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    posted a message on [REQUEST] I need a Duffman skin. With the cape.
    I would appreciate it. A lot. Thanks for seeing this.
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    posted a message on Skin Requests Here
    I need a Duffman skin. With the cape.
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    posted a message on VEHICLES REDOX - Land, sea, and air, oh my...
    Hey Qwill, me again.

    So, about the car, I understand that you might think it would be a bit futuristic for minecraft, but hey, it wouldn't have to be a sports car. Could be something like 1.5x the walking speed, I don't know. Also, I don't see the problem about having a car when you could have a blimp.

    However, don't forget about SMP. Imagine race servers or clan races or even the amazing racetracks that could be built! I would love to see these implemented, sure would be a lot of fun. But why not use animals for races? I don't think it would have the same feel.
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    posted a message on UNOFFICIAL Official BLUESTONE DUST discussion/support topic.
    I support
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    posted a message on Anarcho-Communists of Minecraftia
    Quote from Valdrec »
    Quote from rizo »

    I suppose so. It kind of comes with being completely misunderstood by so many people,

    It's difficult to understand people who suport "freedom" yet openly advertise that they destroy other people's work on their OP, regardless or not if you claim that isn't griefing.
    People have a right to play on their server how they wish. If people don't like it they're entitled to play on another server, rendering your movement basically useless.


    Yeah, it's damn easy being Red when you can just join in and drop out whenever you want. Tell that to the people who tried to cross the Berlin Wall.


    Quote from Liberty Prime »

    "Communism is a temporary setback on the road to freedom."

    "Democracy is non-negotiable."

    "Better dead than red!"

    "Death is a preferable alternative to Communism!"
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    posted a message on VEHICLES REDOX - Land, sea, and air, oh my...
    The world must see this! Congrats for all your hard work writing all this, must have taken a while. One suggestion I have (probably won't be supported by many, though...) is some kind of car.

    "But how? The terrain is all uneven!"

    Well, it could climb up, but not more than 1 block in quick succession. (Imagine the powered minecarts. They can go up, but not more than 2 blocks, otherwise they just fall back)


    1) As you can see below, the terrain is uneven, however there is more than one block between the "height layers" (I think you can get it), so this would be climbable

    [] [] [] [] :grass: :grass:
    [] [] :grass: :grass: :soil: :soil:
    :grass: :grass: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:

    2)In this case, however, there isn't more than one block between the layers, so this car wouldn't be able to climb it up.

    [] [] :grass:
    [] :grass: :soil:
    :grass: :soil: :soil:

    Going downhill is a totally different story, i think it could climb blocks down with no problem. However, if it falls more than 1 or 2 block, it would take some damage.
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    posted a message on Pushers - The most needed redstone output
    Ohh, I like this. A lot. Pigs in space, anyone?
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    posted a message on The Obsidian Empire - Now with 99% more Multiverse
    1. Preferred, abbreviated name: Uni

    2. In-game/account name: Cpt_Universe

    3. Day, Month, and Year of Birth (you'll get a present): 17/04/1995

    4. Gender (this is optional): Male

    5. Favorite thing to do in minecraft: I love building things and I like mining, but I worry a lot about the details (I can spend hours getting it just right). Also, I like building minecart lines and trying new things with redstone (not a pro yet, though)*

    6. Explain any talents you possess that you feel will greatly benefit the clan: As I said before, I care about the details, but this is not about the aesthetics only, but the 'flow'(lacking a better word) of the constructions. For example, I always add stairs or ladders in mines, so I don't have to move up jumping. Simple things, but great improvements. "sausage" (?)

    7. Explain why you have chosen to apply to The Obsidian Empire: I've been browsing the clans section of this forum and this one seems to be the most organized I have seen. No other clan has the credit system that you guys have and it sounds great.

    8. Explain your opinion of the President or Prime Minister of your country: The new president just got elected, so no one has seen what she is capable of, however I support another political party, therefore I don't expect great actions from her.

    9. Describe your homeland, especially what you like about it: Well, I live in Brazil and it is a huge country and really hot. Also, as it has been colonized by different countries, it has a lot of diversity of races and cultures, what makes it an interesting place to live. The city I live in, São Paulo, is one of the biggest cities in the world, so there is always something interesting to do. And I think you know about the Brazilian girls... :iapprove:

    10. Include at least one picture or video (or a link to either) and an explanation of something truly impressive that you have created, either in SSP or SMP: http://img600.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=mc1.png#
    In the link there are 5 pictures: the first one is a picture of this lighthouse I built (not really impressive, but I am quite proud of it, as it took a lot of time to gather all the glowstone). The other 4 pictures are about this idea I had of 2 floating islands, one made of regular world blocks and the other one made of Nether blocks. The 2 islands are connected through a portal, as you can see in the pictures #4 and 5.

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