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    Coupon's Updates
    I have quit modding till 1.3 to peruse other interests. I am still around and will respond to some pms/comments. Don't bug for me to update, I won't. If you want to update, download eclipse, mcps 43-60, Java sdk, and ask questions on the modding forum.
    Answering FAQs in the FAQ at the bottom of the page.
    Most of my updates require ModLoader. To be on the safe side, always have ModLoader. You may also want AudioMod for new sounds.
    Also! You can still get item sprite errors with ItemSpriteAPI! It's purpose is not to add sprites, it's purpose is to not add them with mods that use it. Please stop asking me about it!
    I noticed that many of my mods haven't updated. I had free-time, and MCP, so I decided to update a few. I update some every now and then, so come back every day to see if any of yours have been updated.

    3/8/12 - Updated MysticPack, ISAPI, ScotTools, Zipline, Trivia, 8BitMobs, Whales, Trapdoors+, and TwoInsects for 1.2.3.

    2/29/12 - Sorry for the lack of news. Currently, many things have happened that can't be listed. If you have noticed a lull in production, that is because I have been busy. I need modders to help me with updating these. An update is coming up soon, and I physically don't have time to update the 40+ mods I am up-keeping. Please help. I also removed SDK's Mods and Djoslin's mods from this thread. They are no longer needed at all. If you have any gripes, please pm me and I'll try my best to care.

    2/15/12 - Almost done with the next update of Quintessential Creatures. I will not update Wolves Extended because it is too difficult. This goes for the same with Allocator Patch. Someone else, please update them! The poll results have told me to keep the links on this page, so that will now be done.

    2/12/12 - Updated TheWard's pies, Woot's Miner Helment and Scuba Suit, posted link to multi-use doors, and updated Walls and Arches.

    2/11/12 - Created versions of MysicPack, Titans, and Chisel to use forge.

    2/10/12 - Been gone for another while. SDK's is updated, so good for me. Also needing help with updating mods...

    Old News:

    2/4/12 - Been awhile since I reported. I updated Bats, CreeperSwarm, Zipline, Crabs, and Jellyfish. I did a silent update to IceMaker, so redownload.
    1/22/12 - Another large update, have fun. Planning to release a few more, changed some of the rarity mechanics in some of Kodachi's Mods. Beekeeping no longer requires SAPI (removed achievements).

    1/20/12 - Updated Level Up, Cannon Mod, along with tons of other stuff. Check it out. For all having issues with 2shared, I'm sorry. read page 70.

    1/15/11 - I'm back. Update all mods to 1.1, so far updated is Mystic Pack, and Amour+. Also updated Dairy Mod, Chocolate Mod, Chisel, Rana, Catgirl, and PAINTING GUI!

    1/8/12 - Remove Craftable Intelligence, already updated.

    1/7/12 - I have been working on update Firehazurd's mob requests. I also updated Titans, Calender, WallClock, and DeathConsolation mod. Also made the Armadillo mod. Removed Modern World, already updated.

    1/3/12 - Fixed all the bugs in Troll... Yep.

    1/2/12 - I have updated DairyMod and ChoclateMod... Check em' out.

    1/1/11 - Happy New Years! My Twitter isn't working, so I can't tweet, at all. I also updated Quintessential Creatures, finished Turtle and a debug release for all the trolls. Finally, I updated the Sky Dimension (Link) and updated half of OrgeSean's mods. Mediafire won't let me upload for some reason, so I am now using 2shared for the time being.

    12/30/11 - Fixed drop bugs in More Trees, updated Cobblestone Fences, updated. Realistic Time, and released a buggy release of Level up. Realistic Time has some probles with down. Also, scratch the Cobblestone Fence, already updated. Darn.

    12/28/11 - Released all I was planning to release but also included Modern World. Did not release Craftable Intelligence yet.

    12/27/11 - (Release planned to be tomorrow) Added a prop to Scroll the Sky, fixed a crash in SDK's mods (but there is a crash on gun fire), and updated Glowing Ores and Craftable Intelligence.

    12/19/11 - Now with Advize's Curtains and Dyeable Blocks. Also releasing the second part of Djolsin's Mods, expect more later. Also, the crash fix for Painting Gui won't be available for awhile, I don't know how to fix it. Let it be known it's not my fault, it's MCP's falut. Next release should have Scuba Diving, Wolves Extended, and Level Up.

    12/17/11 - I have been busy with life and Terraria, but have come back with a release. This includes a fix for the bug in Armor+, and a test release for MoareAi's Logical Gates/Digital Functions. Also includes a test release for SDK's Mods. Full release for Lightbulb and The first half of Djolsin's mods. More updates should come later. You can request, but after now I probably won't update. I have mod requests up the wazzo.

    12/5/11 - Updated Chicken Gliding, Mutated Mobs, Buried Treasure, and Dispenser GUI. Will upload later. Taking a rest.

    12/4/11 - I have updated Inventory Mods, Spider Family, and Miner Trivia. Working on other stuff.

    12/3/11 - I have updated Slime Armor, Armor+, Stilts, added a partial config feather to Mystic Stones, and I am planning to update some more later today.

    12/1/11 - Planning on updating Cactus Tools, Chisel, Mystic Ores/Chisel, Mystic Ruins (and others later) config, Power Armor, and Extended Player Texture. After I get play the Terraria update of course!

    11/29/11 - Updated Minecessity, RPGMobs, SimpleItemsRepair, Fixed Mystic Ruins and Mystic Stones, Updated AltVillagers, Rana, and WTFisaNeko. I am busy, so I will try to update my updates.

    11/25/11 - MCP is out, so I am updating the mods. It will be a while till I have everyone updated, so don't keep asking. Once I update some of them, I will begin to take requests.

    11/22/11 - Once again, busy with life. Also very busy with Quintessential Creatures and other things. Also, MCP will not be out till after 11/26/11, so hang on tight!

    11/11/11 - Busy with life. Updated ArtOfPainting and ScotTools. Added aSakofDonuts links to OP.

    11/5/11 - Took a break, updating a few to Pre-Release 5. The mods I haven't updated to 1.8.1 will be updated to Pre-Release 5.

    10/30/11 - Uploaded Speakers and EyeofTruth, also uploaded new version of ModelFixes! NetherCraft is next!

    10/28/11 - Finished Minecraft Advanced, Trapdoors+, Armor+, and fixed scuba diving! Find any bugs, please report them.

    10/25/11 - Working hard on Minecraft Advanced, so many bugs!

    10/23/11 - Still working on other mods, waiting to upload Speakers and EyeofTruth. Sensors will be uploaded, but don't have anyone redstone output (they aren't functional). Fixed Machetes crash. Also, for the last time, NO REQUESTS! I HAVE TOO MUCH!

    10/19/11 - Updated EyeofTruth, Sensors, Speakers, and updated OP. PLEASE NO MORE REQUESTS!

    10/18/11 - Updated WallClock, Realistic Time, Randomite, More Slimes, and Mystic Ores - ScotTools. As busy as crap. Struggling with RayGun, NetherCraft, and Kadoichi's mods.

    10/15/11-Sorry for lack of news, busy with TF2, Java, and Real life. Removed Glass/Ice Shards and Tweaks & Fixes because author updated them. Removed pies until I can fix the crash. Added Mo' Trees, Better Blocks. Working on Score mod.

    10/8/11-Uploaded Model fix, WTFisaNeko, Charlotte, Chocolate Mod, Painting/Noteblock GUI, BiomeWater, IceMaker. If Kingbdogz will let me, I may update Aether. With he help of aSakofDonuts and someone else...

    10/7/11-Removed Call of Duty Knives per request of Author. Uploaded other mods I said I uploaded but actually didn't. Added a few things to op. Updated Cheeseburger, lost WTFisaNeko code, have to redo. Sorry. Things are going slow due to high amount of errors in mods. I got Demoman Milestone 2 achievement!

    10/6/11-Removed Mo' Chickens per request of the author, Uploaded Coral Reef, Diagonal Fences, BetterGrassandLeaves, Terricota Armor, and others. I think I got my idea for a mod, so no more mod request. Still, I would maybe like a few more, just make sure it's reasonable.

    10/5/11-Uploaded Corruption Block, Fixed Rana Link, Updated Miner Trivia, TwoInsects, WTFisaNiko, Fairy, and many others.

    10/4/11-Updated StainedGlass, Tweaks & Fixes, BiomePack, Machetes, Scrambled Eggs, Better Winters, and Mo' Chickens. I am still taking a request for a new mod, but no longer taking requests for updates, as I have too many. ETA on updates - 10/10/11. ETA on 1.9 - 10/16/11. Poll results- 5 YES 5 NO

    10/3/11-Updated BrainSlimes, DairyMod, ScubaDiving, Stilts, Succubus, WhirlyWinds, SpiderFamily, Rana, and have made progress on others. I am taking 1 request for a new mod. If you have a GOOD idea for a mod, please tell me.

    10/1/11-Updated MoreSlimes, Slime Armor, and Inventory mods. I am taking requests again. Just please look at posts above you to see if they requested it, and don't asking again and again, I will get to it!

    9/30/11-Edited Priority list, Updated Dispensary Tweak, Extended Player Textures, Power Armor, Art of Painting, and Buried Treasures, and Go to the Sky Dimension! I AM STILL NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS! FOR 3 MORE DAYS!

    9/27/11-Updated Auto-save mod, and decompiled MinerZombie/Minesesity. I am no longer taking requests (only for the next 3 days), so hold your requests for a while
    I will be using this to post updates about my updates!
    The Mods!
    Mystic Pack:

    A mod pack that consists of 3 mods. Way to much information to talk about, all info in the original thread.

    Original Thread

    CompletePack-1.2(requires ScotTools(Unoffical Version))
    CompletePack-Forge-1.2(requires Forge)

    Mystic Ores-1.2.3(requires ScotTools)
    Mysic Ores-Forge-1.2.3(requires Forge)

    Mystic Ruins-1.2.3 (requires ScotTools)
    Mysic Ruins-Forge-1.2.3(requires Forge)

    Mystic Stones-1.2.3(requires ScotTools)
    Mysic Stones-Forge-1.2.3(requires Forge)
    Old Versions:

    Kodaichi Fixes(Updated 10/30/11):
    Should fix issues with KodaichiZero's Models. (If any other issues appear, please tell me and I will fix)
    (This will not be required for 1.0.0)

    Pig Mounts:

    This mod edits the pig so that you can control them when you ride them. They also stack on top of each other, and other animals can also ride.

    *While on a pig you go though leaves..
    *You sprint while on a pig.
    *The new ai is disabled for pigs.

    Dirt to Grass (with bonemill):

    Changes bonemill so when you right click dirt, it changes it to
    (in a 3x3 square I think)


    Original Thread (scroll down to Bonemill Add-on)

    Simple Item Repair:

    When you put any tool onto a crafting grid, then add the materiel it was made out of any where on that grid, the item will be repaired. E.I A diamond sword, then a diamond

    Modloader 1.2.3

    Non-Modloader 1.2.3

    Chicken Gliding:

    When you right click a chicken, it will appear upon your head. When you just off a high place, the chicken will glide. Should work for mo' creatures ducks too


    Original Thread

    Koda's Creepers:
    Adds 2 new creepers, Blue rocket creeper, and Red Festive Creeper. Red Festive Creeper runs faster than you, and throws TNT at you. It drops 1-3 TNT. Blue Rocket Creeper runs faster than you, and when it sees you it jump and then drops. Also drops 1-3 TNT.



    Original Thread

    Red Creeper is not immune to it's own explosions, so it often dies from it's own explosions.
    Red Creeper is often set on fire for some odd reason.

    Mutated Mobs:

    Changes mobs so they are twice as strong. Creepers have 2 times the explosion, Zombies move twice as fast, and doubled something to skeletons (Idk, please tell me if you find out). Creepers and Zombies also have new textures.


    Original Thread(scroll down to mutated mobs addon)

    None that I know of. If you know of any, please tell me. Also, Please tell me what I can do to spiders!

    Nandonalt's Mods:

    Look in the thread to find out what each mod is. All of them require mod-loader.

    Original Thread

    Downloads(12/17 Updated):


    Mob Masks


    Corruption Block (requires GuiAPI)


    Ice Maker


    Wall Clock

    BiomePack (requires GuiApi and Scott-Tools)


    Beekeeping (requires SAPI)

    *Achievements do not work. This is due to changes in SAPI. Will fix when SAPI docs are up.
    *Beekeeping helmet is rendered as an iron helmet. Can't fix for now.

    Cheeseburger (requires Dairymod)

    Chocolate Mod


    Scrambled Eggs (requires Dairymod)

    Coral Reef-AllWater (requires GuiAPI)(This mod was updated by aSakofDonuts)

    Coral Reef-OceansOnly (requires GuiAPI)(This mod was updated by aSakofDonuts)

    More Trees (requires Scott-Tools and GuiAPI)

    Scuba Diving (Fixed 10/28/11)

    Cactus Craft





    BiomePack (requires GuiApi and Scott-Tools)


    Beekeeping (requires SAPI)
    *Achievements do not work. This is due to changes in SAPI. Will fix when SAPI docs are up.
    *Beekeeping helmet is rendered as an iron helmet. Can't fix for now.

    Cheeseburger (requires Dairymod)

    Chocolate Mod


    Scrambled Eggs (requires Dairymod)

    Scuba Diving(requires GuiAPI)

    *Scuba Suit does not render correctly, still works.

    More Trees (requires Scott-Tools and GuiAPI)

    Coral Reef-OceansOnly(requires GuiAPI)(This mod was updated by aSakofDonuts)

    Coral Reef-AllWater(requires GuiAPI)(This mod was updated by aSakofDonuts)








    MoreTrees-1.1(requires GUIApi)





    Coral-1.1 (Oceans only, All Waters is deprecated)

    Pies-1.1 (Use TheWard's Pies)


    Art of Painting:

    This is a mod that adds custom paintings! When you place a custom painting, you use a pastel to draw on the painting. Once your done you have a painting that is on the wall. Only available in 2x2 blocks, more sizes may soon come.

    Original Thread


    Go to the Sky Dimension!:

    Allows you to go to the sky dimension! Can set the normal world to be the sky dimension, or the Nether. A portal made of grass will soon come.

    Original Thread

    Overworld to Sky-1.8

    Nether to Sky-1.8

    (Now updated on that thread, not this one)

    Slime Chestplate/Boot:

    This mod add 2 new armor pieces, a Slime Chestplate and a Slime boot. Both are made from slime balls in the shape of the armor. The chestplate lowers the damage made from arrows, and the boot allows you to jump higher!

    Original Thread

    (Link for image. Required. Put in minecraft.jar (the file inside))(Not required for 1.0)
    Slime Chestplate-1.8.1
    Slime Chestplate-1.0

    Slime Boot-1.8.1
    Slime Boot-1.0
    Slime Boot has already been updated by original author.

    *Slime Chestplate works, but does nothing. The only idea I can think of for it is Explosion Resistance, but I don't know how I can do that.

    Inventory Mods:

    This set contains 3 mods. An Api, which is requires for the next 2, and 2 edits. Where and When edits so that when you have a compass or a watch in your invetory, a larger verison will appear next to your tolbar. Auto Refills edits so that when you run out of something, and you have it in your inventory, it will automaticly fill the item. Confused? Check the thread out!

    Inventory Watch API-1.8.1(required for the 2 mods below)
    Inventory Watch-1.0
    Inventory Watch-1.1(includes DeathChest)

    Where and When-1.8
    Where and When-1.0
    Where and When-1.1

    Auto Refill-1.8
    Auto Refill-1.0
    Auto Refill-1.1

    I had to edit the ItemStack class for Auto Refill-1.0/1.1.

    Scokeev9's Mods(for 1.8.1):

    Most of the mods by Scokeev9, look in the original thread for more.

    Original Thread

    (Link for image. Required. Put in minecraft.jar (the file inside))








    This a mod that adds a few "necessities" to Minecraft. Check the thread for more.

    Original Thread


    *Particle Gun recipe still isn't correct
    *Texture Switching may not work
    *Portable workbench doesn't work.

    AntiFustration's Mods:

    Adds 2 new guis. One for picking paintings, and the other for picking notes on noteblock!

    Original Thread


    Noteblock GUI-1.8.1
    Noteblock GUI-1.1.0

    Dispenser Tweak:

    Changes the dispenser to do 3 separate things with items. Launch, place, or fire. For more infomation, look in the original thread.

    Original Thread


    * For an odd reason, tnt won't launch a primed tnt when on launch. I changed that, but the problem is that I had to edit the EntityTntPrimed class to do so. Don't worry, there are no incompatibilities?

    Buried Treasures:

    This mod adds buried treasures to the game! The treasure chests spawn on sand blocks and netherrack blocks, and contain many helpful items, which include but are not limited too iron tools, iron armor, glowstone, melons, and diamonds.

    Original Thread


    More Slimes:

    Adds more uses for slime balls. Check thread for more!

    Original Thread


    KodaichiZero's Mobs:

    All of KodaichiZero's Mods. Go to the original thread to found out details about each one of them.

    Original Thread

    Downloads 1.8:
    Downloads 1.0:

    Peach Dudes





    Spider Family




    Squeen has problems and doesn't work well.



    Many, I will fix later.

    Alt Villagers
    Downloads 1.1:
    Downloads 1.2:

    Duel Wield:

    Allows you to hold one item with one hand, and another item with another. Left/Right click to use them.

    Original Thread
    1.8.1-TEST VERSION-V2(Requires Dynamic Lights)

    Link-1.0.0(DOES NOT require Dynamic Lights)
    (This mod is updated by aSakofDonuts. All credit goes to him)

    (This mod was updated by aSakofDonuts. All credit goes to him)



    Changes Grass and Leaves to add different types of textures (Looks beautiful).

    Original Thread

    (1.8.1-1.0.0 were updated by aSakofDonuts. All credit goes to him)

    Terracotta Armor:

    Adds a new type of armor, made from smelted clay.

    Original Thread

    (Requires ArmorAPI)
    (This mod was updated by aSakofDonuts. All credit goes to him)


    Adds funny messages where Score: &0 used to be.

    Original Thread


    Better Blocks:
    WARNING: Some may receive crashes with this mod. You have been warned. I can't reproduce the crashes, so you are on your own!

    Adds many new features, including different fences, gates, slabs, and so much more. Look in the thread to learn more!

    Original Thread


    Peronix's Mods:

    Original Thread

    Downloads 1.8:

    Boomerang-1.8.1(Updated by aSakofDonuts)
    Boomerangs-IDResolver-1.8.1(Updated by aSakofDonuts)

    Bugs: Unknown

    Speaker Blocks-1.8.1

    Loop does not work
    When you unpower the SpeakerBlock with redstone, it still play.
    Finishes don't work.
    Redstone repeaters and redstone torches don't work.

    Eye of Truth-1.8.1

    You have to place/destroy block to activate Eye of Truth
    Any false blocks placed with Eye of Truth on will look block, destroy/place block to return to normal color.
    False block do not do well with x/y axis moves. Going up and down works fine, into does not work. Can't fix.

    Downloads 1.0.0:

    Minecraft Advanced:

    A very big mod. All info is in the original thread!

    Original Thread


    *Giant Creeper floats off the ground
    *I didn't test a few things, could be another bug.


    Adds 2 new armor types, Lava and Underwater. Lava makes you invulnerable to fire, underwater does many things. Look at the original thread for more!

    Original Thread



    Adds 3 new trapdoors, Iron, Gold, and Obsidian. Obsidian is invulnerable to explosions. Gold and Iron can only be opened by redstone.

    Original Thread



    Adds new ways of walkways. Cloth sheets, rope bridge, and leather which are placed and can function in a manner similar to minetracks. Also adds ropes and arrows that fire ropes. Original Thread has more info.

    Original Thread

    Zipline-WatershaderV4d-MCE Lite patch



    Bugs:help wanted
    * Dispenser only shoots normal arrow when fed a rope arrow, instead of a rope arrow.
    * Handlebar dosn't work.
    * There is no shaking when standing on a rope.



    3 mods by Woot. One adds miner helmets, helmets that shine light. Another adds overlays like what's in the Jack o' Lantern for normal helmets, and another adds a scuba suit that adds many abilities in water.

    Original Thread

    Miner Helmets-1.8.1(Requires Dynamic Lights)
    Scuba Suit Beta-1.8.1(Requires Dynamic Lights, Miner Helmets with you want Scuba Helmet with Light)

    Miner Helmets-1.1.0(Dynamic Lights for working Helmets)
    Scuba Suit-1.1.0(Dynamic Lights for working Helmet, Miner Helmets for Scuba with Light)

    Quintessential Creatures:

    The old Quintessential Creatures mod from 1.3. More mobs will be added soon.

    Original Thread

    Both-1.0.0 (excludes Armadillo)


    *Tortoise-Added workbenches and furnaces for tortoises. Furnaces show a chest GUI, but workbenches work. Due to this change, I had to edit the ContainerWorkbench.class. Also edited by Minecraft Advanced, but they are the same thing, so don't worry. All this does is allow other things to show up the GUI.
    *Troll-I added troll stone to replace bedrock, it's pointless but will soon added other functions. Also, I changed it from dropping mushrooms to dropping cooked beef, leather, spider eye, and slime balls (more appropriate, right?)
    *Armadillo-Doesn't roll up... but it is still hard to kill.

    *Tortoise-Furnace GUI is of the chest and functions as a chest. Will fix soon.help wanted
    *Troll-Dosn't seem to cause damage or throw rocks. May also jump/revert when in a stone form. Help wanted
    *Armadillo-Basically none.

    RPG Mobs:

    Adds different RPG style mobs, more information in the original thread.

    Original Thread


    *Guards do not follow player.help wanted
    *RPG settler is messed up and has been disabled.
    *The firebolt fired from the Rogue Wizard acts like an arrow.


    Adds many traps for mobs among other things.

    Original Thread


    Skyrim Dragon:

    Adds a new dragon, in the same style as the ones from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Original Thread


    Roundaround's Mods:

    Most of Roundaround's mods, look in the original thread for more.

    Original Thread

    Crystal Clear Water-1.0.0
    Crystal Clear Water-BetterLeaves/Grass-1.0.0

    Crystal Clear Water-1.2.3

    MoareAI's Mods:

    All of the mods by MoareAI. Click Original Thread for info on them. The logic gates are in testing.

    MoareAI is soon to update DigitalFunctions and LogicalGates with an overhall. I will not update those to 1.2.3
    Power Armor-1.2.3

    Extend Player Texture dosn't work very well, or I'm doin' it wrong.

    Extended Player Texture-1.8.1
    Extended Player Texture-1.2.3

    Lightbulb-1.0.0 (requires Forge)
    Lightbulb-1.2.3 (requires Forge)

    Advize's Mods:

    The mods created by Advize (excluding Fence Gates). More info in the Original Thread.

    Original Thread



    Dyeable Block-1.0.0
    (Bricks and Planks)

    Would be nice if Curtains had metadata. Not really a bug though.

    Scroll the Sky-1.0.0




    There is a bug that causes dyeable blocks to only come in 1 color, white. help wanted

    Grinde's Mods:



    *Colored Wood does not have any names.
    *RealisticTime breaks ScrollTheSky.
    *SeedDisplay does not show survival or creative gamemode.

    Level Up:

    Adds different skills to minecraft with levels. 3 points per level, bonuses per points.

    Original Thread


    OgreSean's Mods:

    All of OrgeSean's mods, updated to 1.0.0/1.1.0/1.2.3.

    Original Thread















    *Couldn't test part of WorldGen Expanded, Bombing Squids, and Deadly Caves. They may not work. I also couldn't get Starting Items to spawn a boat, but that could be where I was spawned.
    *Part of More Item Uses doesn't work. I will have to fix later.


    A new mod that adds "craftable" titans. This adds tons of stuff, so look in the Original Thread for more.

    Original Thread

    Link-1.0.0(requires ItemSpriteAPI)
    Link-1.1.0(requires ItemSpriteAPI)
    Link-1.1.0(requires Forge)
    Link-1.2.3(requires Forge)


    Adds a calender to the game to keep track of in-game dates (World generates on Year one, January 1, Sunday)

    Original Thread



    Adds a cannon, along with a gravity lift/decelerator, creeper gas, force fields, and more.

    Original Thread


    Tantmandu's Mods:

    All of the mods (3) by Tantmandu.

    Original Thread



    *You will always have full health when you revive. (help wanted)
    *The button to reset the skin buttons has a small texture issue. Not a problem.


    Readds the ability to ShiftF2 to make a tga file. (Tga files are 2 gig each)


    Ginger's Mods:

    The 2 mobs by Ginger, a Crab and a Jellyfish.

    Original Thread



    Multi-Door Uses:

    Adds more uses for doors, including shutters and diagonal doors.

    Original Thread


    TheWard's Mods:

    The pies mod by TheWard, adds about 5 types of pies, similar to cakes.

    Original Thread


    Scout's Mods (Chocolate Mod):

    Adds the chocolate mod by Scout. I don't think it is compatible with the chocolate mod by Nandonalt.

    Original Thread


    Adds 2 mobs, the Bombomb and the Parabuzzy.

    Whale Mod:
    Adds 3 mobs, a Whale, a Orca, and a Sperm Whale (Cachalot). Also adds 2 achievements.

    Q: Spoilers don't work!
    A: Stop using IE

    Q: Can you update <name mod>?
    A: Look and see that's it has not been updated, then post a link to the thread.

    Q: Can I help?
    A: Sure, just PM me and we can talk

    Q: Thanks for your work!
    A: You're Welcome

    Q: Links are greyed/Links don't work!
    A: If you see just black, that is plain text, a placeholder. If they don't work because of 404 errors or what not, then ask.
    Legal Stuff:
    I do not take credit in any of these mods, are credit goes to the original author! Do not say my mods, say my UPDATES.
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    Quote from yodawg2020

    Hey I took your advice and am in progress of trying to get the source code for the Advanced Maps mod, but I don't undertsnad what you mean when you say put the modloader from minecraft.jar in the mcp.jar(step 5), any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    You coppied the 1.8.1 bin folder from .minecraft to mcp44 jar folder, correct? If so, then go the mcp44/jar/bin. There is a minecraft.jar. Put the 1.8.1 version of modloader in the jar along with the mod.

    (Do not do this for Advanced Maps, advanced maps the the only exception because it doesn't use modloader.)
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    posted a message on [1.8.1/1.0.0/1.1.0]Coupon's Mod Updates
    Quote from SSSSKaboom

    Can someone plz update zipline mod I need it

    @#!*% it's updated.

    I find it amazing, I tell people not to ask for requests at this moment, and people still ask for requests.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1/1.0.0/1.1.0]Coupon's Mod Updates
    TO EVERYONE ASKING FOR UPDATES OF MODS, WAIT!!!!! Goodness, I am 1 man. I do not have the time. I am trying, but you will have to wait.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1/1.0.0/1.1.0]Coupon's Mod Updates
    I did some stuff with Zipline, redownload please.
    Quote from Pengasius

    Well two strings above eachother is supposed to output a rope according to the original mod version, right? It might have been changed to another recipe probably... but i don't know...

    Thanks alot for updating this mod, and your replies! It is definitly something that should truly be considered to be Vanilla.

    EDIT: Also i've tried with modloader, it's even worst. made the game crash this time. Deleted META-INF. :(

    Post the crash.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1/1.0.0/1.1.0]Coupon's Mod Updates
    Yipee! I got the mcp prerelease an I am now updating. 1st, Mystic Pack. 2nd, Zipline. Then I will do whatever.
    EDIT: ScotTools, CreativeList, and ItemSprite will also be in the top.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1/1.0.0/1.1.0]Coupon's Mod Updates
    Quote from Lord_Maxwell

    I know this is just updating mods but forge compatibly for ScotTools?

    I may...
    Quote from Ray1


    Wait till next update, which will include that mod (1.2)
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Chocolate Mod [v2.2] Over 3000 downloads!
    I will be updating this mod. It will be available here.
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    posted a message on [1.1.0]Sky Dimension is Back!
    This is a very simple mod/api. This adds the Sky Dimension back to Minecraft. (It was removed in 1.0.0 and was replaced with the end.



    Includes 2 optional files that allow you to access the sky dimension. One replaces the surface with the Sky Dimension, and the other replaces the Nether with the Sky Dimension. They work together.

    Portal version just adds a portal on portal shaped grass that is lit with fire. Edits 1 base class.

    This mods edits 4 base classes, and 2 more for the optional files.
    They Include:
    NoiseGeneratorPerlin and NoiseGeneratorOctaves - To re-add the Sky Dimension generation. Not a problem
    WorldProviderSurface/WorldProviderHell - To replace the dimensions with the Sky Dimension. Not a problem
    BiomeGenBase - To add the Sky Dimension biome. May be incompatible with a few mods.
    WorldProvider - To add the Sky Dimension world, may not be needed but add just in case. May be incompatible with a few mods
    BlockFire - For portal, to allow fire on shaped grass to make a portal. Not a big problem.

    1.1: Now includes a portal version. Includes 2 classes for a soon to be new texture for the portal (now just the normal portal texture)

    * Don't know now. Please report bugs.
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