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    posted a message on Mob spawned not working

    Thanks for the pictures. Now I see what's wrong.

    Your problem is the flushing system that has water flowing OVER the drop hole. Mobs swim up in water, so with water over the drop they won't fall through. You need to either adjust the size of the room so that the water stops at the edge of the drop hole, or use signs to block the water from covering the hole (assuming signs do actually block water in XBox/Bedrock edition).

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    posted a message on Sorting system , help needed :)

    I don't see any possible way for that to sort items. How is that supposed to work?

    An item sorter normally consists of:

    1. Feeder system (usually water or a hopper pipe).

    2. Filter hopper with the item you want to sort in the far left slot and 4 space saver/filler items :Diamond: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:

    3. Loading hopper, which takes the filtered items and puts them into a chest.

    4. Redstone circuit to make it all work.

    Example of basic item sorter.

    Top hopper is the feeder that supplies the unsorted items to the system.

    Middle hopper is the item filter that pulls the desired item from the feeder system.

    Bottom hopper then takes the sorted item and loads it into a chest.

    Filter hopper must be facing away from other hoppers or chests (simplest is to face it into the comparator).

    Filter hopper contains the desired item in the far left slot, and 4 space saver-filler items in the other 4 slots. Space saver items in this basic design should be items that only stack to 16 (like signs, snowballs or eggs, although you only use 1 in each slot). Also, they should not be anything you will be sorting anywhere in the system. A simple way to get unique items is to rename the items used in the 4 right slots.

    This basic structure is then tiled to accommodate as many items as you need to sort. The basic item sorter is economical because it only holds 7 items in the filter system, but if too many items are fed into the filter, or the storage chest fills up, the item sorter will break.

    An alternate design that is overflow-proof extends the redstone signal by an additional block and uses items that stack to 64 in the 4 right space saver slots (again, only 1 item in each of the 4 right slots). The overflow-proof design holds 42 items in the filter system, so it's most useful on high output farms.

    Overflow-proof item sorter.

    Tiled item sorters: basic on left, overflow-proof on right (with alternate chest placement for more storage capacity).

    Note that the feeder hoppers are a hopper pipe moving items over the top of the filter hoppers (could also be water, droppers, etc.). Also note that last "sorter" is just an unsorted item catch-all chest for anything not in the sorter/filter system (anything that reaches the end of the sorter chain is just pushed into the last chest).

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    posted a message on Need some advice about Guardian Farms
    Quote from YMbrothers»

    Thanks for all the replies.

    Lemme try to recall what you guys are saying, just in case I made them wrong:

    1. The 2 block spacing is fine. (You know, if the wall is positioned incorrectly, idk whether guardians will spawn outside the wall or not)

    2. The farm doesn't need to be centered in the monument structure. Yet if I'm using Gnembon's design, the kill chamber must be near the center of the farm itself, while the whole farm (The 十 shaped farm) can be on the edge of the monument.

    3. So the light level (only sunlight) does affect the spawn rate. (Does that mean I can use pistons to move the covering block, so it can control the spawn rate?)

    4. Well, Gnembon's design s the most efficient

    5. Spawners do affect the spawn rate, so it's best to not put it below the kill chamber of the guardian farm. (Sad :( )

    6. Y:39-63

    If there's any mistake, please correct me.

    1. Guardians only spawn within the 58x58 footprint of the farm, between Y39 and Y63 (according to the wiki). There is some ambiguity in the wiki about guardian spawns above sea level, so it's possible they may spawn higher (assuming there is water to spawn in), but I have not tested that myself. Note that no other hostile mobs will spawn in that area. So if you clear the volume the monument occupies of water you don't have to worry about lighting up rooms, as guardians are the only hostile mob that can spawn in the monument location. If you have any space outside the 58x58 footprint, or under the floor level (Y38), then normal hostile mob spawning rules apply.
    2. Guardians have an equal chance of spawning anywhere within the monument volume, so whether or not you need to center anything will depend on the design of your farm.
    3. Sky exposure affects spawning, not light level. If the spawn water block is exposed to the sky, either directly or indirectly (below liquid or fully transparent blocks) spawning will fail 95% of the time. Cover your spawn area.
    4. Probably, he's pretty awesome.
    5. Monster spawners themselves are not affected by the mob cap. They will happily keep spawning mobs until they crash your game or server. However, the mobs they spawn are added to the mobs cap, so if you have an active spawner nearby it can and will affect your guardian spawns. If you want a collection only dungeon grinder which quickly dispatches the spawned mobs, then it probably won't make too much difference. If you want an XP farm where you let the mobs accumulate, then that will slow down and possibly stop guardian spawns (if you want XP, then use your guardian farm for that, it's much faster than a dungeon grinder).
    6. I'm pretty sure when I tested that, guardians also spawned at Y38, but it's been awhile so test that for yourself.
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    posted a message on My ocean monument project
    Quote from ScotsMiser >>
    Divide and conquer is the rule.
    Sponges in small areas if you have them; otherwise slimeblocks are easiest to fill and remove

    Yup, slime blocks are insta-break, even with mining fatigue. Bring at least 2 stacks with you. Doors can also be helpful since you can open and close them for passage and protection, and they block water even when open. Clear small rooms by blocking the doorways with doors or slime blocks and placing a few sponges quickly.

    The key to clearing larger rooms is to spam sponges as fast as you can to clear water before new sources can form. Depth Strider is helpful for this, since you can move so much faster in water.

    One issue that I've not seen addressed is that most people seem to clear the outside first.
    This removes many potential guardian spawning sites and concentrates guardian spawns within the monument.
    I prefer to leave as much water as possible outside until I have the inside dry so as to minimize the number of guardians I encounter.

    I cleared the inside first for that very reason.

    I actually mined my way into the monument from below the ocean bottom. I dug up through one of the support legs into the rear hallway and quickly walled off a section to establish a base of operations inside the monument that was connected to my main base. That allowed me to return through the tunnel for supplies. Drank a lot of milk during that initial entry, but afterword I used slime blocks to clear areas section by section until I had killed all the elders.

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    posted a message on Mob farm help
    Quote from rkpkid1997»

    If you stand too close mobs won't spawn. Mob's don't spawn in a circular area 36 blocks around the player. Also if the player is too far away (180 blocks I think) mobs won't spawn. Also make sure the game is not on peaceful difficulty.

    Your block distances are wrong.

    Mobs won't spawn within 24 blocks of a player, and any that spawn more than 128 blocks away will instantly despawn. Also, mobs that are more than 32 blocks from a player will stop moving after a few seconds and just stand around until they despawn.

    Quote from Aurora184»

    Anyone want to clue me in why mobs aren't spawning in here?

    You probably have too many other available spawn locations nearby. You need to eliminate all spawn locations within 128 blocks of your AFK position, and make sure you are between 24 and 128 blocks from the spawner.

    Also, make sure your render distance (or the render distance of the server) is at least 10.

    Mob traps that rely on mobs to randomly wander into water streams are really crappy. I know there are tons of youtube videos proclaiming they are the best mobs traps ever, but whoever posted those videos are basically idiots. Even if you had mobs spawning in your trap, most would end up standing around and you'd get really poor results. If you want a mob farm that works, build one with an active flushing system (something that pushes the mobs out of the trap).

    Here's mine.

    8 floors flushed by a single water source block, and it even traps endermen.
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    posted a message on What is your main food source in survival?
    Quote from Mr_N_Derman»

    Baked potatoes usually early on, but beef all the way after that. Best food because of the saturation, dont know if any of the recent meats (rabbit, mutton) are as good ...

    Mutton is not as good (see below). I don't eat rabbit because my bunny Zoom-zoom would get upset. ;)

    Cooked Mutton = 6 (Hunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svg) hunger and 9.6 saturation (rabbit = 5/6).
    Steak & Cooked Porkchop = 8 (Hunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svg) hunger and 12.8 saturation.
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    posted a message on Does lava move faster in the nether?
    Quote from Ethany525»

    So I'm not going insane? :D

    The fact that lava flows faster in the nether doesn't eliminate the possibility, but at least it's one less symptom to worry about. ;)
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    posted a message on Question of Morality

    Hey all, this is my first post to Minecraft forum, and Ì am asking a controversial question. Is the duplicating of shulker shells acceptable? Previously, the only thing Ì have ever duped is dragon eggs, for the obvious reason that any bedrock breaking project with only one would never be accomplished. However, my recent projects in my world have lead to situations leading to more shulker shells than would be obtainable in survival. So Ì ask y’all, what do you think Ì should do?

    So many untrue statements there. Completing bedrock breaking projects with 1 dragon egg, or obtaining large amounts of shulker shells is possible if you are willing to do the work. You seem to be confusing your laziness/impatience with what is possible. If you are unwilling do put in the work required, then by all means duplicate, use creative mode or do whatever you like. It's your game, so why do you care what others think?

    Of course this assumes you are playing SSP. If you play on a server, then follow the rules set by the server admins.

    Quote from Mehrcraft»

    IMHO shulker boxes are too useful to be a

    limited resource.

    So, I’d consider any way to get more than the limited amount normally availabe to simply be a fix to a design flaw. In the same boat as using mods to fix minecraft behaviors that annoy you, as those are also fixes to flawed design choices.

    In other words, "The game is too hard, so I'll just cheat and call it a fix to flawed design choices". <_< :rolleyes:

    I don't know why people always have to come here asking for permission to cheat? If you want to cheat, then just do it. It's your game, you don't need our permission. Play it however you want, but don't pretend it's not cheating.

    I have a cheat in my SSP world, a command block that disables Enderman griefing, because that is a useless feature that adds nothing positive to the game. Do I consider Enderman griefing a flawed design choice, perhaps, but I don't consider my command block a fix. It's absolutely a cheat, but it's one I'm comfortable with because it makes the game more enjoyable.

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    posted a message on Zombies in my House..

    There is a resource pack called Danger Zone that will show you problem areas where hostile mobs can spawn by turning them red. To use Danger Zone you will also need Optifine, and turn off smooth lighting for the clearest view of spawnable blocks.

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    posted a message on Iron farm golems spawning on non-spawnable blocks
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Glad to see the initial issue was just a matter of door registration :)

    I've had occasional trouble with escapees from an Iron farm, but this seems to have been the result of a period where I was moving back and forth between worlds debugging a build; the repeated loading/unloading seems to have allowed golems to 'phase through' some blocks.

    Has anyone else seen something similar?

    It could also be caused by the chunks the mock village is in not loading simultaneously. In other words, if only part of the mock village loads, and a golem happens to spawn at that moment, then the village center will be (at least partially) outside of the trap area. This is more common when your iron farm is not in spawn chunks, but spawn chunks do unload when you're in other dimensions, or if you are using Optifine with the Smooth World option enabled.

    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    ... and while (as Syn74 notes) "Building high up in the sky and transporting villagers high up in the sky takes a lot of effort."

    Did you click on my spoiler above? I used nether portals for easy access to the upper levels while building, and to move the villagers into the pods. That was MUCH easier than building huge scaffolds with minecart tracks.

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