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    Quote from Muffinkiller0307

    When will you be accepting mod apps?

    That is up to my admin willhellm.

    Penis...footed...teddy bear? O-o
    Anywho, meh likies. Accepted. Bear with us as we get things situatued, I'll shoot you a PM soon enough.
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    Waiting for Feo to get to the pub and whatnot. Just saying. Im not inactive.
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    Release has been pushed back to around 3pm EST. There was a major power failure in my town, and tbh, there's no guarantee it will stay up now. I will get as much done for the server as I can, and I ask you all to pray that it doesn't all poop again. Otherwise, we're postponed until tomorrow. To all those who are about to complain: **** happens. Get over it. The server will be up sooner than later.

    Quote from WinterWrath2089

    Do we need the spoutcraft launcher, or the plugin?


    @Waiting Applicants:
    Obviously, the server actually going up takes priority right now. I'll get to you as soon as its settled.
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    Quote from JamesLBarnes

    I'm having problems with the texture pack, ever since I got spout I can only seem to load textures off of the Spout database. Would you be able to upload the pack there?

    I will be uploading the soft release version of the texture pack to both mediafire and the spout database, that should solve problems.

    Quote from WinterWrath2089

    I'm also having a bit of trouble with the texture packs. Anyone know exactly how to install it?

    Read the above response!
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    The first post has been updated with some information on the soft release, as per many questions about availability of features. This information will soon be incorporated into the Server Details section but has been put under the Soft Release section for now to avoid too much confusion and for your convenience.
    The IP should become available between 12 and 1pm EST tomorrow.

    Quote from painlessspy

    IGN: PainlessSpy
    Source(s): Friends and Forums
    Why Us?: I love the Role-play experience and the Fallout series, from everything I’ve seen about this server it would fit my need perfectly.
    RP Experience: The Hardcore Rp server “RomeCraft” 3 other Role-Play servers, Fallout:NewVegas, Fallout:3 and the Fallout server “MojaveCraft”.

    Name: Patrick Brutus
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A slender but, built man. A bit over average height. Short brown hair. Grizzled face (Not seen), He wears an old beat up set of Riot Gear found on a dead Leader of a band of Raiders.
    Personality: Quite and serious, he ponders a lot on why he is here. He has a great memory when it comes to conversations, people and routes to wherever. He is rather sneaky and is bought to anger. He is often considered to be a pessimist and keeps much to himself.
    Background: -Another and another-

    Looks good to me, sir. Accepted and Welcome!

    Quote from Apotheophobic

    Just one day until release! Does that mean it's out in 5 hours or...?

    We are still finishing up some things! Adding our configured plugins, doing some further tests to ensure functionality, and cleaning up our builds! So far, we are on schedule!
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    Quote from TealMau5

    IGN: Tealmau5
    Source(s): Friends of mine
    WhyUs?: I feel the whole essence of fallout RP is amazing. It takes the fallout universe to a whole new level. I am second in command of a quite large Fallout RP server named Fallout: The lost days and I would love to RP on another fallout server aswell. I feel that this server shows potential in contrast with a lot of the other fallout RP server popping up recently.
    RP Experience: I am going to be honest and say I have only RP'd on one server, Im still quite a novice at it but hope to become better and try my best to add specific details that make the RP more immersive.
    Name: Atlas Amador
    Age: 43
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Mid length blonde hair, a little under average height and quite skinny but with quite average arm width. Looks as he could handle himself in a fight but isn't a fighter.
    Personality: British accent, quite nice to everyone, maybe a little too nice. A wine contisure along with a love for cigars. He is also very charismatic.
    Background: -what background?-

    Willhellm will address this once again

    Quote from RustyLawnmower2

    Ign: RustyLawnmower2

    Source: My Friend C011in

    Why us?: I love to Roleplay, and I feel this server is a very organized place to do so!
    RP Experience: I have RP'ed on many places and servers! I have played ALL of the Fallout games as well as SWTOR.

    Name: Isaac

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Isaac is a fairly tall, and well built man. He appears scruffy around the face due to the lack of shaving, although not a beard, just stubble. he wears old thin Combat armor found scavenging an old relay tower. He may look more menacing than he is, but he is not a wretched killing machine. Just a survivor.

    Personality: Isaac is a good man at heart, and tries to do the right thing. But with all the pressures from others, he has a tough time knowing what is right or wrong, leaving him a confused, and silent man. When he comes by others, he attempts converstations, and can even make the right friends. He is a good man, but decides that all military organizations are corrupt to some degree, and that staying away from them at the moment will be of best interests for everyone.

    Background: -Home...home on the range...-

    I admire the detail put into the journey West. Accepted. Welcome!

    Quote from HunterActual

    I am just trying to prove to you that he isn't a griefer. If you think it's "drama" that's fine. Also I will not be playing on this server due to your inability to listen and be reasonable. Good luck to you and your server and sorry for any trouble that has been caused.

    Umm...broski, he's the one who said we weren't worth his time. Continuing to talk about it after the person in question voiced this, is just overdramatic and unnecessary. I understand that Willhellm asked for someone to vouch for him, but the person did not say he was doing so, he was just leaving. Sorry if I snapped earlier, I'm working hard at making the soft release better than we had originally planned it to be. And thanks for the kind words, no need to apologize, adios amigo.

    Quote from levodicus

    so glad my backgrounds are getting such great paraphrasing like "lolwut" what did i do wrong? I re-read the lore, and i sticked to Fallout-New Vegas ideas and actual people. Whats so weird about it?

    No no no! xD My paraphrasing was not in regards to your background, I just add in funny little tidbits that serve no real purpose. I think it was fine, but Willhellm handled you before, he'll handle you again.
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    Quote from con68

    Builder App:
    IGN: con68
    Age: 16
    Building Experience: Previous Fallout servers and other game themed servers, Mainly buildings on Zarkov.net
    Examples of work (screenshots):
    Time you can dedicate: 3-5 hours
    Time Zone: GMT

    I'm going to accept this, but again, as we are super overloaded preparing for release, it might be awhile before you're contacted.

    Quote from SuperSpike

    Builder App:
    Building Experience:since 1.6 - Won 4 building comps - Help build spawns (one of which was the strip)
    Examples of work (screenshots): http://imageshack.us...0708120121.png/ i can get more images?
    Time you can dedicate: 4-5 hours per day
    Time Zone:Centrel
    P.S. I was gunna make an old wolrd blues map anyway XD

    A) Yes, please provide any more images? Hate to make a decision on just one, good or bad.
    B) The Old World Blues add-on location (Big MT) is not currently being worked on, just so you know.

    Quote from Muffinkiller0307

    IGN: Muffinkiler0307
    Age:13 very mature

    Moderating Experience:I have been mod on many servers,i am a head admin on one(ask homer4000)
    References: Superchicken099,homer4000
    Time you can dedicate:6-7 hours in the week 5-6 hours week ends
    Time Zone: Eastern time zone

    We're not accepting mod apps.

    Quote from jackjust123

    BuildingExperience:plenty of building experience on many servers
    Examples of work (screenshots):i don't have any pics of any fallout ideas but i will start building something and if you accept IL send u a link
    Time you can dedicate:i can dedicate plenty of my time into a project like this
    TimeZone GMT

    I'm sorry, we may revisit this, but no screenies, no chance of acceptance. Don't have the time to cater to anyone yet.

    Quote from abbie0522

    Builder App:
    IGN: abbie0522
    Age: 17
    Building Experience: I have been on a lot of servers, I've built entire towns and even helped build spawns and other peoples towns.
    Examples of work (screenshots): Sadly the servers I went on have then since fallen and that is why I am looking for another server.
    Time you can dedicate: I play pretty much 9-14 hours per day. I am a very accident prone and sickly girl, so I don't leave the house much.
    Time Zone: Uhm... I actually don't know what it's called but its the New York timezone.

    I just love Fallout :3

    NY is EST, and see the above app response.

    Quote from CaptainAnonymous

    ING: CptAwesome96
    Age: 16
    Building Experience: Help building on multiple servers (such as this one)
    Examples of work (screenshots): (None to provide)
    Time you can dedicate: I have finished school and I'm waiting for my next school year to start. So around 2 months.
    TimeZone: GMT +0 (I live in England in other words)

    See the app response above the app response above.
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    Quote from MonochromeNoir

    IGN: Breath

    Source(s): Lurking for RP servers.

    WhyUs?: I love OWB, and Fallout New Vegas. Also, I love to RP. This RP server is the best of both worlds for me.

    RP Experience: I've played multiple roleplaying games, like Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Obvlivion and Borderlands. I've also roleplayed in forum RPs before, so I can roleplay text pretty well.


    Name: Sev R. Estergrand

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 6'2" Caucasian. Short white hair and brows, with a dead gray tone to his eyes, which are always shuttered. His skin is tan, with various scars running along his forehead, chest and arms. Never wears a helmet, but always wears his Elite Riot Gear custom black armour. Brandishing spiked brass knuckles as his main weapons, and a 10mm pistol as his secondary.

    Minecraft Skin Version: http://www.planetmin...skin/sevs-skin/

    Personality: Speaks in a monotone, yet always seems to sound rude. Calm, in an intimidating way. Aggressive and violent, somehow always keeping the look of calmness. He has a strong fear of any type of power armour, and anyone wearing it. If attacked or approached by anyone wearing power armour, Sev may sometimes fall into shock, or go into a maniacal rage. His maniacal rage would most likely be triggered by Enclave specific power armour.

    Background:-Lost on the way to Vegas-

    I like this, but there's a problem with the Backstory I see right off the bat. The X-22 facility is quite a big part of our Lore, seeing as the Courier supposedly went there to stop the spread of the Vault 22 plants. Please shoot me a PM so we can discuss this matter before I accept you.
    Quote from Gundam_se125

    IGN: Gundam_se125
    Other people on a server.
    Why Us?:
    I like the fact that this server takes place in the Fallout: New Vegas location and seems to be on a very good footing in terms of what you have accomplished and the detail you have put in to the server.
    RP Experience:
    I am currently part of another Fallout themed server; The Lost Days. I know this isn't RP but I have played both Fallout 3 and New Vegas so I have a good understanding of the general Fallout lore.

    Name: Jack Archer
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Caucasian, has well developed facial hair, wears his Vault shirt with green cargo pants and a jacket. Also wears a broken holotag.

    Jack is a rather charismatic and serious individual who understands the importance of getting things done. He respects the structure of power and will rarely dispute with orders given to him by his superiors. However, Jack is also very down to earth and has gotten along with most of the people he has met on his journey through the wasteland.

    -Also lost on the way to Vegas-

    I like the quality of writing here, and I like the character. Gotta say, I'm not too fond of characters who travel across all the MidWest and through Caesar's territory into Vegas, but you're accepted all the same. Welcome!

    Quote from Marlyie123


    IGN: Marlyie

    Sources:google and my own curiosity

    Why us?: i understand a huge amount of fallout lore and am genuinely amazed in the time and effort put into this project
    it is amazing. i have completed fallout 3 and new vegas and my mates getting me 1 and 2.

    RP Experience: i have a good understanding on how to role play having been on many role play servers including the gta sa mp ones.
    and as previously said i have finished 3 and NV.

    Name: Max Nova

    Age: 38

    Gender: male

    Appearance: Max has a Brown beard reaching back to his ears no hair and he is rather musculer and wears nothing but a
    white singlet brown trousers a gun belt and a pip boy 3000.

    Personality: Max has quite an attitude having been on the streets for most of his life not really been able to make friend although he had a friend named passos,

    Background: -murdered by the patrol-

    I'm going to ask for a bit of expansion...and grammar checking on this. There's a lot of run-on sentences. Please make some changes this, but I'm going to put you through on good faith. Welcome!

    Quote from Zanec321

    Source(s):google,i mmainly use it for servers its my way and it gets good pages front page
    Why Us?:your epicer then me and im epic but its fallout theme
    RP Experience:world of warcraft and fallout 3 new veges
    Name:Zane smith
    Appearance:brown hair fingers turned into claws blue eyes i don't have a shot of my skin
    Personality:nice but can be mean when pissed and maybe can be asking stuff
    Background:-snipped in the 1st person-

    Willhellm will get to this.

    Quote from abbie0522

    IGN: abbie0522
    Source(s): I was looking for a server and found this post.
    Why Us?: I LOVE Fallout.
    RP Experience: I've actually never Rpd on a server, never found a good one. But I used to on forums.


    Name: Jolene

    Age: 281

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: A tall slender Ghoul, with long choppy red hair with patches missing.
    She usually wears some sort of combat or leather armor with a satchel at her side.

    Personality: Seems friendly until you do something I don't like. I still act friendly but am strategically thinking of a way to destroy you.

    Background:- TOO LONG BRO-

    No problem at all, I like it. Accepted. Welcome!

    Quote from sootburner

    um? ive never been banned from a server for griefing, so whoever told you that is a liar. Sorry but that is one thing i wont let anyone talk trash about me, because i have never been banned from a server, so dont believe everything your told. I cant believe i was going to apply for a server with someone whos on the staff like you and doesnt ask me the person first if the statement is true. i would like to know who even tole you that, but to be honest i dont even care about this server anymore. once i find a server with a staff that is kind and generous and doesnt base their members of the server off rumors. so thank you for taking the time to look at my app. but this isnt worth my time.

    Then why you still here, bro?

    Quote from Wolfie_seekar


    Quote from HunterActual


    Continue to aid to this drama, because you ARE aiding it, and I won't hesitate to report your posts and suspend you from the whitelist. I do NOT tolerate spam.

    Quote from WinterWrath2089

    IGN: WinterWrath2089
    Sources: I was looking for a server, and I happened to stumble across this one. I love Fallout 3, and New Vegas, so I decided to give it a shot.
    Why Us: You seem very well managed and organized. Plus, It's one of the only good looking Fallout threads I could find.
    Rp Expierience: 2+ Years on various forums, 1+ year of ingame on games like Runescape and Minecraft.

    I could write lore, but get back to me about this, as i'm still writing out my story for this thread.

    Name: Darius Morgan

    Age: 35.

    Gender: Male.

    Appearence: Darius is of a medium hieght, but of a skinny and fast build. He has a head of brown hair and wears a bandana over his face. He has a green military coat that has 'seen better days', due to long periods laying out on the sun on the dead body of an unlucky soldier. Underneath that he wears a torn armored vest, just thick enough to protect from low calibur rounds like the .22 or a 9mm from a distance. On his legs he wears pants from the same dead soldier, of the same colour. He wears armored pads on his arms, made from torn squares of kevlar that were resewn and refitted. On his feet he wears black, cracked military boots, and black, cracked gloves on his hands. His eyes are green.

    Personality: He'd do anything for survival. Having lived in the wasteland and struggled, he empathizes with other scavengers who has nothing, offering up some extra food, supplies or equipment from time to time. He carries a strong dislike of the Legion, and their methods of forcing people into slavery. However, he shares the same dislike of the NCR, believing them to be too militarized. He only has a close trust with his companion Rush, who he has spent the better part of 12 years scavenging and fighting with him. He also has a certain form of respect for couriers and the job that they do, believing them to be braver than the Legion and NCR, who fight only amongst themselves. He carries no opinion on other factions, as he has not had enough encounters with them to know what they are like.

    Background: -balls. In a good way-

    Me likies. Didn't notice anything wrong with the backstory, so Accepted. Welcome!

    Quote from levodicus

    IGN: Levodicus
    Source(s): I do not understand this question. if your asking for how i found you, i typed in role playing.
    Why Us?: Because i know almost every scrap for fallout lore, and i love it all.
    RP Experience: I have done it on several other servers, and a lot of it in real life.
    Name: Levi
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, wears a hooded coat and black crape over my nose and mouth. gloved.
    Personality: Steadfast, humorous
    Background: -lolwut?-

    I'm gonna let will get back to you on this.
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    Quote from Kspiel

    IGN: Kspiel
    BuildingExperience:I was a moderator on a creative city server called Skyline City you make have heard of it,It recently closed so now I am looking for a new project.. I am also a moderator on a couple other small survival, project servers, but love building and I also am a fallout fanatic.
    Examples of work (screenshots):

    -snipped like a baws-
    Time you can dedicate: 2-3 hours a day.
    TimeZone: Eastern

    I like those! I will accept this app, but please bear with us. It might take us a while to contact you, with the release in two days; we are swamped with preparations. But please stand by, you will be inboxed eventually. Thank you, and Welcome!
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    Quote from MissingButtons

    IGN: MissingButtons
    Why Us?: I love fallout and i like the name Old World Blues it fits the fallout theme
    RP Experience: Dozens of prvious roleplay servers
    Name: Kat Smith
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance:Skinny blonde haired teen. average height
    Personality: Keeps to her self. After her parents were killed by raiders she depended on herself not allowing others to get close to her in fear of losing them to the waste. She wants to have meaning in her life so she'll look for a group to be a part of.
    Background: -killed by a raider-

    Hmmm...I'm a little...iffy about the background here, it's kinda short and not too detailed. If you can expand on it pls do so, if you need help, shoot me a PM. We'll continue once this has been addressed. Thanks!
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    Quote from x_MrKiller14_x

    IGN: MrKiller14

    Source(s): Like how I found this server? By other people.

    Why Us?:T his server looks great! It looks well organized and really fun, plus I'm lookin for a good Post apocalyptic server.

    RP Experience: Five post apocalyptic servers, two fallout servers, and all the fallout games. (If those count)


    Name: Alec_Smithson

    Age: 221

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A 6' Ghoul with a tattered desert cloak held together by old road signs and scraps.

    Personality: A grouchy guy but good hearted

    Background: -scorched by a nuke-

    I like it! And we can never have enough Couriers! Accepted, welcome to the wastes!
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    Quote from MrAddictiveGamer

    Type of Graphic: Banner

    3D or 2D: 3D

    Resolution (in px): High

    Text (if needed): MrAddictiveGamer (3d text)

    Secondary Text (if needed):
    CoD Trolling
    Xbox Griefing
    & More (on right side)
    (and also include a youtube logo)

    Colors: Anything that looks good, but mraddictivegamer blue

    Theme: YouTube channel

    Font: Any that looks good; experiment amongst yourself

    Size (in px): 728 x 100

    Background (if it's an image, provide a link): black/red

    Have you Donated? And if so how much?: No

    Who would you like to complete your work? (Leave blank for anyone):

    Any other details: include this face on the bottom left

    I would have chosen different colors for this but I hope it works. Feel free to ask for a redo.
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    Quote from Apotheophobic

    How many days until release? The OP seems to be outdated.

    The answer is 3!

    Quote from Changeurmined

    IGN: changeurmined
    Source(s): Wolfie_Seekar
    WhyUs?: FWW was the server I always played, and it was fun too!...but things got complicated in the staff and I hope things get settled. Your lore is amazing and I'm really digin' the whole atmosphere of the server (according to the thread and website)
    RP Experience:2 other RP servers.
    Name:Chuck DeMario
    Age: 45
    Appearance: Chuck is 5'9" with a medium build. He has Deep brown eyes and brown hair and fair skin.
    Personality: Chuck is a leader, to put it shortly. He cares for people in need and knows how to handle a crowd. He is half way through his life (suspecting age expectancy is 90) but at a happy medium in terms of the amount of experience as well as energy. (this is opposed to someone 60 who has more experience, but less energy, or someone who is 25 with more energy, but less experience.) He respects under ranking people and knows how to have a good time as well.
    Background: Chuck DeMario was born in the lovely town of Novac. He grew up believing in freedom, and the right of all men. Although he only had one friend, Boone, He was always an active member of the community. He did things ranging from defending the town to scavenging in areas of destruction, so that the town had resources. He was always chipper and smiley....until the moon blew up. After he saw the meteors of moon rock falling from the sky, he fled into one of his mining caves for shelter, never seeing his friend again or his family. This would change the course of his life forever. He now would do things, that were disgusting to him before, like eating raw mole rat meat and popping a radaway. Disgusting things, he once thought. He left Novac to go try his luck in New Vegas. Our story picks up on his way there.

    Like the way you added in our Lore, and thanks for the kind words! Accepted!

    Quote from SevenRin

    Is it ok if I put in my backstory that i was born in Vault 34 even tho it's not done?

    Yes, of course! This is just soft release, it will be done for full, so its fine!

    Quote from Joelclark1337

    Source(s):MC fourms
    Why Us?:Looks like the best RP server out there.
    RP Experience:I've played atlest 10-12 rp servers and getting 2 admin allowances on those.
    Name: Joel clark
    Age: 17
    Gender: M
    Appearance: IG (Steve lol)
    Personality: I love gaming and RPING!
    Background: A 17 yr old living outside of houston tx.

    Denied. IC refers to "In character". Considering we're looking for quality RP on this server, and you fail to understand this basic RP concept, I will see your bet and call your bluff, sir. You love RPing yet don't get how to do it. Please learn and read up on this interactive style of writing, and come back later. :D

    Quote from CreepaCrusha

    Any good factions to join i dont know which one to pick???

    Go to the forums, browse around, ask around! :D
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    Quote from matrixmage

    the skin i am talking about is the main one in the middle of the screen that looks like there is green matrix code going down it. and i would like just a skin for normal minecraft.

    so is this along the lines of what you were looking for? Excuse its simplicity.

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    Quote from Crazyboxqc



    I've been looking for a good fallout rp server for a while after that FWW became **** with new staff, I joined another server called New Chicago something but the rp there is kinda... well crap, so I hope this one is better and I hope to rp as I did before on FWW.
    Name: Celius Johnson
    ( Know as Smithson too)

    Age: 33


    Johnson is tall with brown hair. He always wear a black coat. He got a scar on the left side and got blue eyes.

    Johnson is a Strange man, no one really knew what he was thinking or what was he ambition but there was something friendly in him. He could make peace between the worst enemy. He is calm and likes to drink in a bar when he can. Johnson got leader ship and always listen to everything, just like if he was collecting info for a war...

    -Removed by the Enclave-

    I'll respond to your PM asap, but I'm going to hold off on accepting this until then.

    Quote from twizzler_lord


    Wolfie_seekar and CeliusOrius

    I was playing on another Fallout server that was kinda boring, and those two up there were talking about this, so I thought I would check it out :)
    Name: Liam Heldan

    Age: Around 25

    Gender: Male

    Tall, and medium build. He has dark brown hair, and deep blue eyes. He wears his favorite blue jeans, and worn out old shoes.

    Many people find Liam charismatic, and although he is no stranger to a fight every now and then, prefers to tackle violence with words and not fists. He likes to spend his nights making Wasters laugh all night in the bars, and sometimes getting his teeth punched out by the Wasters in a bar

    -snipped for budgeting reasons-

    TheDevilsPoet is going to be all over you about joining the tribal faction xD
    Courier, eh? I can dig it. Accepted, welcome! :D
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