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    posted a message on Looking for cheap server hosts!
    Hi madyoda,

    We can offer you 1.5GB a month for $12, with free MySQL, Unlimited Slots, Multicraft, and Support Tickets.

    Check out our website and packages here.


    Jerrod D.
    Owner of
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [SP|MP|LAN] Turret Mod v3.0.1
    Awesome mod, ive been waiting for something like this for a while! These little guys will be great for teamplay, and covering your "bases".
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    posted a message on We CAN Bring Mineon 2013 to London!
    Don't be stingy europe :P I think hosting it in the USA then in Europe every other year, back and forth is a good trade off.
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    posted a message on MILLENIUM FALCON 5:1 SCALE
    That's amazing! Do you have any screenshots of the interior by chance? Or are you not bothering with that part. :P
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    posted a message on Animated skins. Take your skin to the next level! (Like the compas is now)
    That animated werewolf skin at the bottom is definitely one of the coolest things ive seen. Im all for that, plus since its sprite based there should be little to no impact on performance.
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    posted a message on cruise ship
    Wow, not only is this vague but it doesn't even fit well with everything else. Plus, like above poster who thinks of that lol. Im all for some group transportation options, but this one doesn't make sense.
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!!
    Thank you for the Wyverns, awesome addition! Also the roaches are scary.
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    posted a message on Hat Mod: Mo'Hats for the Mad Hatter! (mod by iChun) (models by ScoutGuardian) LATEST: Bill's Hat (TF2) (changeable colors)
    NICE, now we have TeamFortress 2 in minecraft! Ive always been a fan of more aesthetics this is great!
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    posted a message on | Lag Free Network | Starting as low as $2! | Free MySQL | Free Web Hosting w/cPanel | DDOS Mitigation | Mod Pac

    Who are we?

    CraftPowered is new to the minecraft hosting scene but the team is not new to the business! We are a new start-up looking to provide quality service for Minecraft servers. We have hosted many servers in the past including a private mmo project with over 4 million accounts, a large database cluster and more. We have worked on and own many community sites, and we have done countless minecraft servers of our own, and hosted for others.

    After we kept hosting others and providing managed support, and hardware/network support we decided we should just make this a business instead! We have a lot of experience in what we do, and we have been playing minecraft ourselves since the early days of alpha. We have managed our own personal successful server of 80+ players. And have hosted other successful servers of 300+ players in a cluster.

    Why Us?

    We offer top quality servers (All are E3, or E5) we do NOT oversell our products, and are on a great network with many hops to other sides of the world to provide the best ping quality! We have great pricing, and many useful features.

    Multicraft with...
    • BukGet
    • FTP
    • Unlimited Slots
    • Custom JAR and ModPack Support (On Standard or Premium Packages)
    Free Web Hosting with...
    • cPanel
    • MySQL
    • Sub-Domain
    • DDOS Mitigation
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Quick, and knowledgeable support
    • A updated, and filled knowledge-base
    • Group Pay
    We have packages for all types of folks including a "Just Vanilla" package, cheaper than the other categories but no custom jar or mod pack support its only for vanilla! Then we have the standard and premium category (premium is on a SSD). The packages start as low as $2.00 USD a month! (For Vanilla)

    Need help setting up FTB, Technic, or any of the others? No problem we have ran at least all of them once, and have even made our own custom launcher and modpack at one time! Our record is over 145 mods in one client!

    If you would like knowledgeable support, a great network, and great hardware for your minecraft server give us a try today! But, that's not all (obligatory), for our grand opening we are having two promotions running! Not one, but two! One expires next month, and one is limited to just 20 customers!

    Second promo code is for 10% off any package for LIFE, that promo code is "EarlyAdopter"

    Connect to our test server! ""

    We offer a 4 DAY money back guarantee for all packages!


    *Note - Anyone submitting fake client information will be asked to update it to real information, if not done so in a timely manner the account will be deleted immediately. If a package was purchased, you will be refunded. This is a real business, and proper legal information is needed.

    Check out our Grand Opening announcement here to learn a bit more about us!

    Coming Soon
    More Locations
    Source Servers
    Voice Hosting
    Dedicated Servers

    Quick F.A.Q

    Q.) How long is set-up time?
    A.) Instant after payment is received by the billing system.

    Q.) Can i upgrade or downgrade my package at ANY time?
    A.) Yes, the pro-rated different will be added to the account if a downgrade.

    Q.) Can i pre-pay and add funds to my account, or have someone else add funds?
    A.) Yes!

    Q.) Do you offer free sub-domains?
    A.) Yes, put in a ticket to request one.

    Q.) Do you offer free MySQL with all your packages?
    A.) Yes, this is set up through the free web hosting package, and free sub-domain. If you would like one put in a quick ticket and we will assign it to your account right away.

    Q.) Do you offer multiple server locations?
    A.) Not quite yet, Virgina and some others are on our list though.

    Q.) Do you have FTP support?
    A.) Yes.

    Q.) Do you have a test server i can connect to?
    A.) Yes please connect with ""

    Q.) Do you offer trial servers?
    A.) Not at this time.

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