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    This is what Minecraft has become, the reason the forums are so strictly moderated, reddit keeping admin on constant watch, and people just not being willing to see new Minecraft Content...

    With SkyDoesMinecraft,Captain Sparklez,Team Crafted,Etho,and all the other Minecraft hit sensations making tons of money a bandwagon started to roll down the street. Soon, every Minecraft player felt that their Let's Play series was the next biggest thing worthy of millions of subscribers. Cheap tactics and terrible quality videos ensued... this is what the new generation of minecraft youtubers looks like...

    (Due to this being a video I expect it to be moved or removed almost automatically even though its demonstrating my statement)
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    posted a message on The Most Perfect Extreme Hills Seed - Spawn in Enchanted Valley
    Just got an Email from BeebopVox!!! He is going to feature this seed this week!
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    posted a message on The Most Perfect Extreme Hills Seed - Spawn in Enchanted Valley
    Seed: 2178644165272476558 (for 1.7)
    This is the most beautiful and perfectly crafted extreme hills seed I have ever seen. almost like a mapmaker spent much time on it. its magical.
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    posted a message on Unbelievable Extreme Hills Seed 1.7 (Massive arches, Horses, and Witch hut at Spawn!)
    Quote from sparkyo19

    Pretty good seed, thanks for sharing! I'll be sure to use this soon. ^_^

    Just realized this is a MODERATOR that wants to use my seed! :D
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    posted a message on Vanilla Lava Tank Tutorial
    Quote from Adester

    just an idea: open chest, store/take lava buckets, close chest

    but that doesn't look cool
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    posted a message on I made a Custom Minecraft Costume!
    Hey guys I made myself a minecraft costume a while ago ( http://fav.me/d6hgry7 ) of my Minecraft skin. Its a super custom wolf skin that really nobody else has made or had a concept of. with that inspiration I wanted to carry the creativity into a costume and eventually a tutorial.

    Everyone has either done Steve, A Creeper, or Some Mob. I havn't seen any other skin concept for a costume. I decided to make my tutorial based around the concept of something custom, giving your skin life or making something that isn't generic. Also using not using minecraft skin mechanics since its real life and custom (I make my ears stand up, which is impossible in minecraft)

    The tutorial breaks down how easy it is to make a costume, its just mostly time consuming. You only need a 12x12x12 box, Cardstock paper cut to 1.5" squares, Buckram (No other tutorial uses this),markers, and hot glue/glue gun, and the optional baseball hat.


    (I feel this should be a topic that can fit in Discussion since it is a helpful and fresh subject)
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    posted a message on Unbelievable Extreme Hills Seed 1.7 (Massive arches, Horses, and Witch hut at Spawn!)

    Just DAAAAAAAANNNNNNGGGGG, such an amazing seed. At spawn there are horses, a ravine,witch hut, and just an unbelievable extreme hills biome

    Seed: -2019568609
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    posted a message on Diamond Guides are WRONG!
    Quote from Lowgar

    I find this funny because I have been doing this for a LONG time now, I thought it was common knowledge LOL

    Apparently not
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    Diamond Guides reference 2 points
    1. Mine Layer 12
    2. Branch Mine roughly 20 blocks in a direction
    My method uses statistics to rule out these as the best ways to find diamonds. Yet People worship them as law. allow me to debunk this and show my true best method to finding diamonds.
    First, background on Diamond Ore http://minecraft.gam...com/Diamond_Ore
    And Diamond Distribution http://minecraft.gam...amond_D_28x.jpg

    Ok So Statement #1 - Mine Layer 12
    People do this since Layer 12 has proven to hold the most diamonds, however; this is misguided. You Expose layers 11-14 in the process, 14 has a terrible diamond distribution compared to the other layers.

    My Method: Layer 11
    Exposes layers 10-13. Technically layer 10 would be the best to mine on but lava complicates the mechanics to that, I feel.

    Statement #2 - Branch Mine
    Branch Mining Works. Mine a line, move over 3 blocks on the other dimensional plane and repeat. The suggested method is ~20 blocks. this is completely inefficient and when precision is taken into account, you can gain incredible amounts of efficiency. heres how

    My Method: Chunk Mining
    With this, I found enlightenment
    • There is an average of 3.097 diamond ore per chunk.
    This is why I believe in chunk mining. If you find diamonds in a chunk, it is extremely likely you wont find more in the chunk. This means if you find a vein of diamonds early in a chunk, there is no point to mining that chunk more, therefore you save time. There is a small chance you might miss a diamond, but the odds are better to just try a new chunk.
    Pretty much you want to branch mine chunks (16x16 spaces) until you hit diamonds and then move to the next xhunk immediately since you have statistically drained the current chunk of all its diamonds. Saves time overall and gets you to the next vein faster

    I hope you enjoyed and see understanding in this guide. while there are layer discrepancies, I havn't seen anyone make a point of the chunk mining style and skipping over the rest of a chunk with diamonds already found in it. This is my method, it works well, and I have gotten banned on servers for X-Ray suspicion from it. that good!
    Visual Reference Guide

    Tl;DR You wont find all the diamonds, but you find more of them faster.
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    posted a message on Respect the Sign Spinners!
    I have made it my mission as a professional sign spinner (Yes, we exist) to promote the name of awesome spinners like myself. how awesome am I? I am the best Liberty Tax Sign Spinner in the Country!

    Enjoy and share your feelings of the Live Marketers!
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