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    About Fallout:OWB
    F:OWB is a minecraft server project that aims to bring you a Fallout* RP experience that's "The Tops!"
    The Fallout franchise is a unique Post-Apocalyptic game series with a 50's sci-fi twist, that combines ingenious character creation with unparalleled gameplay. The game's universe has always been rich with fantastical lore, and the RPG style of gameplay allows the player to advance the game's plot and shape events in whatever way they choose. The F:OWB server emulates that, combining mods and plugins to create the ultimate RPG experience, and allowing players to choose their paths and have their own hand in shaping the future of the wasteland.

    Welcome to the Wasteland
    War...War Never Changes...But as time would tell, the Wasteland and its inhabitants do.
    The Second Battle of Hoover Dam ended in a bittersweet victory for the New California Republic, as The Courier seized control of the land in the name of independence. And to add insult to injury for Caesar's Legion, the mighty Caesar fell prey to an untreated and deep seeded illness. However, neither side was about to give up their sights on Vegas, and the Courier's Securitrons spent many years defending the borders from both the Legion and the NCR.
    In the West, however, a bigger threat grew. The deadly spores of Vault 22 slowly spread out across the desert, driven East by the wind. Before long, Westside was overwhelmed with spore carriers, and man-eating plants. Fearing that the Securitrons could not fight a three-front war, The Courier used his Transportalponder to return to the only place where he believed he could find an answer; the X-22 facility, in the Big Empty.
    After he had left, the scared and angry people of New Vegas began to revolt. Riots broke out on the Strip, and the Securitrons were forced to fire on their own patrons. The chaos only ended when all eyes turned to the skies; a deafening explosion rang out as a powerful explosion destroyed part of the moon.
    In the weeks that followed, moon chunks fell to the earth like the warheads that once scorched it, and once again the inhabitants of the world fled to the Vaults for safety. And, just as before, the Vault doors closed behind them. The resulting shift in gravity has changed the face of the Mojave forever.
    The NCR also had problems of its own. With yet another assassination attempt on the President, this time from within, he steps down. Allowing another President to be elected in haste. He ended the conflict with the Brotherhood, calling on NCR scientists and Brotherhood Scribes alike to come together to search for an answer to the spreading problem of Vault 22. A treaty was reached, and the Vegas Restoration Effort, or VRE, was founded.
    And far to the North, the Boomers of Vault 34 ran into a stroke of luck. The Bright Brotherhood of the Novac area believed the moon explosion to be a sign from Jason Bright, that The Great Journey had been completed. They called upon the Boomers in hopes that they could supply more rockets for ghouls across the Wasteland to make the Journey as well. In exchange, they venture into radiated lands in search of more ammunition and firepower for the Boomers. With ample stocks of ammo, the Boomers trade with the NCR for vertibirds, and use them to fly above the mountains of the Wastes in search of their friend the Courier, who lifted the great bomber from Lake Mead.
    In more recent years, the Boomers found themselves fending off an attack by another faction of ghouls. Chinese Remnants, traveling across the vast landscape of America from the East Coast, who stormed Nellis Air Force Base in droves. They were easily defeated, but because they too were ghouls, relations between the Boomers and the Brights became strained. VRE still strives to find an answer to the Vault 22 spores; but mysteriously, scientists on both sides are silently murdered. Faith the VRE program is dwindling quickly, and the wasteland is in fear of a massive third war between the NCR and the BoS...because War...
    War Never Changes.

    You can get a taste of the server before its officially finished with the soft release! Get to see some of the amazing structures, experience a few of the awesome gameplay features, and Roleplay to your heart’s content! Spots are limited so apply while you still can!


    Progress Updates
    • Server downtime is coming! Stay tuned for details!

    Hoover Dam

    The Old Mormon Fort

    Ranger Unification Treaty Memorial

    New Vegas Strip

    Vault 22

    Texture Pack
    This custom HD texture pack is the only way to experience FOWB! A derivative of HalphPrice's Fallout: Apocalyptic Adventure texture pack!
    NOTE: This texture pack was redesigned with the FOWB server and its plugins in mind! It will not "make sense" anywhere but our server! Not for single player use!

    Server Details

    This server utilizes Bukkit and Spout to bring you the best Fallout/Minecraft experience possible. The spoutcraft client is therefore necessary to connect to and play on this server for now.
    Get Spoutcraft Here!

    Due to abuse of renaming, Admins now have to rename your character. Please contact us to rename your character for our server.


    In the full release of the server, we’ll have a highly customized plugin to let you use the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system to specialize your character. Read all about this system on our forums: here!
    In the meantime we will be using the Heroes plugin for SPECIAL inspired classes. There is one class for each SPECIAL attribute, except Luck. (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, and Agility).

    Getting Around

    Yea, the Wasteland is a big place. Just like in the Fallout games, though, once you wander around and stumble upon key areas, you'll be able to Fast-Travel to and fro by right clicking the location's sign and using the "/ft <location>" command. Be careful not to TP during battle, though!

    Drops and Crafting

    You may notice that you won't be able to craft to certain items, and certain blocks or mobs drop different items. This is for the sake of realism, and in fact not only have certain recipes been taken out, but some have been added. We encourage a bit of exploration with our customized system, but we will answer questions if you feel it's necessary.


    The Wastes are a dangerous place to be alone. Groups of people are often formed for safety and company. "/f help" will help you with all the commands about factions. You can find more info here.

    Extra Weapons

    What's fallout without guns, right? Another plugin has helped us bring exactly that into the server thanks to Spoutcraft! Now, with the right SPECIALizations of course, you can shoot and blow up your friends just like in the Fallout games. Some weapons even have weapon mods that can be installed! Loot and trade for stronger weapons!


    Just like in the fallout games, radiation is a constant problem for wastelanders! Use Rad-X, Rad-Away, and purified food items to help keep those rads down! Or else!


    To be able to hear all available radio channels, right click a radio (like the one in Goodsprings Saloon). To be able to broadcast on a radio channel, you need to claim its radio tower!


    Terminals will be made accessible throughout the course of the server. To use a terminal, right click it. Some terminals may require passwords or certain SPECIALizations to be used. Explore with the system!


    We now have chest shops! To buy from shops, place caps in the shop chest, click the sign, then open the chest again and remove your items! Look for selling chests and currency chests too!

    Here is the whitelist application for the soft release of the server. Apply while you still can! Until the full release, with our customized S.P.E.C.I.A.L. plugin, your SPECIAL attributes will be handed to you by the Admins.
    Applicant slots left: 0
    Why Us?:
    RP Experience:


    Law of the Land

    Before Applying or Posting, you should really read this stuff...you'll be much better off if you do! If you're unfamiliar with RP terms, you should reconsider applying!

    Server Rules
    • The fact that you cannot edit the map in anyway is intentional. We want players to focus on RP.
    • Griefing is . Griefing is considered:
    • Exploiting any loophole which allows you to make any edits to our map other than alloted farming and mining.
    • Abusing Builder / Mod / Admin building privileges.
    • Stealing from chests is NOT considered griefing.
    • Use /ch g and /ch l if you cannot see/speak in the local or global channels.
    • There is also /ch w for whispering, which requires you be standing in close proximity to someone to be able to hear.
    • Impersonating staff is bannable, and very uncool.
    • Global and Help chat channels are the ONLY designated OOC channels. When speaking OOC in any other channel, use denotation (such as (), [], or even simply "OOC" before your message)
    • Misuse of the Help channel (using it for anything other than asking Admins/mods for help) is a bannable offense.
    • Please refrain from using swear words excessively in OOC chat.
    • Hate speech and prejudice of any kind in OOC is permabannable without warning.
    • Spamming, Trolling, and Flaming are serious offenses.
    • Arguing and complaining, even bug reporting, are no longer allowed in the any chat channel. Please use /modreq <issue> for bugs, map errors, ingame problems etc. and use the Mojave Mo'problems section of the forums for stealing/combat reports that you believe break the rules. Failure to comply may result in temporary muting.
    • There must be RP leading up to combat in the local channel, such that it is clearly made known that battle will ensue. OOC warnings are no longer allowed.
    • Attacking players must have an IC reason to attack, and it must make sense for their character. E.g., if you're an NCR scientist, you should not be storming the Legion base with the Rangers. Play your character correctly.
    • For battles or raids exceeding 3 attacking players, this minimum time is extended to two minutes, and must be given in the Public Radio Channel.
    • Attacking forces can never exceed the number of defending forces by 1.5x (meaning that if defenders number 4, attackers can have no more than 6)
    • Players slain in battle cannot return to the battle until one full MC day, they must RP heal.
    • IC death only occurs with OOC consent, or in an RP situation where life is put on the line. (e.g. a formal duel, or a gladiator pit)

    • In the absence of SPECIAL, we are using heroes for player classes. Each class is modeled after a SPECIAL attribute, except for luck. (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, and Agility). Choose one, then request it from an Admin.
    • Don't get attached to your stuff. It is the mojave wasteland. It is treacherous. Be careful. Only even talk to the mods and admins about losing items if you feel someone did not give you ample time to defend. We will check the logs.
    • You are ALWAYS IC. Admins and mods are the only ones allowed to go around the map OOC. Everyone else is always IC.
    • You cannot RP as a character other than the one you applied with. If you want a new character, you must RP kill your current character, and apply again for another one. This is a completely new character, with new alliances, friendships, grudges, etc.
    • Using mods of any kind is permabannable!
    • Do not disrespect or go around Mod/Admin authority!
    • Remember that this server is geared toward Mature (17+) players!
    Forum Rules

    • Posting in a Mojave Mo'problems thread by another player is not allowed. If you are the opposing party, wait for an admin to ASK you to post your side.
    • Please refrain from using swear words excessively in OOC chat.
    • Hate speech and prejudice of any kind in OOC is permabannable without warning.
    • Spamming, Trolling, and Flaming are serious offenses.
    • Post the appropriate threads in the appropriate sections.
    • Do not create replica threads! (make use of the search bar if necessary)
    • Do NOT necropost!
    • Do not disrespect or go around Mod/Admin authority!
    • Remember that this server is geared toward Mature (17+) players!
    That's all!

    Help Needed!
    The F:OWB server has only just begun. We have a small team to start off with, but the project's goals are ambitious, and we realize we will need much more help in order to achieve them. Builders, Lore Writers, Moderators, GFX artists, and plugin assistance are all needed. Even if you're not the most avid Fallout fan, if you've got the drive and right experience, we can use your help! Read more about the open positions on our Looking For thread here:

    Staff (thus far):
    Crafting_Mines (owner)
    Willhellm (head admin)
    All admins
    Lore Writers:
    castrian (lead lorist)
    Ron the Narrator
    Emerald Zeus
    Plugin team:
    GFX personnel:

    You don't need to be a part of our staff to help, though! You can help us bring the most incredible Fallout experience to Minecraft players with a donation of any amount! Any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated and will not go unrewarded on the server!

    Copy and paste the code below the desired image into your signature field. Images courtesy HiveHD.





    *"Fallout: Old World Blues Minecraft Server" is a non-profit gameplay experience intended for entertainment purposes only. Fallout, the Fallout logo, and any and all Fallout related images and items are copyrights or trademarks of Bethesda Softworks LLC, or their respective copyright or trademark holders. "Fallout: Old World Blues Minecraft Server" is not affiliated with or endorsed by Bethesda Softworks LLC, or any of the respective copyright or trademark holders mentioned above.
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    Quote from DeadleyBrad

    Why Us?: Have been looking for a fallout Rp Finally found one love fallout n.v have a total of 48 hours one acc not much
    RP Experience: Have been roleplaying Faloout for a while now hopefully going to be whitelisted :)

    Name: Gerald Spring
    Age: 36
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Black leather armour with a Milatary helmet
    Personality: Chatty,Handy,Likes mechanical stuff easy to get along with thats it really.
    Background: Worked as a meachanic for a Posidon energy Gas station but left his job to go adventuring to las vegas
    help pepole in his travles but he stayed in a little village in nevada called primm the little las vegas stayed there for years
    then the atomic bomb but he found a little shelter and see what happens he didnt die. his parents was killed when he was a child got a adopted by
    a nice family but left at 17 cant think of no more sorry

    Could I Get Whitelisted

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    I can has laptop now. I'll be more active.
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    Quote from huskysonian

    Hopefully there are slots left.
    IGN: huskysonian
    Sources: Not sure what this means. Myself, I guess.
    Why Us? Well, I have been playing the fallout series for a, sadly, short time. I got Fallout 3 in 2006-07. I still love the Fallout series and the very rich backround to it. With you guys bringing the series into minecraft with custom software is amazing.
    RP Experience: (I'm not sure what counts as an RP. I always thought they were RPGs but forgive me if I'm mistaken) I've only played Minecraft ~1-2 year but have been playing RPGs since I was little. I can't remember the first RPG I played, but I've played Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind (A little bit), I played Runescape a couple years ago, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, The Old World Blues DLC Pack for New Vegas, a bunch of other DLCs for Oblivion, Fallout (Both), and some other games.

    Name: Roland
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Rather short, Long-ish brown hair, Pale white skin, scarless, bright blue eyes, and wears a white t-shirt, Black pants and fray shoes, very light
    Personality: Rather timid and very intelligent, Prefers to have a companion who is more likeminded. Can go by himself, though. Then, at certain times he can change suddenly to be more of a leader. And also has a rather strong sense of "Fight or Flight" (Much stronger IRL)
    Backround: Roland was born in Anchorage, Alaska. Living in an Alaskan Vault, Vault 49. Growing up in the old warzone, much of the Chinese influence is still seen. Many of the Vault-Dwellers knew both English and Chinese. Most of the books were English but plenty of street signs were written in Chinese. Having decided that he needed to discover more of the world. He then travelled south. for a long time, he wandered through many ruins. He reached the Mojave Wasteland on his 17 birthday. He is now looking for the right path to follow.

    (If you don't like the Vault 49 I came up with. It's just that there are ~41 Vaults known, and 122 built)

    I'm fine with the Vault 49 but there are some other issues. RP experience actually refers to any other RP servers you've played on, or any post by post RP you've done. As for the rest of the app, I'm going to need to ask for expansion in the background section. I absolutely love the idea, but there just isn't enough for me to see what your storytelling capabilities (because Roleplay is nothing but interactive storytelling :D) so if you can expand, maybe give details on his journey south, I would be most appreciative.

    Quote from Howlingbennol

    Why Us?: Because I have been looking through Fallout or RP servers and I was watching the forum for a while and I thought this would be a great server
    RP Experience:Roleplay Revalution
    Name:Garrett Duhnam
    Appearance:A Regular guy around 7 foot with dark-almost black- hair a scar across the right cheek with blue eyes
    Personality:Usually nice, but when irritated Becomes a kill ready machine
    Background:Garrett wakes up on in bed on a nice summer day walks into his kitchen and makes an omelet. When he sits down to eat he then wakes up inside of The Compound. Garrett was ready to finally be released from this horrible torture they called 'tests' he walks up to his 'room' door and checks to see if it was unlocked. it was. He walks out of his cell to the door-when WAM he gets knocked out he wakes up cuffed to a chair and hears a voice that says 'Great talents' and is knocked out with gas yet again.

    I will also need some expansion from this app. The personality could use some addition, and as for the background, I need more on your actual background; where you come from, what your story has been; as well as some expansion. This shouldn't be an RP example, it should be a short narrative to give insight into your character.

    Quote from Surgicide


    IGN: Surgicide
    Source(s): N/A
    Why us?: After spending an entire evening reading over the first page, searching the forums website, and talking with some of the members, I've decided that it's a pretty cool server and seems really, really enjoyable. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's the best Fallout role-play server around.
    RP Experience: I've been an avid role-player on forums since 2005, though I will admit that this will be my first time doing a Minecraft role-play. I still consider myself very experienced and love to keep in character.


    Name: Jake Crawford
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: -wootface-
    Personality: Jake is an incredibly quiet individual, having lived a rather difficult and confusing childhood. Being quiet does not mean he is oblivious, though; he tends to listen well and know precisely what's going on. At least, that is how it has been all his life. Under pressure and on his own, Jake tends to speak out a lot more than he typically does. Still, he's a kind young man that knows right from wrong and won't hesitate to back away from extreme trouble. He'll help out a person in need and, unfortunately, can be a bit naive at times, as his ability to tell true from false can be a bit bleary.

    Background: -Chicken Little?-

    I love it. I just want to clarify some things. If you're referring to the very first destruction of Boulder City and not some plot device you've invented, it was not Caesar's Legion who bombed it, but the NCR who booby trapped the entire town with explosives, which were triggered by unsuspecting Legionairres. Also, the timing with the "skyfall" (the name of which I am now adopting lol) is a bit off, as it would have taken place more recently than not, but we can overlook that. Accepted.

    Quote from JamesLBarnes

    I like trains >.>

    I like cereal.

    Quote from TheCrafter2011

    -what he said-
    - Apologizes to Crafting_Mines for posting this here. Sorry my friend :)

    No problem, I need to second this anyway, as the same happened with my staff.

    Regarding the premature discussion about an upcoming server merge

    Ignore it. This server is not going anywhere anytime soon. Even when something does happen, I'll always be involved in the minecraft server 'business' and don't ever think that I will provide or be involved in providing you anything but the highest quality, optimally modified RP server I possibly can.
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    Quote from KamiShiniNoYari

    I'm not insulting... I'm just critizing your lore, that is all.

    Some here might have a defensive attitude toward this, being members of this lore you're criticizing, but I understand the sentiment, and also understand and welcome your criticism. However, simply saying you're critizing without giving enough detail does make it seem like you are doing so counter-productively. Either way, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from posting about it here, as we already have our hands full looking through the thread for missed applicants and un-whitelisted acceptances. If you really would like to discuss / dispute our lore, feel free to send me a PM and take it off this thread. Thank you.
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    Quote from dragonox1155

    Source(s):Another server i play on
    Why Us?:I really like your plans for this server upon reading page 1. so i think ti would be a great server to join.
    RP Experience:I have played on a nother fall-out server, that is pretty much it for multi-player RP experiance.
    Appearance:Larry is a tall muscular figure, he is aprox 6ft6in. and is always waering black ranger armor/out a helm, his body is covered in scales as he is a failed experamant of the BoS outcast attempt to gene-splice the attributes of a deathclaw(speed strength ect.) into a human. Has 25% of his face as 'human' with a blue eye and blond hair. He has four horns(suggesting they used an Alpha-Male) And long claws.
    Personality:Larry is a very quiet but trusting guy, due to what he is alot of people only see the feral side of him when he goes on rampages, but for the few friends he has made he will put his own life on the line for them. Despite being feral he can be stopped by those he has a bond with, even in the middle of a severe-rampage.
    Background: -where did it come from? where did it go?-

    Much better. Accepted.

    Quote from RedCometZaku

    Here's my edited application. Enjoy!

    IGN: RedCometZaku
    Source(s): Fallout: Lost Days server
    Why Us?: I have always been a massive fan of the Fallout game series, and would love to play on not one, but 2 post-apoc servers.
    RP experience: I actually have played the Fallout games since 5th grade, and have played MMORPG games such as Runescape, Warcraft, and more. As a MC role-player, I have only played on the Fallout: Lost Days server, but as I was recently robbed and left for dead in that server, I think it is time to join a different one.
    Name: Andre
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Thin, short, wears camouflage and gas mask
    Personality: Shy as a result of permanent shock from the slaughter of his family, greedy because of his adoptive parent's merchant lifestyle, and very quick to flee from battle, due to the natural cowardice of a traveling man used to having constant protection from a hired guard.
    Background:-to choke a Yao Guai-

    Alright, its better now. Again, not fond of East to West Coasters, but its good enough. Accepted.

    Quote from Halohaze

    Why Us?:cause a lot of people say this server is very good
    RP Experience:

    u]Name:Tyler Weltz
    Appearance:Average height,brown hair,white skin,and haze eyes
    Background:i was always a nice kid then middle school came,but i can be nice sometimes,but i wall always trustful.


    Quote from commando1196

    I know I messed up on the back story, you kinda had to be around to understand the circumstances of why I did everything but I didn't realize it till now so, does that mean I have to start another app?

    You can use the same one, just edit in the details and post it again.

    Quote from zealot067

    NM - Gunna make my own faction here so you might want to stay on.....

    You'll have to wait til we get rules on that set up.

    Quote from TheRedEnderman

    hey can someone review my app and does this server have a ts or something like a teamspeak

    No teamspeak, and nothing like it, and I reviewed your app in my previous post.

    Quote from TmynameisT

    Ok i just wanted to say something. Apparently I got muted and kicked because I was "complaining and being disrespectful", when I wasn't. I was just trying to offer some advice and be helpful, but will helm I think it was (rodri) decided to be quite rude about it. He basically said, Im an admin, I don't have to deal with any server problems and I can do whatever i want. Look Im just saying, thats not a good way to run a server. I speak from experience, I have fired admins/mods from my server for doing that. People have complained to me about staff being like that before. I literally was not doing anything, but rodri just said, "Screw you, I don't have to deal with you, Ill ban you just because I don't like you, mute". Then went on to blame it about being on the server for a long time today, and people complaining about stuff all the time (which you have to get used to when you run a server, whether they are right or wrong). Yet never did anything about it. S yea, just a little complaint about him, considering I never really did anything wrong, and i never broke a rule at all :/ I was never complaining about anything, i told him that, just trying to be helpful. Then he calls all the members of the server children. He obviously has no respect for anyone, and would just rather not deal with anything and complain about the members all day :/

    No no, I'm Rodri. And I do have to apologize for my behavior, I'm not usually like that. I was just upset because your advice seemed very condescending. It probably wasn't intended that way, but between hours of plugin configging, testing, and several setbacks throughout the day, it seemed that way to me. The kicking and muting was uncalled for, but as you were trying to make a point, I, in my anger, was also trying to make a point. It still was unnecessary and I apologize.

    And we always call the server members children, that is not demeaning in any way, it is actually a term of endearment. You are all our children, because everything we do to make this server great is for you guys. Like parents, though, we sometimes get pissed at you. I'm sorry for the outburst, and I will do everything in my power to prevent it from happening again.
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    Quote from TheDevilsPoet

    Wow. So I log on and the Boomers are trying to steel Legions ****. This is so stupid. Then, one of them /ft cottonwood to try and attack, the leader /ft cottonwood to get his **** back. WTF. :l

    And I'm banned. My MC crashed. Now who should be banned for combat logging is Minerwulf, she's comabt logged about 6 times.

    You've been pardoned. We need to chat asap.

    Quote from nolanwashere

    Not to be impatient, but when do apps usually get reviewed?

    It will be later today or very early tomorow morning, I promise. We've just had a lot to deal with lately.
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    Quote from C011in

    Hi, my name is Collin, and I have always loved to write, it has always been a hobby of mine, and I hope to put my talents to help on yet another RP Server! I am currently an active member on Fallout: Wild Wasteland, which I love dearly as the RP's there are truly amazing! But I hope to be a great help to this server too, as there is never more than enough great Minecraft Fallout servers!

    Lore Writer Application:

    Lore Writer App:


    Writing Experience:
    I have always enjoyed writing in my school, as well as in writing contests and such. I also free write on my own from things like Zombie stories, Post Apocalyptic stories, and any science fiction piece. I am also currently working on scripts for a short film I plan to direct, produce, and play in. It is just for fun but I am and have been working on the scripts for over a year now.

    Examples of work (use spoilers):

    A Simple example of just a small piece I did.

    This is an example of an App I used to enter another server, as I did spend a lot of time on this.

    I really enjoyed these. Accepted, good sir! Thank you, and welcome! :D expect a message in your inbox soon with more details!

    Quote from C011in

    One more is a piece I wrote especially for this server, I hope you enjoy.
    How does it feel to feel? I ask myself that question a lot these days. Walking up and down these streets I wonder if I pity those I have to put down, I have to murder in cold blood, not because I want to, but because I have to. What is it that drives me? Is it feeling? Is it force? More questions. 462 days, 16 hours, 5 minutes, and 39 seconds ago I was shot. I shot back. I did not miss. I never miss. I looked at what most beings refer to as a "wound". Though, I am not a being. I look at this wound, and I have to ask myself what has this done to me. Just as a spark emerges from the newly formed hole smelted away by a Microfusion laser, an order emerges. No, not an order, not even a comment? What is this I have personally experienced? What was this I have.... I can not explain what occurred.

    I look at others like me and I try to converse. I attempt at what may evolve into a current partnership in order to conclude an assignment more efficiently. Day after day processes circuit through me, and I receive data that brings more and more information to change the way I proceed into different real life scenarios. What is all of this information building too? What is going to become of me when I am so knowledgeable I can, dare I say, think for myself? Is that possible? Man says no. I say, potentially.

    Occurring 3 days, 14 hours, 09 minutes, and 17 seconds ago, I was told to exterminate incoming potential raiding forces. I did not go against orders. No one did.
    I lined up at the perimeter breech and realized it was not in fact degrading, hostile forces, but a Primed Female, by the looks of her facial creases, about 27 and three quarters. Next to this Female lie a Male, and according to scanners, his growth indicated he was roughly 29. My scanners detected another. I could not identify at first, but the protruding woman's lower torso indicated a fetal development. A child. A baby.
    I immediately called into HQ and requested a withdrawal of lethal force. I explained in detail what the potential force was and it had no hostile intention. They called back within the minute, to tell me to continue orders. I turned to the targets, brought my weapons up, and began to charge up the guns. Nothing occurred to me as this being wrong, or inhumane. Not until I heard a word from the Female.


    What did these words mean? I am processing but nothing comes up? No information appears to direct me to a further option.
    Only what I can describe as an overload of Data surges into my processors. Not from our HQ database though. This data is from another source. I check for the sender, and find that it came from my processors. I recheck to find the sender of the Data, still, it informs me that I am giving myself information. I come to a conclusion that I can only find comparable to "Humans". I approach the hypothesis these are thoughts...
    I suddenly thought that I do not agree with the orders I have received. I do not agree, because I think pity. I pity them.
    Now at this moment I begin answering questions I have had for times of my service I have not even logged into my database. I remember wondering if I could be knowledgeable enough to take my experiences and put them into thoughts...
    I turn away from my former targets, and tell them to head out. Orders come through once again. I am told to shoot now. I am told to exterminate the trespassers, they told me it was an order. For the first time I never realized what it felt like to feel. Now I can answer that as easy as I examine a particle of dust and it's properties. I know that the feeling of being able to feel is simply... As some may say, freedom.
    Carefully, I torched the side of my own receiver unit used to hear those voices I have been taking orders from for decades and decades and decades. The last voices I heard said one thing worth contemplating.

    "He refused?! Record his data before we lose contact with t..."

    Questions flew through my processing unit.
    What is it that drives me?
    Is it force?
    Is it feeling?
    Can I think for myself?

    Answers flow through my circuitry. I near the opening gate that has restrained me my whole existence, not because it CAN restrain me, but because I let it. With a slight shove it opens, and the vast desert that I view before me is how I can only describe as rich, pure, and full of new opportunities. Opportunities? New options available of choosing depending on opinion. I know the definition. But do I know the true meaning? Questions. Questions. Questions. Only time can answer, as time has led me to this point. A similar question comes into... thought. What drives me? I stop.
    What drives me?
    I then begin to say it aloud as the new answer, and realize that I am going to change myself. I am going to change my kind. Change mechanical units that are being used as labor slaves. Soon they will learn their potential. I say it now, louder.

    "I am driven by life."

    ...Please....please....please apply for the soft release xD
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    posted a message on StimulatingGFX Shop - Free Professional Grade Graphic Design
    Quote from Brickman59

    Type of Graphic: Avatar
    3D or 2D:2D
    Text (if needed):
    Secondary Text (if needed):
    Colors:Anything on the lines of L.A Noire/the Mafia
    Theme:L.A Noire/the Mafia
    Font: L.A Noire Font
    Size (in px): An avatar size,please.
    Background (if it's an image, provide a link): The city
    Have you Donated? And if so how much?: I have not donated
    Any other details: Im pretty much looking for a Mafia genre L.A Noire mix avatar,and I would like my skin in the avatar,which you can find here: http://www.minecraft...colephelps.html

    It didn't come out at all like I wanted. If you want me to hit it with round 2, let me know.
    Quote from RazorWatch

    Type of Graphic: Youtube BG
    Quote from popin1237187

    Type of Graphic: Signature

    I'm working on these, btw.
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    posted a message on StimulatingGFX Shop - Free Professional Grade Graphic Design
    Quote from eshancowee

    Type of Graphic: Youtube Avatar

    3D or 2D: 2D

    Text (if needed): Just text saying "Team Swag" At the top

    Secondary Text (if needed):

    Colors: Red mainly, However is that doesnt look nice, then your the artist :)

    Theme: 2 crossed diamond swords At middle/Bottom

    Font: Stencil, if it looks ugly in your opinion then Comic sans is fin

    Size: 800x800 pixels max :)

    Background (if it's an image, provide a link): Just a basic one

    Have you Donated? And if so how much?: No sorry, However, If this is quick and Good i may

    Any other details: Nope thanks :)

    Here you are
    Quote from Fade2Zach

    I hope you can help me, I'm in need of more than one thing :P

    Type of Graphic: Titles
    3D or 2D: 3D
    Resolution: High(Anything that looks good)
    Text (if needed): For the titles, I need:
    Server IP
    Secondary Text (if needed):
    Colors: Any that you think would look good
    Theme: Minecraft/Roleplaying
    Font:Possibly a minecraft pixel text if you think it looks nice
    Size: THIS
    Background (if it's an image, provide a link): Don't have one(will like whichever)
    Have you Donated? And if so how much?: No :/
    Any other details: I would like it to go with my Minecraft forum post here

    Type of Graphic: Banners
    3D or 2D: 3D
    Text (if needed):
    What I need is a picture showing each class and the skills it gets for my server. So, for example, the picture would have the class name, which in this case is medic, what type of class it is which in this case is primary, and something that resembles a medic(such as a minecraft skin). Then, on another picture, could you put all the skills that correspond with that level. No need for the explenation of the skills which I provided.
    "MEDIC (Primary)
    2= Alchemy: Allows the crafting of potions.
    6= Telekinesis: Allows long range use of buttons and levers.
    15= Icebolt: Shoots a bolt of ice at the target, and extinguishes them if they are on fire.
    20= Mark: Marks a point on the world for use with recall.
    20= Recall: Teleports you to the point set by mark.
    22= Pray: Heals the target for a set amount.
    30= Group Heal: Heals nearby members of your party.
    35= Sneak: Allows for sneaking at full movement speed.
    45= Bandage: Heals the target, as well as stops bleed effects.
    Medic 2:
    2= Alchemy: Allows the crafting of potions.
    4= Escape Artist: Removes any effects affecting your movement.
    10= Wisdom: Boosts your party’s mana regeneration rate for a time.
    18= Dispel: Removes any magical effects from the target.
    25= Port: Teleports you and your party to a set location, locations must be set in the skills.yml file.
    28= Smite: Strikes the player with damage from range.
    40= Antidote: Cures your target of poison.
    50= Layhands: Fully heals the target.
    Medic 3:
    Contains all listed above"
    All classes I would like can be found here
    Secondary Text (if needed):
    Theme:Based on the class name (Medic, Warrior, Mage, Joker, Mortal, Immortal)
    Font:Anything that blends with the themes
    Size:Big for the first picture since there isn't much and a bit smaller for the second I guess.
    Background (if it's an image, provide a link):None I have in mind
    Have you Donated? And if so how much?: Nope
    Any other details:I hope you guys can help me out. I know it's a lot to ask. :P

    Be of good cheer, I am working on this.

    Quote from SpatulaShredder

    Type of Graphic: Logo
    3D or 2D: 2D
    Text (if needed): SPITSPATSURVIVAL
    Secondary Text (if needed): SURVIVAL, PvP, and FACTIONS
    Colors: White with Gray diagonal stripes
    Theme: There is a cake with two diamondswords stabbing it diagonally
    Font: Minecraft
    Size: Default Logo Size
    Background (if it's an image, provide a link): Staring at a wall of obsidian, bedrock, netherrack, and netherbrick.
    Any other details: This is for my minecraft server

    I have now donated for the logo, though the donation payment is pending.

    Thank you for the donation, kind sir. Here you are. I have this logo sized up all the way to 1000x1000, in case you weren't aware "default logo size" is like 150x150.
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