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    What does the f key even do in game? I run on mac also and I have no problems
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    Quote from Sting_Auer

    I would like this idea if mining wasn't done so quickly.

    It's like the minecraft world is made of cardboard. You can mine through stone in about 0.3 seconds with an iron pick (Taken from the wiki).

    That's digging through 4000 cubic meters of stone per Minecraft day, single-handedly, with an iron pick.

    Not only is it unrealistic (Which is honestly a poor argument...), it is too fast. I think that TNT should blast through stone more effectively, and make mining take longer. Make it take at least 1.5 seconds to mine through stone with an iron pick, but I would honestly love it to take 2 or more seconds.

    If mining took longer, then cooperative mining would matter. As it stands though, you can mine through a cubic meter of stone in less than half a second, making cooperative mining pointless.
    I'd rather the game be unrealistic and fast than realistic and very slow. It just makes more sense
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