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    posted a message on Small whitelisted survival server.
    - 13(almost)

    What do you like building/doing in Minecraft?
    - building,redstoning,mining,playing minigames with friends

    Which of these tool(s) are in Minecraft? Mace, Rubber sword and Wooden hoe:
    - Wooden hoe

    Your IGN:crafto23

    (And finally) How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    - about 2 and a half years

    (please let me in!)
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    posted a message on The Thief
    Quote from Zaberz
    ^Also,try checking your best friend's house and see if he has any thing that belongs to you and if not then check the other houses in the server.

    mmm what if he store it inside an enderchest?

    Quote from colorfusion
    Get the owner to install something like LogBlock without telling people, see if the thief steals again.The owner could also check the server log files to see who logged in between when the items were there and when they were stolen, narrowing down who could have taken it.

    ok i will try that...
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    posted a message on The Thief
    Whats up Crafters... just get to the point...

    i play on a mindcrack like server...
    it is private and whitelisted but the player are all around the world and dont have any connection other than playing on that private server...

    after a while of peaceful playing....
    comes a thief... or somebody became a thief...
    the "Thief" stole my 5 diamonds and some stacks of iron...
    and an infinity bow from my friend and 3 diamond BLOCKS from the server owner and more

    so, anyone have a suggestion how to catch this mysterious thief?

    here are a clue i find that might help....
    • the thief left me lots of cooked chicken after he stole my iron... so he might have a big chicken farm... but the only one who have that chicken farm is my best friend
    • and that friend is the only one who ever come in my home...

    ( btw. i dont ask who the thief... i asked HOW to catch the thief )

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    posted a message on Why Survival Mode has Become Boring
    what a year i spent with minecraft...
    and its never EVER! getting boring, firstly i play survival, then redstone came and be my new objective.
    after that it feels boring after you mastered it... than came servers....
    i play on one that has many mini games that i cant get enough with , until i play on a private survival server with whitelist,
    there, you can mine with your friends and make a shop, devour the servers economy, than impress your friends with your redstone skills

    there are infinite possibilities you can have/make in minecraft...
    so, the only thing wrong with you is your self.
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    posted a message on Redstone Wars
    IGN : Crafto23
    Position : Contestant

    when is this thing started?
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] 100% Vanilla Mindcrack Like Server [Whitelisted] [24/7]
    IGN (In Game Name):
    Age: 13
    Skills: Redstone, Buildings
    Time Zone:
    Favorite Mindcracker:Sethbling, Etho, Guude
    Why you want to join: It is very fun to play with other people that like this kind of server!
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    posted a message on Simple Semi Auto Pig "Farm"
    nice design!
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    posted a message on Brand New, 1.7.2, Vanilla Whitelisted Survival Server! BlockRise!
    Any previous bans? If so what for?*:never!
    Reason for wanting to join?*: it is very cool to play and build with others and to have friends of course
    Favourite MindCracker?:Etho,Sethbling (redstoners)
    Favourite aspect of Minecraft?:Redstoning, building, surviving,
    What could you bring to the server?*:i can make automated stuff for the server and a friendly things all over the place!
    YouTube:i have one but no video for now (in the future i will make some)

    hope to be invited!
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    posted a message on Halloween paintball map
    yes it is some magnificent buildings you make there!
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    posted a message on I need Builders
    I can be the redstoner if you like!

    *post pic later*
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    posted a message on Newbie Looking for fun crew ! :D
    I want to join your private server please!
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    posted a message on What's the most useless item in minecraft?
    well you can search for a villager that would trade 19 wheat for 1 emerald like i did!
    and i found a villager who would trade me 1 emerald for 4 bottle o' enchanting!
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    posted a message on Double Door Glitch?
    me too! but with beds instead of doors....
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 So Doc's village breeding cell can sometimes get out of control....
    well for survival i only had a little breading house
    it is very easy to build, Cheap And the one feature that makes it so great is...... Controllable!
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    posted a message on Villager Loyalty
    me already do those things especially number 5

    @ number 1: i cant do that! i'm not ready to go to easy or normal because
    there's to many iron golem chasing me! :(
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