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    posted a message on Cow's SMP (NEW POST FOR 1.2) [24/7][No Lag][Multi-World][Survival World][Anarchy World][Factions, MCMMO, and Citizens]
    This server runs on the latest version of Bukkit for Minecraft 1.2, and has a fully functioning economy. Here are some features that pertain to the regular user:


    The classic Minecraft experience, with a fully functioning dynamic economy, a server mall, and other amenities.
    WorldGuard is available for protections, and griefing can be rolled back. Here, you can bring some friends and make a town, or build a castle, or a plantation!

    This world is overrun by anarchists. Here you can make guilds with Factions, have guild wars. You can grief and steal, and do whatever you want. There are only 2 rules: No hacking, and no redstone griefing. The rules have been minimized as such to provide the maximum PvP experience. These 2 rules are similar to eye gouging and crotch shots in wrestling and boxing.

    This is a vanity world. It where the good builders go, and build great creations. It is exclusive, and hidden from the average player.

    WorldGuard to protect regions.
    LWC and EssentialsProtect to protect players from griefers.
    "Lift" elevator plugin
    iConomy 6, with a fully functioning economy, including a server mall and lotteries.
    Factions plugin so players can set up or be in guilds, with guild wars and PVP.
    Helpful hand selected Admins from my history of owning servers.
    TeamSpeak server.
    Forums in progress.
    Tutorials and command references right in the SpawnTown.
    Frequently playing admins and owner.

    The wesite URL is: cowssmp.enjin.com

    The DynMap URL is:
    Please come and check it out. The IP is:
    Also, we have a TeamSpeak server! IP is:
    If you want to, come and check it out, because we are always looking for new players.Thanks, Cowpow16.
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