
    It defiantly wasn't because you got a keylogger on your computer from, well, let's go with the term, "Inappropriate" things. :Notch:
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    posted a message on Does anyone even like gravel?
    I know we've all had our opinion about gravel had you played more than 2 hours of Minecraft. It's clearly there, the gravel I mean. It stalks us, whether we're enjoying a refreshing walk inside a nearby cavern or if we're strolling the spooky beach sides. It's there, and I do mean everywhere.

    If you're opinion wasn't already decided by this point, then allow me to enlighten you. Gravel is the plague of Minecraft (Similiar to creepers, except you cannot love gravel.). Gravel only has three uses, yes, three uses! First one being gathering flint, second being clogging streams of liquids, and the third, dropping it on people's heads (Great pvp weapon actually, but that's no bright side!).

    Let's begin on gravel's terrible side now, shall we? Gravel has always been the enemy of miners, since the start. When you're mining, out of the blue (Or gray more likely), gravel begins to rain upon your head. It will crush you, and if you are not crushed to death, it will have a nice nap on your mine's path. This blocks you from mining until you either completely destroy it with your hands or murder it with your shovel. It tends to leave giant holes in the ceiling of the mine as well.

    Gravel will stockpile inside your storage like spoiled leftovers in your fridge. It just uses up space because we all know there's only one way to get rid of it without messing up your landscape, and that's turning it into flint. Only problem, is it takes us an insanely long time to turn 64 gravel into 64 flint. We could use the time we spend turning gravel into flint on other useful things, like finishing that roller coaster or digging in our mine (In the assumption you don't pick up more of this block.).

    Now onto gravel's friend, lava. Any Minecraft miner can tell you, where there's gravel underground, there's generally lava nearby. Gravel for the most part is hugging a sea of lava. This is, of course excluding cavern gravel. The gravel near lava is almost always in your way however, the problem with this, is it wants to be mined by you. If you mine it though, your mine will be flooded with lava in less than a minute. Once your mine is flooded, you will have to clean it up and make a wall where the lava is pouring from. This is all caused by gravel doing what it does best, ruining your mines.

    Now I'm sure we've all run into a problem with gravel along the way of making our giant castles. So why would we not hate it? It's the block that keeps on giving, giving you annoyance that is.
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    posted a message on [Skin Request] Deuce & Charlie Scene
    Someone should make that a skin, looks cool.
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