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    posted a message on Jungle Lovers (12w05a)
    Seed for those looking for jungle biome

    12w05a only

    You spawn at the corner of three biomes: plains/swamp/jungle(biggest ive seen). Couple of villages around the edge of the jungle.

    Seed: Jungle Love
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    posted a message on Editable music discs
    Only if there covered in ranch...oh wait.
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    Better a fanboy than a crybaby....
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    posted a message on WHY WON'T MINECRAFT WORK FOR ME???
    Was your credit card charged?
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    posted a message on North Pole Hardcore!
    0: Crackerblk & Bolvai
    1: Cracker Black: Suited highroller with a major head wound Bolvai Boomstick: miner/hired- gun/explosives expert
    2: Cracker, member of unknown gov't agency; and his long-time "muscle" Bolvai, were sent on
    an expidition to the North Pole for reasons only known to Cracker and his employer.
    Hiring a well-known free-lance pilot, Quantico[hope this is ok? works with the story I
    already had in mind and saw your post above
    ]the trio set out under the cover of
    night, ignoring the warnings of the locals that a 100yr storm was headed directly for
    their flight path.
    Having braved the storm for the length of the flight and with the icy landing strip in
    sight, the guys were anxious to get their feet back on the ground. Suddenly a deafening
    crack of thunder, a blinding flash of blue light......
    The crash is a blur to all 3, Quantico & Bolvai pick themselves up from the wreckage;
    relatively unscathed. They search the twisted metal for sign of Cracker, finally pulling
    him away from the burning fuselage.
    Bolvai thinks his long time friend is surely doomed as he inspects Cracker's injuries.
    Cracker received a serious gash to the head, and by all medical standards should
    be dead. Yet he still seems to live.
    With the mission erased from his mind, now the only goal is to survive.

    3: Crackerblk & Bolvai will be working in tandum
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    posted a message on Looking for Real Hardcore
    Hello fellow minecraftians,

    Me and a buddy of mine are looking for a server where pillaging, murder and destruction are smiled upon. Where the main goals is to hide in a hole and utterly desimate any who wander across your path.

    I've personally run a couple smaller servers, with land protect, locked chest and the like. And have also been part of other server communities. But, have yet to find what we are exactly looking for.

    I'm not against factions, but dont want any land protection.

    Both my friend and I are around 30yrs old and live in the U.S. We come with absolutely no drama and plenty of expirence.

    Hope to rape your face soon!

    (incase there's a whitelist, IGName: Crackerblk & Bolvai)
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    posted a message on ★ Empyrean ★ - No Whitelist|Hardcore|PvP| by DarkTideGames
    Quote from epuidokas

    In-game Name Crackerblk

    Country and Age USA 32

    Where did you here about DarkTide? minecraft forum

    Why do you want to join? Server looks amazing...Bolvai and I looking for something new

    Did you understand the rules? yes

    Have you logged into DarkTide once? yes
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    posted a message on My friends cannot connect to my server
    I've had similar issues with my server since full release. Try logging into a single player game, log back out, then try logging into the server again. This usually solves the problem.
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    posted a message on No One Can Connect To My Bukkit Server? HELP!
    Google "port forwarding minecraft" if you haven't done already

    or it could also be white-listed, ethier turn off the white-list or add your buddies to it.
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    posted a message on Minecraft can't read my password and username
    Minecraft thinks you suck
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    posted a message on Piston Farming | Help Need
    Quote from FrenchFry

    but it seems I have to press a button/lever for each individual piston and that is just impractical.

    Incorrect. You can set it all up to one button/lever. As you have already stated, this is a fairly common farming tecnique so just google a tutorial.
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    change .zip to .jar
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