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    Quote from dysingeriii»

    Now that I'm only trying one mod at a time it doesn't crash for me. It just doesn't pull the mod when I have it placed in the mod folder. I can only see the forge mods. If there's a way to pull up a crash log from the game screen that comes up after forge loads in I don't know how to find it.

    I think that the file fml-client-latest.log in your Minecraft folder includes a full description of the error that happened. Open it in Notepad.

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    Quote from Benjoto1»

    how do i change launcher visisbiltiy

    Profile settings(Edit Profile)

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    Quote from xBSlayer»

    Somehow I thought the next thing that would come out would be a snapshot. Instead they keep teasing us with mini 1.8 updates. 1.8.1? Really? Notice this is one on the only versions to go .1 .2 .3 .4 .5 .6 .7 .8

    Personally I don't think 1.9 will have any snapshots. I think it will be fully released on the 27th. With Windows 10. This way here Microsoft can try to get you to Windows 10. Think about it. Microsoft can add a tag on the game/website that says

    " " " " "Minecraft 1.9 was build for Windows 10, Upgrade to Windows 10 for a better gaming experience" . " . " . " . " .

    While that upgrade is optional. It would be a great marketing strategy.


    Minecraft Win10 is a completely different project. It is more of "Minecraft PE: Computer Edition" or "Minecraft C++."

    1.9 Snapshot announced(and again today) for the 29th. They said it WOULD NOT BE COMPLETE.

    Why release a full version that's incomplete?

    EDIT: Also, Mojang can say no to anything from Microsoft. Microsoft only gets money from Mojang, that's it.


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    Lower render distance to fix(see my sig).

    Minecraft cannot check for render distance being too high.

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    posted a message on Hubris modpack 1.4.2 repeated crash

    I can't really help you with those crashes, but my sig does have a crash help page linked if you want to use it for future crashes. Might help you solve it yourself in the future, both modded and vanilla.

    If it still crashes without Optifine, I suggest reporting it to the creators of Hubris. They put the mods together and tested them.

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    posted a message on What don't you like about recent updates?

    I don't exactly like the granite/diorite/andesite and how they are decorations only.

    I mean, can't they at least be used to make stone tools?

    Also not a fan of how hard it is to get through 1.9 ender gateways.

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    Survival is an under-respected server type. I like it the most, and believe that it belongs on the poll.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Authentication Servers Down - What does it mean? [READ IF YOU'RE HAVING ISSUES CONNECTING + SKIN & WEBSITE ISSUES]
    Quote from MarioBenjamin»

    The hackers of the server are just not right people. They are not the people we want in the world. They just ruin everything. What have we done to them??? Gave them a fun game to play on

    Yeah, they're annoying. And in case you didn't read, this was a DDOS, not a hack. Hacking is when you go through security holes to edit the code of a server. A DDoS is when you overload a server, making the computer running it so laggy, that even the best computers time out when you connect to it.

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