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    posted a message on Tales of Carpathia: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy RP

    MC Name- crafter68
    Age- 17
    Time zone- GMT+11
    RP Experience- I've played on several Minecraft RP servers since when I first became involved in the Multiplayer Community and recently, after several months of absence, I've decided to become involved again. Outside of Minecraft, I have little experience, however despite this, I know all they key terms and concepts required to make a meaningful contribution.

    Character Name - Aurum Cupio
    Character Age - 28 (Human)
    Character Backstory -

    Aurum Cupio; 'The Enterprising Businessman', 'The Respectable Wanderer', 'The Masterful Negotiator!'

    Aurum's early life was... irregular to say the least. You see, he lived alone with his father a somewhat 'famous' travelling merchant, and together, they roamed across the known world searching for the best deals. But this adventurous childhood, was treacherous. Aurum struggled to maintain relationships, as it was uncommon for his father to return to settlements he had previously visited. This struggle was made infinitely more difficult when other children seemed to approach Aurum with an inherent bitterness that seemed so strange... As the years passed, Aurum grew into a talented businessman and seemed sure to surpass skill of his father, alas, these dreams seemed unlikely to come to fruition once the Gods started to die. It was during these uncertain times that Aurum's father became ill, and was forced to withdraw from the world of trade. In doing so, he called upon Aurum to continue his legacy, and take advantage of a world plunged into chaos through careful regulation of supply and demand. Aurum could not deny it was his duty... but he could not be sure whether it was right. Nevertheless, after sharing a final feast of oatmeal, saying final goodbyes, and donning a black coat, he stepped out into a fearful world.
    It was then that land was consumed by darkness.
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    posted a message on Savage Realms - [1.7.x] [The BEST Server] [24/7 Lag-Free] [Towny] [Custom Bosses w/ over 250 abilities] [PvP World] [RPG/Dungeon
    IGN - crafter68
    Age - 16
    Voted? - Yes
    Comments - The server looks great :D I am looking forward to having a great time!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Hunger Games: Last Man Standing PvP [GAMESTART: 12/26 10:15PM EST]
    In-Game Username: crafter68
    Applying for Match #: 2 or 3 - not sure if 2 has started...
    Reason to Choose You: Playing for Aswein, again XD
    Looking forward to some more fun
    # of Matches Previously Participated In: 1
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    posted a message on Minecraft Hunger Games: Last Man Standing PvP [GAMESTART: 12/26 10:15PM EST]
    In-Game Username: crafter68
    Applying for Match #:1
    Reason to Choose You: I am fighting to represent Aswein (another server) and to see an interesting book series come to life in Minecraft. :smile.gif:
    # of Matches Previously Participated In:0
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que
    :obsidian: OOC :obsidian:

    IGN: crafter68

    Age: 16

    Role-Play Exp.:
    I have played Minecraft for around two years now; about one year of that time was spent on roleplaying servers. At the moment I have been playing on 'The Land of Aswein' ancient rp server; I fill the role of Acolyte, currently the highest position attainable - given you chose to follow 'divine paths'.

    Outside of Minecraft, I often immerse myself in games of a roleplaying nature, and of course this includes Skyrim, where I play a Khajiit that I will attempt to recreate in Minecraft through the medium of this server.

    Why Us:
    Several people whom have played with on Aswein have also enjoyed this server. These include but are not limited to Hoorah and TrompeOeil. Other than the fact that the concept is great, it seems original and well planned.

    Time You Can Dedicate:
    I can average around 3 hours a day, however this is highly dependent on other commitments - expect more or less on some days.

    :mossystone: IC :mossystone:

    Just a quick word of warning, this is long :tongue.gif: I don't expect you to read it all, though I hope you do :biggrin.gif:



    Age: 26


    Ri'Vado's slight, but athletic build, so common among all Khajiit, accentuates his height of 6.4 feet. Fiery orange dartwing hair covers his body, juxtaposed with the eider undercoat which canvases the lower regions of his face as well as the arms and legs. Ri'Vado is committed to the upkeep of his regal looking mane which engulfs the back of his head, however given his current circumstances, the majority of his face has been hidden by the hood of a cloak which seems forever present. Unfortunately, due to the constant use, the auburn, once hardy attire has become victim to the often harsh climate of Tamriel. His eyes are frost mirriam green and those that have spied them tell of a vindictive glare that pierces their very soul. Ri'Vado's teeth, though blunt from years of mistreatment still maintain the abilty to deal some damage. On the other hand, his claws (necessary for his survival) are razor sharp, a product of constant care. His ears are in superior to most in the depth of caves, though due to a congenital defects, he has trouble hearing in 'overcrowded' conditions. Ri'Vado was also born with a fork tail. While this seems to have caused many of the problems in his past, it also means that he is able to uphold a state of balance better than any of his kin. This lends itself to many aspects of his life, and thus he is fast and agile. Sadly, because of ostracism in his early life, he tends to hide his dual-tail within his clothing, so as not to attract attention to himself.

    Besides his cloak, his other clothing depends on the situation he finds himself. He will try to accommodate himself to the best of his ability, though this is often hindered by his financial situation... Currently, he dons ragged, brown leather pants and a very old green shirt.


    Ri'Vado is rather secretive, and therefore, nobody really knows much about him. Therefore it could be said that he is scared of public appearance, however, outsiders know nothing. Ri'vado fears the day when his past will be revealed - it is full of regret, sorrow and missed opportunities. Though he hopes to take control of his own life in the near future.

    He also believes that all of each races Gods have a hand in the goings on in the world, and while he may not be entirely fearful, he maintains a healthy respect.


    Ri'Vado is quite secretive, and because of this, none can claim to truly know him. He is a strong believer in destiny, and has a innate feeling of knowing; knowing that his current lifestyle is not what it was meant to be. He feels that every time he tries to create new opportunities for himself, he is let down by his past, misguided. He dreams of grand adventures and has a great sense of ambition, but truly believes these fairy-tales can never be realised.

    Ri'Vado is very selective in whom he trusts and dares to make acquaintance with, because of this, he seems to be hostile to anyone unwise enough to be ignorant of him. Generally this encompasses all of Tamriel given that it is somewhat difficult to know anything about him when he does not trust you enough to tell you anything. He will be loyal as long as it suits him, however he does have the capacity to allow permanent trust, given the individual.

    At heart he is compassionate, and only harms an individual that has been kind to him unless necessary. Alternatively, if anyone dares talk down to him in any way, shape or form, act aggressively towards him or forget their ideals, they (depending on the circumstance) will be swiftly dealt with.


    Ri'Vado has never really held a permanent job, and often dreams about what he could be. He has a desire to lead; which is backed by his strong leadership skills. Because of this longing, he feels that a career in politics would be desirable, however he has lacked the means to achieve such a position in the past.


    Ri'Vado's most prized attribute is his mind. Whenever he finds himself in a troublesome situation, he is usually able to talk himself out of harms way. However, on the rare occasion that he fails himself, Ri'Vado is able to fall back on his superb archery skills and sound grasp of magic. He is able to wield a blade, although he is rather clumsy...
    Because he isn't the greatest magic wielder, he tends to focus on alchemy and potion brewing.

    Nickname (Optional): Ri'Vado doesn't accept being called anything less than his name in its entirety.

    RP Example (Add Dialogue):

    The harsh Hearthfire sun is known for its deceptive tricks, alas this was no trick. As the mirage like figure of Ri'Vado seemed to pass through the landscape, his pursuers fell further and further behind. As freedom seemed to grow ever more, real, regret seemed to fade into oblivion. As he pondered over the curiosities of what had just occurred, he noticed a thin wire, taught between two tall trees maybe 10 meters ahead of him. This was strange, very strange, human influence is often paired wi- but he had already spotted it; a scaly orange tail well camouflaged with the red fallen leaves. "Rasha", he said quietly to himself as he turned around, "so we meet again." "Bravo, Bravo! It was the colouring wasn't it... Do you know how hard it is to get fresh tails these days?", Rasha stepped out from her bush. "They are considered a delicacy in Elsweyr", Ri'Vado retorted. "The money Rasha, where is it? This was your last chance." "Well, I am sorry to say th-" But it was to late, an arrow was already halfway through her heart...

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):

    Ri'Vado has always been different from his kin. Maybe it is the product of abuse? Perhaps it is the result of being in too many 'wrong places' at the 'wrong times'? Regardless, one thing is certain, Ri'Vado's parents were in a bad business. His mother S'rivo was a Skooma addict, Ri'Vado cannot remember a time when his mother was 'really' there for him. Her only friend was the bottle; and this truth remained when S'rivo became pregnant. But Ri'Vado doesn't blame his... defects, on his mother. It was his 'father' S'Virr that deserves that blame. His mother, a weak-minded individual had been easy prey no doubt. A moon sugar dealer like S'Virr would have seen her as a great investment. S'Virr beat his mother on a regular basis, and when he was done with her, she would often come after him. Ri'Vado took to talking his father out of it, and over the course of his childhood, he was forced to master the art of speech in order to ensure his survival.

    This terrible period of his life took place in all regions of Tamriel, wherever S'Virr's business took them. It is for this reason that he was never to uphold any long-term friendships, and so, he gave up. This life had shown him that in order to survive, you must be self-sufficient, and he would take this belief throughout the rest of his life. He remembers living on boats for years at a time, either ferrying goods or evading the law, there was no rest for Ri'Vado. Perhaps it is no surprise then that we disappeared. Of course nobody would notice, his father would not care; knowing that Ri'Vado would most likely die without his support. He would be glad to be rid of that burden in cat form. His mother would not notice, for did she ever? Ri'Vado decided that he would take his own life. This had gone on for long enough, and he believed that the Cat Mother Mara would look after him...

    While his 'family' was staying in the north-west of Morrowind, living in a small cabin in the mountain ranges, it would begin. Ri'Vado had spent the last week draining the blood from his S'Virr's caught game, and he now had a hefty supply, which he stored in empty skooma bottles. He took blank scrolls from S'Virr's documents and stole ink from Dunmer that lived a 3 hours distance to the east. He made sure to hide everything in false rock he had discovered outside the dwelling. Middas of the Last Seed was when his plan would come together. The day before, Ri'Vado had made sure to forge a ransom note with S'Virr's scrolls, using his lengthy nails as writing implements. He made small blotches of blood lead from the rock floor where he slept, to the open doorway, all the way to S'Virr's horse. Placing the ransom note on the floor, he walked out the door mounted the horse and rode of into the night. Ri'Vado was 16 when he was presumed dead, and as was anticipated, S'Virr did follow up the ransom. Of course S'Virr did not care for Ri'Vado, it was his horse he wanted back...

    With 800 Septims in his pocket and a feeling which could only be described as sweet freedom, Ri'Vado traveled across Tamriel for 10 years. Earning money from odd jobs, stealing and pick-pocketing. It is during this time that he mastered the art of stealth and trained himself to use the bow and arrow. He also spent his time collecting different materials to be used in alchemy. However, after 10 years, he was growing tired of life without meaning. He was saddened that he had achieved nothing after living for 26 years and after hearing of the civil war in Skyrim, he made a beeline for the Land of the North...

    For that is where his story will begin, and meaning will take on a whole different... meaning.

    Fus Ro Dah!
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    posted a message on [W.I.P] The Dawn Of The Samurai
    I can imagine that this mod would be exemplary if it would take shape. I wish you the very best in regards to your search for coders, and in the spirit of future progress.
    You wanted coders; :iapprove:
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    posted a message on ~\+/~Land of Aswein~\+/~- [NEW] [Serious RP] [16GB Server] [Factions] [Bookworm] [Gods] [Plug-ins]- Need Players!!!
    Please don't hesitate to the join the server!
    It really is a great experience, especially for those role-players out there.
    Also, If you know anything about the IRL history of a faction, contact me online.
    My IGN is crafter68, and I am a member of Egypt.
    My ICN is Isismeses.
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    posted a message on ~~~Civilization RP Server~~~
    1. IGN:crafter68
    2. Age:15
    3. RP Experience:I have played on several RP servers, unfortunately these servers often end in ruin and drop all RP elements, this will hopefully be my first real chance to become fully immersed in the adventure side of the game.
    4. Minecraft Experience: I have played Minecraft for quite a while; I purchased the game while it was in alpha, and every time I play I find the experience thoroughly rewarding. Since discovering multiplayer I have been able to make my way up the 'ladder' on various servers; earning various ranks and even becoming an Op.
    1. Name:Garth
    2. Age:18
    3. Sex:male
    4. Character Personality: Garth is a relatively introverted person, several momentous events in his life have driven him away from the trivial pursuits of modern life. He can best be described as emotionally stable, courageous and unforgiving. Notably, he shows an extreme lack of empathy
    5. Character skin: As the following story states, a hood of webs and decaying matter.
    6. Can He/She Hunt?: Yes
    7. Can He/She Farm?: Garth has the ability to scavenge materials, but he has yet to learn how to 'work the ground.
    8. Character Back story:Garth was born into a seemingly noble family, however he was cursed from the moment of conception. Following the dark trends of the time period, his parents opted to cast him into the natural caverns at the age of five; a test of strength and intelligence. For 10 years he feasted on the small animals that made their way into caves, he quenched his thirst with the moss that grew in select places. One day, he slithered out of the cave, but not accustomed to the severity of the light, he withdrew and fashioned rudimentary clothing out of spider webs and decaying matter. Now that his eyes were shaded he could make his way back to the place which he had called his home.

    Alas, it was but a ruin of cobblestone, greenery now encased the township. He retreated into then forest, where he learned to survive above the ground. For another 2 years he endured the harsh conditions, until he was subject to a dream - a vision. A being that called themselves "Iruis" called to him, told him to seek the centre of the world, it was there he would find purpose to his life. And so Garth left, clad in his hood of webs, with the knowledge of the light and the dark, he began his journey...
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    posted a message on Minecraft will reach 2,000,000 sales in the next few days!!
    2 000 000 sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on Minecraft will reach 2,000,000 sales in the next few days!!
    1999996 sales!!!
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    posted a message on Minecraft will reach 2,000,000 sales in the next few days!!
    ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on [WIP]Ninja Outfits and Stealth Mod
    As for Weapons...

    [] :||||: []
    [] :||||: []
    [] :||||: []
    Where Wheat is Sugar Cane (bamboo))
    Blowpipes do less damage than bows, however they are more accurate in water.
    It would fire arrows or darts.
    Not sure about crafting darts, but you could add an ink sac to an arrow to create a poison arrow.
    Continues to do damage every five seconds.

    Also lets you breath under water when close to surface (one or two blocks)
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    posted a message on [WIP]Ninja Outfits and Stealth Mod
    I'm sorry in advance if this has already been mentioned, I do not know if it is possible but...
    What about double jumps?
    I can just imagine jumping across tree tops, maybe if possible throw in flips!
    Just an idea, and I am no programmer; but it would be cool...

    What about these for an clothing design:
    :Iron: [] :Iron:
    :||||: :||||: :||||:
    :||||: :||||: :||||:
    Where wheat is sugar cane (bamboo)

    :Iron: [] :Iron:
    :Flint: :Flint: :Flint:
    :Flint: :Flint: :Flint:

    :GoldBar: [] :GoldBar:
    :White: :Diamond: :White:
    :White: :White: :White:
    You can choose different cloth to change to other colours!

    Just some ideas to try and work towards making this mod a reality :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on LF a small community on a small server.
    Hey I was reading this and our server kinda needs more people atm.
    But before you join know that it is offline now but should be back soon.
    The admin is called Zwoz, and the most common mod is Huggis.
    Bear in mind that a lot of the mods are from Sweden as well as the admin.
    This may make it hard for you to buy a plot initially, however you can always build in the wilderness...
    Below are some helpful links regarding the forum,as well as the IP, there is no whitelist.

    Main Page: http://www.zwoopgaming.info/index.html
    MF Page: viewtopic.php?f=1025&t=121131

    Also, it does lag occassionally for me, however, that may just be my laptop. If there is lag the extent will depend on your computer.

    There is a small community, however with the removal of the whitelist a number of new people have joined; not all the main players have 'rejoined' the server since it had been down for several months, when they do it will be much better. The previous downtime has nothing to do with the downtime atm, the server will be back shortly.

    Thank you for reading this and I hope you consider joining,
    If you do not I hope that anyone else reading this will,
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