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    While walking through a tundra biome today and then after a huge frozen ocean, I realized how useful a dog sled would be.

    First things first, this is a dog sled:

    This picture shows a sled in which the "driver" has to remain standing up, but there is another one where you can sit in it. I am not sure which one would be the best for MC, but I believe the crafting pattern could be the same for both of them.

    As Notch recently implemented wolves, I believe this is an extremely fun/practical way to move around on snow terrains.

    This is how you would craft it:

    The sled:
    [] [] :wood:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :|: :|: :|:

    The rope:
    :|: [] []
    [] :|: []
    [] [] :|:
    (Where :|: = string)

    The sled would be placed anywhere like a minecart or a boat, then you would attach it to your wolves using the rope. How would you do this? Not sure, but I am pretty sure someone can give a good idea. There more wolves you got attached to it, the faster it will go.

    Before haters start hating, yes, there are some things which must be taken in consideration first:
    -Can it go uphill/downhill?
    -Should it only be used over snow/ice?
    -Should it's condition degrade over time?

    That's up to you. Discuss.

    I hope you like this idea.
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