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Hey, Sup, I'm Porkins.
I'm that one guy that occasionally wanders into the chat thread or RP sub forum, but generally keeps to the IRCs that are around. I'm younger then 50, but older then 10, and i won't tell you my exact age. Why?
'Cause. That's why.

I work as a barista for a living (AKA That guy that brings you you're coffees when you're at a cafe), Attend highschool 5 days a week, Draw and of course, play videogames. I usually just sleep though. Hopy **** do i love sleep.

Eventually, i hope to attend Qantm (Gaming Uni), and get a course in either story board creating, or Digital art. Animation would be cool too, but currently i've had no luck with it. Of course, getting there would require a **** ton of good grades, something that i achieve few and far between.

While i live in Australia, and have done so for a dozen or so years, i Still have a Canadian accent, which, believe it or not, is actually that uncommon. It's actually helped me get a good group of friends, albeit extremely geeky/douchey/stupid ones. But i love 'em anyway.

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