About Me
I like to make stuff sometimes...

Here's some pretty colors

I also made some colored glass for 1.6.4

I wrote a nifty Minecraft Wrapper that can download .7zip archives as patches, take out their contents, paste them into the local directory, and delete old files from a .blacklist. This allows a server admin to maintain a complicated and customized Minecraft Forge Install, without relying on preset modpacks. If something breaks, or an update for a specific mod comes out, the server admin can host a new patch.

This wrapper requires a script or exe to start the updater, wait till it closes, then start a local Minecraft install afterwards:

The updater will reach out to a text file hosted by the server, figure out where it stands in all of the updates... and then attempt to patch if there are updates available... The server's text file will have to hold relevant information.

Sample Output Log:

Feel free to PM me to talk. If you want to see the code, ask direct questions about my progress, or need help setting up the Colored Light Devkit, I'll set you up!