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    In this suggestion, this will add a new use for cauldrons(they're currently useless right now) and buckets of milk. To make cheese you need one of the following a cow, cauldron and a bucket o' milk. which makes a total of 10 iron ingots. This suggestion adds a new food block, two new food item and a brand new potion; Potion of anti-poison.

    Okay now on to how to make cheese.
    1. Craft a bucket and fill it with milk(right click a cow with a bucket).
    2. Get a cauldron and put them milk in the cauldron.
    3. After you put them milk in the cauldron wait for a day or so. And now, you need your patience as you'll
    need to wait.
    4. After you wait for a day or so, the milk in the cauldron should turn yellowish then yellow right now. How to get the cheese? Well it's easy, right click the cauldron and voila! A cheese block is now within your iron grasp. It acts like a cake.

    Cheese: You need 10 iron ores to make iron ingots to make a cauldron and a bucket, cows and patience.
    Cake : You need chickens who lay eggs, sugar canes to make sugars, 9 iron ores to make iron ingots to make 3 buckets, 3 piece o' wheat, cows and also patience.
    The items needed is a little unbalanced.

    So the cheese needs 2 things to make it while cake needs 5 things to make it. Since cake is harder to make why not do it like this, instead of cheese filling 6 HPs and is used 6 times like a cake, instead it will fill 4 HPs and is used 4 times or at least 3 HPs and is used 3/6 times. And look the cheese and cake is well balanced now! Eating the cheese will remove any potion effect you currently have since milk removes all kinds of potion effects you have.

    The cheese slices also has a new use : Melted cheese? Melted cheese can be made by placing a cheese slice in a furnace by cooking it. Can be added to cooked chicken, porkchop, fish and steak, restoring one more hunger point. Example : Porkchops restore four hunger points, add melted cheese, the porkchops restore five hunger points. Easy right?

    Also, thanks to SilverJ-17 I have an idea; Potion of anti-poison. Makes you kinda like "invincible" against all sorts of poison related attacks for a suitable amount of time. Useful when you encounter against cave spiders in abandoned mineshafts. Can be brewed by using cheese slices. 4, 3 or 6 Cheese slices can be made by placing your cheese in a crafting table. The cheese block said can be made back by placing the correct amount of cheese slices in a crafting table.

    And that is all I can think about for now. Provide me with some ideas if you want to and thank you for your support.
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    We should add Shoop Da Whoop mob that shoots kilometers of rainbow laser. Kills you instantly and leaves lava on its trail. Pierces through all blocks including bedrock. Flies and has 9001hp. When it dies it explodes. Very huge big large humungous super-sized explosion that crashes your MC and make your computer/laptop explodes. lol
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    You know creepers right? You know those green, infamous, exploding, silent, hissing, armless mob. Anyway, creepers are suppose to camouflage if they want to ambush players and that is the reason I created this topic.

    There are only one creeper and its colour is green. But why not add more camouflaged creepers. Look at some the biomes that are different colours like taiga and tundra which snows and is white, deserts which is all tan or some sort and swamps which is dark green and well not mushroom biomes because they don't spawn every passive and hostile mob except mooshrooms, which means no creepers. With all this biomes, no more green creepers appearing in deserts, swamps, tundras and taigas. Instead their skin colour will match the colours of them biomes. I mean look, white creepers? Tan creepers? Dark green creepers? That way creepers can ambush you without being seen, well not really.

    So my suggestion is that when creepers spawn in one of these biomes their skin colour will not be green but according to the biome mentioned above: Deserts, swamps, taiga, tundra and maybe some other biomes I haven't mentioned. Except mushroom biome!!!

    Remember, this is only optional. You can vote at the poll whether Jeb/Notch should add this. Nether creepers. Yes... the souls of the creepers that you've killed have a revenge to kill you. Their skin will be just like netherrack. They are just like regular creepers in the overworld, only that they spawn in the nether. No :Lava: or :VV: will appear when they blow up. Nether creepers health should be decreased to 7.5-5 hearts only and drop 0-1 gunpowder since the Nether already have a flying "jellyfishes" that shoots exploding fireballs. Them creepers will take damage when it touches lava.
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    Dig a 3 blocks deep hole cover the opening.

    :SSSS: :Zombie: :Spider: :Skeleton:
    :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:
    :soil: :soil: :: :soil: :soil:
    :soil: :soil: :: :soil: :soil:
    :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:
    :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:

    Dirt - Dirt
    Air - Me!!!
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    Watchtowers huh? Nice suggestion and also maybe add some more things to it like crafting tables and furnaces as if people have lived there but abandoned it. Oh and a dock so we can easily enter the platform.
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